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Remembering my days at KDXU radio during the late 1960s

25 Feb 2013 | : blog

I worked at KDXU radio 1450 am during the late 1960s.  At a concert where I sang recently,  I told about the radio station between songs relating the kinds of equipment we used to play music, turntables for 45s and LPs, reel to reel tape players, 8 track tape players etc.

Afterwards, a man came up and said, “You must have seen a lot of changes here over the years.”  Yes I have. 

And so I wrote about some of those experiences at the radio station and added a few slides to my reading and published it on You Tube.

Some of what happened was humorous and so I think you’ll like listening to the 7 min 36 sec. presentation.   It’s at:


Let me know how you like it.

Who’s the ugliest guy in your County?

24 Feb 2013 | : blog

I published a video blog “The Ugliest Man in Washington County, Utah.”

Check it out:


Published on Jan 30, 2013


I want to thank The Country Magazine and the author (Harold Callahan) of “The Ugliest Man in Leslie County Kentucky for the inspiration for my tale of “The Ugliest man in Washington County Utah”. The article appeared in the 1993 March/April edition. Mr. Callahan’s story is short but very funny. You need to find it and read it. There are similarities in my story but as you will discover its much different. And the guy in Leslie County may be uglier.


I’ve found some other ugly story ideas.  A fun one you can try is the Ugliest Man Skit that the Boy Scouts do.   Here it is:

 Scout kit found 

Ugliest Man Skit


Sales Person: Step right up, Step right up and see the ugliest man on the planet for a fee of just 25 cents!

Scout 1: i can take this.( first scout walsks up, peeks under nekerchief, and faints.)

(keep doing this until you get to the last scout.)

Last Scout: i bet he’s not that ugly,” walks up, takes neckerchief of of ugly man, and then the ugly man faints making the last customer the ugliest man.


Neckerchief, Chair, 5-6 People


1 salesperson, 1 person to be ugly man, 3-4 customer’s, put neckerchief over ugly man’s head


Have fun.

Why would anyone possibly want these?

23 Feb 2013 | : blog

devil’s claw seed podsI put a listing for Devil’s Claw Seed Pods on Ebay and then posted it to Face Book.


A friend asked:  “Why would anyone possibly want these? I don’t mean to be rude at all, I am just curious if they are good for anything.”

I responded:

A lady school teacher bought some for Christmas tree ornaments in December and they are used in other crafts. They are companion plants for tomatoes drawing bugs away from the tomato plants.  Learn more at:  http://www.squidoo.com/MYYARDSALE#module85423751

Devil’s claw is also used for making health supplements.

A great many things are made out of the plants.

The myyardsale category gives links to some very informative web pages.

Learn more and buy some.

Here’s a place to get some alternate health supplement information.


Where have you traveled?

22 Feb 2013 | : blog

I recorded my version of Geoff Mack’s United States “I’ve been everywhere” song.

What a tongue twister it is. It was fun to do.


Give it a listen.

Been interested in the comments of my Sing Snap friends.

The comments on the recording page are mostly from Les Thompson who operates  Classical Tours in Europe. And he is a world traveler.

He got me searching the song. I found The Aussie version by several, the great Hank Snow, Lynn Anderson, Johnny Cash USA versions, A Canadian version  that was fun, then a Texas version(on You Tube of course) that was great. I’ve not found the England or New Zealand versions yet but will one day. I’ve even started to formulated a Utah or South West Utah tri-state version.

Well on to some of the comments:

” Wish I’d been there in the passengers seat!””Man…I haven’t been any of those places! I need to get started!!!!”-Gregory B.

so here is my radio on

tongue twisting aawwww

Fantastic as always my friend

oh my i cant do that hahahha
great job!!!”-Dana H.

 “Guess I’m a homebody… i’ve only been to Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Ohio! Ohhh forgot one… I’ve been to the state of Georgia too! lol.”-Georgia S.

I’ve been to 16 of the places mentioned in the song.

My reply to Georgia sums it up.

Well you should have been to Georgia.

