Friday, June 26th, 2009

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26 Jun 2009 | : blog

I’ve been Brigham Young in the St. George Live tours this week.
Its fun meeting people from all over.
Last Friday, the Master Singers of St. George sang at the Pioneer Tabernacle.
Lots of fun. Several said my solo of This Is My Country was good.
The two little boys, brothers 4 and 5 who sang dressed as George Washington and Paul Revere were the hits of the night.

Master Singers concert update

26 Jun 2009 | : blog

Carol Hanley attended and said she loved the two little boys.  The rest of us were Okay.

Elder Parker of the Visitor Center Mission, of which the Tabernacle in St. George is a part, said today that it was a great concert even though the singers were few in number.  And he said that I was the best of the show. That made me feel good.

We Do get paid, by providing a part of the meal, the director’s pot-luck barbeque on Wensday the 24th was great. No we didn’t sing for our supper, we did that on the 19th.

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