A Friend Wrote

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A Friend Wrote





My brother took his life on September 15th ~~~ I STAND CORRECTED….. THE DRUG PRESCRIBED TO HIM, TOOK HIS LIFE.

HIS MESSAGE TO ME WAS CLEAR. I feel his pain, and anguish …. I feel it as if I lived it… as he did.   It’s the saddest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.   I know what I feel isn’t anything compared  to what he was  going through.

It all started with a back injury that led to a prescription drug that destroyed his life.

My brother loved life.   He did not want to die.

Doug made it clear to Doctors of what this Drug was doing to him.

He pleaded for help….. This was a strong,  hard working,  happy,  man that loved life.

Very heart breaking.   This Drug killed my brother.

I am sharing because this is tragic and I will not be silent.

I am troubled and although nothing can erase what has been done,  I must be his voice.

My DEAR BROTHER….. You are now over the Rainbow.   No more disappointments, no more pain, and no more worries. Wait patiently for me Brother…..

Dear Jay,

I am so sorry to hear about your wife.

It’s sad how most people trust AND ARE MISGUIDED.    Life doesn’t matter….. money does.

I am just so angry.   What kind of world are we living in?

I’m having problems sleeping tonight…..

Did you ever finish that book you speak of?

Sorry that I rant from time to time…..

G of Texas

My reply:

Last summer a computer glitch lost half of my pages.
I published the file under the title Lost in hopes
that some computer nut might know how to decipher it.
I’ve continued collecting material and will get to a different
version someday.
So much more information is available now than in 1996 when we started it.
Money is the driving force of the world.
I do have a poem about the subject in my poetry anthology:
It’s called Under Red Cliffs
The poem is entitled Silent Killer
It’s the fourth poem in the collection.

Many war veterans, surviving emergency workers from 9/11, and those on                                                                                                 drugs live such miserable lives that many break and end it all.

The chemical age is about money not quality of life for all.
The weaker among us are destroyed first.
One’s faith in God’s plan for us will sustain until we
go to the next life to reunite with those taken so.

Does money make a President? Should It?

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The next Presidential election is well under way.
It has raised some questions in my mind.

A letter from the Paul campaign:

With the September 30th deadline just one week away my campaign needs the resources to bust my message through the noise the media is generating.

That’s why, with the September 30th End of Quarter Fundraising Deadline rapidly approaching,

(with the September 30th fundraising deadline rapidly approaching)
But unlike other candidates, Rand isn’t depending on Wall Street fat-cats and banksters who want more special treatment, bailouts and stimulus packages to bankroll his candidacy.

Rand is depending on patriots like you who are willing to fight to take our country back.

jay, this is by far the most important fundraising deadline of Rand’s entire campaign.

My Questions:
So who decides who can run for President?
The FEC (Federal Elections Commission)?
Who are they?
Do we get to vote for them and their policies? Do our representatives?

Here is a guy with an idea:

Step Up Stand Up and Stand Together!
by Stephen Oberan

“Call to action”
I see many people and groups like this, of like minds, that are stepping up trying to awaken the American public to what is happening to our freedoms and what we need to do the stop this effort and to restore our country back to a free country with moral values. I see efforts to teach and engage others to help them step up and become engaged. I see others supporting those they feel best to represent our positions and desires for a positive change.
My question to all of you would be this. How do we get people to “Step up” then “Stand up” and then “Stand together” in our current economic society? How can we give people on tight budgets a voice at the table of conservative ideas? It takes time and action to be engaged which has a cost associated.
We all are aware that the “life blood” of all public efforts, to teach correct principles and influence opinion, comes from the financial strength behind the cause or candidate. It has been proven in the past with many of our promising candidates that it’s not the high roller or whale that brings enough donations to the cause but it’s the everyday American that can, will and do contribute small amounts every month that has caused positive changes and has been most effective. This simple act by many empowers the people and stimulates the cause or candidate by moving them forward.

Our family business has developed a means over the past several years, since the huge Washington mall event on 8/28, that will allow millions more of us on tight budgets to donate once a month with funds not from the pocket or budget of these hungry for change Americans. We are seeking your involvement by first seeing what it is we are providing and how simple it is to implement. Can we count on you?