I was in Europe for 22 months 1969-1972 in Austria mostly.

LA at 16 for a FCC exam.

Nevada of course which is close by.

Lived in Oregon twice and worked in Wyoming.

And the travel in between all those places.

Then my oldest son was in the Air Force so in moving him and his first wife I got back your way  and to NC and SC and your states but not to Ohio.

I was amazed at how many Air Force facilities there are across the country.

And my Children are travelers. 3 grand sons were born in Hawaii and one in New Caledonia. They have been to Australia, New Zealand and Figi. They just moved here last year. One daughter in law was Mrs. Washington one year. That son attended school in Washington state and Idaho, and SC and Florida where he now lives. The older boy two years in Michigan before he married and joined the Air Force. The other in SC and Georgia before school and marriage, the youngest loves road trips, he and his wife live near Salt Lake City, Utah. If I had money I’d have gone to New Caledonia and back to Austria.

Would love to see friends all over the world but I get violent motion sickness and avoid travel when ever I can.

“To Air Sickness”

When I was but a little lad,

I used to think I’d be quite glad

To be above the cloud you see,

My parents would be proud of me.

But since I’ve grown a little bit,

Several times I’ve been forced to sit

Aboard those airplanes both big and small,

And all the joy from the flying feat

Was lost there in my seat.

You think it’s funny what I say,

I used the bag again today

And rued the time as little lad

That I thought flying would make me glad.

Well thanks for  your time.

Jay Beacham

Make a video to post on You Tube

22 Feb 2013 | : blog

 I referred a friend to a story video I’d posted on my You Tube channel.

This is her response:


To answer her question I wrote back.: 

To make the video.

Ist  set up a You Tube account.

2nd record a video on your computer or use the Sing Snap original recorder and save it to your computer.

3rd go to your your Tube account video manager page

4th at top of page there is a small upload button

5th click on the word upload


6th select the video from your computer files that you want

It takes a while ten minutes or more to up load the video and when done you will be notified.

Good luck and let me know when you get them up and running and send me your link and I’ll visit and subscribe to your channel.

Thanks for watching mine and good luck with yours.


It’s a lot of fun to do and even if your quality isn’t the best, you may be surprized at how many views you get. But don’t get down hearted if few or no one watches because You Tube has millions of videos.

Good luck on your You Tube channel and have fun.

Making videos for on line publication.

19 Feb 2013 | : blog

I’ve watched many online marketing videos.

Some are very polished. Some are very course.

The very polished ones are great and the unpolished ones are good and could be better even when they are unscripted presentations.

I’ll explain this in two letters I wrote to Jordan Schultz of Empowernetwork and Brendon Burchard of Experts academy.

Here they are in one:

Dear Brendon,

Thanks for all you do for people in general and me in particular.

I love your videos.

But think I can help you make them better.

I’ve watched Jordan Schultz and this video team several times and their flittey eye move movements

are very distracting. 

I wrote him about it and am including the letter with links for you too as sometimes you do the same.

Here it is:

Dear Jordan,

You may call it an excuse but with the house in foreclosure, the farm on the over due tax sales block, credit card debt and very little work for 8 months, I don’t have $25 per month to pay for your program.

I’ve blogged and emailed and made sites, etc and etc for 15 years and the first money to come in Jan 31 in years was $42 from my Amazon affillate.

I’ve watched you and Amy(Starr Allen) and Chris(Rocheleau) several times, and I can help you.

Chris is better than you or Amy at looking directly into the camera when just talking.(See his advise at the bottom)

I can give you instructions on camera presence if you have any interest in it.

Here are some examples:


When you need to find the right word or something else to say, stop and look away if you must but don’t keep talking while you are looking away.

I’m talking just off the cuff here.Except for when I read the list of the five things to do at the end.

Or here is another example:


I’m reading but then look up to do most of the talking.

Your looking away from the camera needs to have a purpose not be just because you are fishing for the next thing to say.

