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Today at Brigham Young’s Winter Home

31 Jul 2009 | : blog

Today,  after I had finished my Brigham Young spiel and explained things in the office to the St. George Live tour group,  a man from the group came up to me and said I really looked “a lot like Brigham Young.  Good casting.”

That was nice of him to say that.  But in the very next group,  a family of several boys and girls and the mother, six year old Joy leaned over to her Mom as I sat in the corner at a writing table and whispered: “I thought Abraham Lincoln was dead.” Meaning me of course.

Which all goes to prove that its all in our perception of reality.

So who was I today.

Joy accepted that I was an actor.

But like photographer Glen Martin said the other day,  “You make a good Brig but you really make a good Abe.  Well,  says  who?

Our perspective.

Pioneer Day In Utah

25 Jul 2009 | : blog

 The 24th was a memorable day, starting with the Ivins parade with Bryce Hunt snapping photos of everyone in sight. The Color Country Chorus barbershop concert at the Tabernacle in St. George was absolutely great. Even the movie in the park at 9 pm was okay. You should have been here.

 Today at the Tuacahn Saturday Market, I was Jacob Hamblin and a pioneer guy while Alan Capon made a fantastic Brigham Young. There was a lady from Thailand selling Thai things. She married a St. George guy and Joan Wilson is related to them and was there helping. Like I said, you should have been there.

Its your body’s health.

15 Jul 2009 | : blog

I just finished reading “2 day acne cure” an e-book available for purchase from http://www.productsupplycenter.com/web283032/

It is a very good book and advises good health regime.  I wish I had written it.

You should get it and try the program.

I don’t have acne now but feel that this program could help me feel better and have healthier skin too.

German link

12 Jul 2009 | : blog


http://www.squidoo.com/jbspeakingHas a new link to my German translation site which has a blog announcing the up coming video series: So you want to speak German.

St. George Neighborhoods

12 Jul 2009 | : blog

On the 10th, the Spectrum newspaper ran Barbara Hunts article about me.  It was entitled:  “Local man performs characters with amazing ease.”(edited to fit available space.)

The Cannon Exploded

05 Jul 2009 | : blog

Jay Beacham I’m just watching the Capital 4th on PBS. They just finished the 1812 overture. The Cannon salute was great and now the fife corp. This am I was at a small cannon firing celebration. On the third shot the cannon blew up. Incredibly no one was hurt as metal and wood splinters flew in all directions. Tyler Hunt’s car stopped the back of the cannon which went through a tail light and lodged behind it.The cannon affair: well our guardian angels kept us all safe. It wasn’t our time to die and aren’t we blessed that we don’t have wars raging here at home?

Nice voice

03 Jul 2009 | : blog

Today I went to visit my mother and her 85 year old friend, Enid Bradshaw Ence Noorlander was there visiting when I arrived.

Enid mentioned my radio work in the late 1960s.  She said that I have a nice voice and that she always enjoyed listening to me when I was on the air. That was forty plus years ago when I worked on the air from ages 16 to 19.

My mother said that she had almost forgotten that I’d worked in radio.

Sometimes it seems like it was a different person from so long ago. Former co-worker SteveGwilliams said last fall that we were very lucky to have been in radio as mere boys. Mrs. Ellen Winkleman did give alot of young men that wonderful opportunity.

The voice over market online is a whole different ball of wax.  I may never get employment that way.

Enid also thought it good that I can do St. George live. Yes it is.  I finished Jacob this am.  The next time to do Brigham will be the end of July.

Lincoln’s Ghost dvds

01 Jul 2009 | : blog

I’ve been selling dvds of my Feb. 12, 2009 Lincoln show.

Saturday is the 4th of July.

Why not buy one to celebrate our country?

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