We are looking for the right medium for advertising and for the right endorsements of people who are the point of the spear who are leading the charge or opening the eyes of those that need to be educated or awakened. We are ready and willing to pay for the advertising and endorsements if required but we need to have the identify few, we believe in and know are engaged, take a look at our campaign and vet it for its honesty and veracity. Are you willing to step up and see what is being made possible to give those living on tight budgets a financial voice?
We are reaching out to those that have a real love for freedom and this country to give them a voice at the table of ideas. People know that we need to retain our rights to choose and to pursue life liberty or happiness by becoming involved by stepping up. Good people everywhere are ready to step up and stand-up together with all of us who are stepping-up. This can be accomplished where ever you live and no matter your circumstance. We know it is the uncommon common people that cherish freedom that can and will make a difference.

A comment on the above idea::
As a retired military officer, throughout my career, I heard people say things like this about the Battalion, Brigade, or Division and/or overall leadership. The inquiry was always followed by…”you’re preaching to the choir because the authority and power to change is at the NEXT echelon of command. Only the commander can do it or the complainers will just be eliminated from the ranks.” Even Boyd K. Packer told me in a meeting “it is true the squeaky wheel gets the grease but in the church it is easier to just replace the wheel!” This is the exact problem. A strong, powerful leader with authority, credibility, respect, and, yes, money is needed or self serving, politicians will dismiss and disregard citizens’ ideas as insignificant, uneducated, jealousy, or just disgruntled, noises. Consider for example: Do you really think the majority of USA citizens approve of atheism, abortion, homosexuality, unbridled immigration, working people supporting welfare of those who contribute nothing to society, arming hateful nations w/ nuclear weapons etc etc.? I don’t think we do……..Yet sadly those influences of Satan dominate the ridiculously named political “correctness”….only BECAUSE no such dominant, outspoken, crusader, and credible political voice and leader has yet emerged. Trump has the right idea but lacks substance. We definitely need a Captain Moroni or Helaman. Yes, millions of LDS and straight thinking people and stripling warriors (?) have the desires to fight the battles and make the corrections but without organization we are powerless against the political, cultural, status quo. With a touch of sad humor I even notice “For God so loved the world He sent his only begotten son”….not a committee or political party! It will take a political savior. It seems to me the best use of time, money and DISCERNMENT is to find him….because,,,,. a person who does the same thing over and over (even politically) and expects the results to be different, is one definition of “crazy.”

My questions:

But why should I the taxpayer have to fund political campaigns?
Has this become a country of rich ruling elite?
One must raise massive amounts of money in order to have a spot in elections?
Polls tell what is to be?  Do polls determine the truth of what happens?                                                                              Was the polling public behind Columbus? 

What does “We the people” mean?
Any answers?

Answers are needed?

This former president says:

Source http://sputniknews.com/us/20150924/1027435567.html )

Former US President Jimmy Carter Democracy is Dead, US Turns Into ‘Oligarchy’ – Jimmy Carter © Randy von Liski
03:59 24.09.2015(updated 05:41 24.09.2015) Get short URL
The need of at least $200 million for any would-be Presidential candidate in the US marks the transformation of the country from a democracy to an oligarchy. This irrecoverably undermines the country’s moral and ethical basis, Nobel Peace Prize winner and 39th US President Jimmy Carter claimed.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, former US President Jimmy Carter claimed he would not be able to run for president in today’s political landscape, since every contender needs sky-high finances.
“There’s no way now for you to get a Democratic or Republican nomination without being able to raise $200 or $300 million or more,” Carter told Winfrey for her “SuperSoul Sunday” special. “I would not be inclined to do that, and I would not be capable of doing it.”

Letting huge sums of money affect elections — and by extension, policy — has transformed what was once a democratic country into an oligarchy, the form of state structure in which power is held by a small group of wealthy people.

“We’ve become now an oligarchy instead of a democracy, and I think that’s been the worst damage to the basic moral and ethical standards to the American political system that I’ve ever seen in my life.”

