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11 Jun 2009 | : blog

A couple of days ago I put some clear sealer over a wood deck which had previously been done. The owner suggested rolling it on after I’d done the edges by brush. I did.  It was fast. But it dried slow and didn’t soak in all over causing the thicker sealer to wrinkle when it dried.

Lesson learned: speed doesn’t always make for the best job.

Correction: We’ll need to sand later and re-do with a brush. A brush would have taken longer but would not have put the sealer on so thick that this would have occured.

tip of the day

05 Jun 2009 | : blog

If you the home or business property owner need a service preformed, before you call a repairman, have the money in hand. And as soon as the jog is completed, pay for it.

This will keep the serviceman coming back to help you when you need help.

Other wise you may not only lose his or her help but everyone’s because service people know other service people and talk.

Jay’s voice stumbledupon

03 Jun 2009 | : blog

The stumbleupon site for this page is up and running.


You can make a site at Squidoo

02 Jun 2009 | : blog

You can make a site at Squidoo.  (They call it a Lens.)

You can put anything on it,   even make multiple lens.

Want to give it a try?  Its free to do and you can even earn money.


St. George Live

02 Jun 2009 | : blog

St. George Live started today.  I portrayed Brigham Young.  Leonard Stephenson was Orson Pratt.  His wife June was the tour guide. And Harold Bodon was the driver.(I don’t know who did the other parts. Guess if you want to know, you’ll need to take the tour this week.

What I learned today.

02 Jun 2009 | : blog

A customer called about a used door for his bathroom in his mobile home.  I had none the right size, even to cut to the right size and a new slab the exact size he needed was $22.31(tax included). He wanted me to buy one and deliver it to him for $25. (That wouldn’t even pay for my gas, not to mention any time it took me.)  He said he’d cut the knob holes and the hinge spots out himself.

What do I think is the tip? Somethings would be better to buy new and to get someone else to do it for you.(not necessarily me). I love to save money, but sometimes its better to spend for a good job.


01 Jun 2009 | : blog



My You Tube Channel

01 Jun 2009 | : blog

I’ve had one of these for a while now but just added favorite videos and links to this site:http://jaybeacham.com and to http//saveavenue.com/jbeacham for jaysdiscount store.

Check it out: http://YouTube.com/leobennachoben

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