Friday, June 19th, 2009

Tabernacle show-Master Singers

19 Jun 2009 | : blog

The show went very well according to the audience.

There were some nice sounds inspite of some of us(Okay me) not  getting all of the words right on some of the songs.

My solo went well mostly because piano player Dana Matthews provided me with the words on two sheets with print big enough for me to see well.

Louise Seager’s Daughter Sonia Speth played the snare drums with several numbers and the quartet with Jeff Thatcher, Struat Spendlove, Clive Coombs, and Nolan Lowe was great; special numbers by Nolan Lowe and wife Ann with Sonia on the drum; and by two grandsons of Dana’s singing Yankee Doodle(one, Sikeli, was dressed as George Washington and one, Aiea, as Paul Revere); history of the song Yankee Doodle and sing along and personal WW2 rememberances of Norm Ahern; and lastly, a stirring quote of Abraham Lincoln’s delivered by David Hinton.

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