(Oligarchy (from Greek meaning “to rule or to command”) is a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people. These people could be distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, education, corporate, religious or military control. Such states are often controlled by a few prominent families who typically pass their influence from one generation to the next, but inheritance is not a necessary condition for the application of this term.
Throughout history, oligarchies have often been tyrannical, relying on public obedience or oppression to exist. Aristotle pioneered the use of the term as a synonym for rule by the rich, for which another term commonly used today is plutocracy.)

He went on by saying that there is now an impassable gulf between Republicans and Democrats, one that wasn’t there 25 or 30 years ago, during his time in office.

“When you get to Washington, you’ve already alienated Democrats from Republicans and Congress from the president, and red states and blue states,” Carter said.

The 90-year-old said that when he was running for president in 1976, the situation was completely different, claiming he was almost equally supported by both Republicans and Democrats.
Jimmy Carter served as president between 1977 and 1981 after serving two terms as a Georgia governor. He later became a humanitarian, founding the internationally renowned Carter Center, specializing in health care and democracy issues around the world.

In 2002, Carter received a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts “to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development.”

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/us/20150924/1027435567.html#ixzz3miYdKmaf

A letter for the Huckabee campaign:
Huckabee 2016 9/27/2015

The September 30 FEC Report is by far the most important of our campaign. Everything we’ve accomplished together fighting for our issues will be overshadowed if we fail to reach our fundraising goal – and that’s sad but true.
That’s why I am emailing you today, because right now our campaign is 4,695 donations or $154,936 away from reaching our end of quarter goal — that’s an average donation of $33 and we as a campaign cannot fail to get there.
Our records indiciate that you’ve not contributed to our campaign this month and I am asking you as a personal favor to chip in $33, $50, or $100 right now – because your support is needed now more than ever.
We are building real momentum in states like Iowa and South Carolina but we must keep the campaign fully gassed to take advantage of our momentum.
Will you help me keep fighting for our principles?
God bless America,
Mike Huckabee
P.S. This is the most critical fundraising report yet so please make a contribution of $33, $50 and $100 today!

A letter from the Rand Paul campaign:
Rand Paul <rand.paul@randpaul2016.com>
To jay beacham Sep 27 at 11:20 AM
Dear jay:

I’ll be direct and to the point.

In just a moment I’m going to ask you to chip in a contribution of $20.16 to my End of Quarter Fundraising Push.

I’m being direct with you because the truth is, money really is that important. It’s a big deal.

Lack of funding is the primary reason two Republican candidates have dropped out of the race in the past few weeks.
My questions:

What are the funds needed for?
Who says so?
Does the media run the show?
Who voted for them?
Why must one raise millions of dollars in order to get to the conventions to be nominated?
And then to get into office?

Debates do just what?

Is President Carter right about money running the show?
Does one have to be independently wealthy like a Perot, Romney, Trump?
Does that assure success?
Do big money special interests determine who runs?
Why must the average citizen pay for candidates to run for office?

America the home of the ? the land of the ?

Must one become very rich or take money from many or a few in order to grow up to be President.

Lots of answers are needed.

What do you think?

Money Making Opp or Scam?

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#Money making Opp or #scam?

Apr 13, 2015

This am I received this email:

Paul J.
To beachamj82@yahoo.com Today at 8:44 AM 4/13/2015
If you really need to make some extra money in your spare time,
then go below to download a brand new system that’s making
regular folks $5000 and up every month..

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P.S. Grab Your Freebie Gift HERE

-After I follow the link and get to the videomercial, I’m informed that I am the 68th of 70 people who will be allowed to get into this great once in a lifetime opportunity.

A guy starts speaking. Good voice. Sounds like a voice actor like me.

The video is streaming so there are many interruptions, but when the white board presented parts are on, the video flows smoothly.

After most of the hype about how rich this guy and his students are and how I should order now, the price is finally shown below the video.

The cost has been reduced and is only $49.00 one time.                                                 It has a 30 day warranty guaranteed.

In the letter I read “with no investment” and “No investment needed”.

Free?  I don’t have even $49.00 available credit in either of my active credit card accounts. I have 13 cents in my wallet. Free? No investment? What is the $49.00 cost?