One girl from Texas explained me doing this:

I had to look for a vid by you I love this song and it feels like your singing it right to me, wow amazing how you look right thru the cam like you do, lol, ************************hugs, Brenda”

She was talking about this song recording I did on a Karaoke site.


That’ how you connect with your audience.

An example on my tips of the day.


The resolution of the camera is bad but you can get the idea about the eye contact.

Could you use me to give instructions to your group?


Jay Beacham


435-628-7809 “

Let me help you too and your people with camera presence and voice coaching.

Thanks for your time.

Jay Beacham

(Chris Rocheleau says to be yourself, be real, record your inspiration and things will flow.  Video success is about “you being you”.) 

What is President’s Day? Just another holiday?

17 Feb 2013 | : blog


Is it all about sales?

Find out about the day @ http://www.history.com/topics/presidents-day

See a video about George Washington@


His birthday anniversary falls on the 22nd of February.

See a video about Abraham Lincoln @


These two men are very important to our country.

We should continue to celebrate their lives like we used to do in elementary school.


Response to Ben Arnold’s Real Fame blog post.

16 Feb 2013 | : blog

I read Ben Arnold’s post Real Fame a few minutes ago and it generated some comments in my mind which  sent to him and now do to you. His post is @ : http://bit.ly/RealFameSecret


Thank you.

That was an insightful read.

Hope you don’t mind a few comments from me of my thoughts on what you wrote.

I have noticed that with the changes on facebook, that unless I go to somebody’s wall, I seldom know what they are up to because FB decides what it thinks I should know or not know. I couldn’t connect with the guy I sit by in a men’s chorus I’m in or even with my own younger brother because all knowing FB said I didn’t know them. Finally did get my brother on the list. And about the posts, you are so right. On My Lincoln FB page the current month’s posts are only listed as one line notifications. Which is distressing. On Squidoo they closed my popular “A Healthy Me” page as I told you once before and now have locked another one saying it has to many out links. I couldn’t edit it for a long while and when I did and only put in One link to one spot but several times it has been locked. I’m not even sure that real people ever review these things or robots.

On Linkedin, a person must know someone’s email address before they can send a message or connect sometimes. How often do you ask a person for their email address when you talk to them? And if you haven’t seen that person since high school, college, a mission or childhood, how are you supposed to know their email address which people change like they change their socks.

I wrote a blog post on my main page about social sites ( http://jaybeacham.com/2012/02/06/is-there-a-best-social-network/ ) that post links to a longer post at: http://www.myspace.com/177349516/blog/545268093

That explains my thoughts on the subject.

Its long. At the end I mention a sing site I participate in. A member in Alabama has paid my way for a year and a half. A member in Florida talks to me on occasion on the phone and has bought dvds and cds from me. A member in Norway wrote today and asked for my prayers in her behalf with the surgeries she is having. When a friend in Brazil had a birthday, members world wide gave her a surprise birthday celebration.

All on line of course. Most of my fans and singing partners and favorite singers are from Australia to Finland, Malta to California, Brazil to Canada. It is truly a friendship place unlike the sterile rule bound FB.

You are right about Twitter. The more one follows, the more posts, that would take 24/7 watching to catch even a portion of it let alone anything what might be of interest to me.

I’ll pass Real Fame on. It has great merit. Thanks,

And please let me know what you think about my little article.

Jay Beacham


A song with a spooky story behind it.

04 Feb 2013 | : blog

I remember attending a concert in the field house at Brigham Young University in February 1973 that featured Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66.

I was asked to attend by my wife to be as part of the Women’s Preference Week.

It was enjoyable. We talked some but the annoying thing about the concert was that in front of us sat a couple who were listening to his transistor radio. They’d both cheer as their ball team scored a good play.  This disturbed everyone around them but they were oblivious to anything but their ballgame broadcast.

One of the fine songs was the popular “Fool on the Hill”.

It has a story as told by Paul McCartney and Alistair Taylor.

I made a recording of it today.

Listen:  http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/watchandlisten/play/17533242?mixed=1

And read some of the story or follow the link to more about it.

Does God exist?


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