I wrote back:

I’f this isn’t a no response letter, then I have a suggestion.
Why not let me have this service for free for those 30 days, then if I make money then I pay the $49.
Jay Beacham”

If this guy truly believes in his wares and truly wants to help the poor to a better life style, then this would be the thing to do. Let them really try it for free and if it works then they pay him for it.

He gets money for each transaction his students make with the program and with 70 students, he stands to make a huge fortune too.

In my time on the net since 1997, I’ve seen this same, with minor differences, program offer at least 300 times.  It’s always the same.  Big bank figures, luxury houses, cars, vacations, etc. to entice the struggling internet success wannabe.  Always the limited number of persons who can get in.  The extreme value, but just for now only  and at the ridiculous price of $49.00 or whatever.

I get tired of seeing these things.  Do You?

A money opp or a scam?

What do you think?



Who Do They Represent?

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developers, May 21, 2014
A political question for all.
Who do city council persons represent?
Not who are they supposed to represent, but who do they represent?
County commissioners?
State legislators?
Federal Congressmen and women?
Federal Senators?
President of the USA?
Think before you answer and be truthful about who is represented.

Some answers:
Steve Swapp It depends on which city council you’re speaking of, I suppose. For example, I believe that property developers are strongly represented by some of the people on our current Washington County Commission and on the water board. We really need to choose different commissioners. Don’t keep the incumbents!!
May 22 at 7:01am ·
(Johnathan said)One man today said he felt the town councils represented the state legislature or the govenor but diffinately not the town citizens.
May 23
Sat. 24th on Who represents who?Betty said, “they are supposed to represent the citizens but they represent those with the most money.” Then she amended her statement with “Developers”.
May 24
From the short survey the most prevalent responses are:
Property developers, money, state or federal over local.
What do you think?

I attended a council meeting in Ivins on May 22, 2014.
On the agenda was a public hearing about a proposed development.
Part of the proposal was to make a high backed curb on the now dirt farm road of 600 West.

10th ward flood aftermath 600 west 2013 00110th ward flood aftermath 600 west 2013 002
The two property owners along that road and several other owners near the proposed deveopment were in opposition to that and wanted roadsides like are present in the Kayenta deveopment.
The council listened to the town staff and not the owners.
Ron said, “I like curbs”, Steve said, “they are clean”, Geroge said, “they are safe”, Cheyne made no comment but having curbed his street on his own and been a major proponent of the roads and curbs installed in the historic townsite had proven his stance on the issue.
The high backed curb was approved by a vote of 4. ( the one woman on the coucil was not in attendance)
My question is,
“Who did they represent?”
The constiuents who were opposed to the curbs?
The town staff(i.e. building department)?

The developer?
The Major? Who said, “the developer wants a decision tonight”.
Earlier, Ron had said he’d like to table the issue until he could go and inspect the site.
He was talked out of this wise decision.

What form of government do we have?
A representative one?
If so, who are the represented?
What do you think?

What is too much money?

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A man named Jeff Berwick was quoted in the James Cook Market Update newsletter in late April 2013 in a condensed article called ” The Government Budget Plan”.

“Wealthy taxpayers can currently accumulate many millions of dollars…substantially more than is needed to fund reasonable levels of retirement savings… The job of government is of course to “level the playing field” by stealing from and putting up obstacles for those with “too much.” “

What is “too much” ?  Who determines that?

“$3 million”?

“So according to them, $205,000 per year is sufficient and people should not be allowed to have more that that in retirement savings. ”  But that figure can go “down to around $100,000 after theft..or tax as they call it.”

Then after inflation “That $205,000 …will only be equivalent to $90,000 in ten years time.”

“The central planners in the U.S. and most Western governments have and will decide how much is “enough” for you to have and if you manage to still have significant assets after that, they’ll continue to whittle them away via taxation and Inflation.”

Thanks Jeff well put. 

You can read more from Jeff and James Cook and others by contacting:

Investment Rarities Incorporated                                                                                                 7850 Metro Parkway                                                                                                                   Minneapolis, Minnesota 55425                                                                                                     Or at www.investmentrarities.com                                                                                             Or  call 1-952-853-0700

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