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On May 27th I drove to the Maverick Center in West Valley City, Utah,  a suburb of Salt Lake City,for the graduation exercises of the Granger High School class off 2016.  Traffic and some rain slowed the traffic and I stopped to ask directions twice, but still got into the building just after the proceedings had started.

The place was packed and the sound rivaled any ball game or concert.  That is poor quality and very noisy.

720 students graduated, largest class ever, I understand, for that high school.

A “ganz menge Leute” , I mean a whole lot of people.  Many Hispanic, some African, some polyneisan,  then the white and black and brown American kids.

My grandson Bryson was in the first row to get diplomas.   I was on the side of the arena nearest him but still a long way away up in the bleachers. (Was do we call them that when the seats are in doors?)

Then a long wait before it was over with lots of noise for the graduates.

Outside was packed and it took me some time to find where the graduates came out.

By then they only had their caps and tassels left.  and I forgot to get a photo of him though I did of his dad and bother and sister and mother.

Then back to my car at an Applebys near by and followed my son in his rental car to Bryson’s house.

His parents were divorced several years ago.  I met Scott the step dad and their mother’s parents were there.

Formerly they lived in West Valley City but now live in South Carolina. I hadn’t seen them in years.

I got pictures of them but failed to get one of Bryson and his Dad, my son Alan.

But my daughter got one the next night and sent it to me.  Bryson’s mom posted photos on facebook.

It baffles me how no one liked them on my page, not even relatives.

Here are some of the photos:

bryson & flags

Bryson and the USA flag and Utah flag

bryson in lineBryson return to seat Bryson in line waiting to get on stage for the presentation.


Bryson and his Dad.
alan and bryson

bryson with choir

Bryson was in the Madrigal singers who sang the National Anthem at the start.  I missed that but saw a video someone posted of it.

Then on the 2nd of June I traveled to Woods Cross, Utah to my daughter’s residence and rode with them to  the University of Utah Huntsman’s Center for her oldest son Mathieu’s graduation exercises for Woods Cross High 2016.

A much smaller class, only 382 graduates.   And the noise was less and the sound better. It was all shorter and the grads came out afterwards in caps and gowns for photos.   Between my daughter’s and her husband’s phone cams and my camera, more photos were taken.

Mathieu with diploma

 Mathieu graduation 2016 034

Me and X M Jo  Jos

Mathieu,  mom and dad and three brothers and even me.

What to do after high school?

Plans are good but can change and should when inspired to change.

I changed my plans at about 20 and didn’t do one thing I’d planned on since age 12, but don’t regret that change.

I gave each of the boys some lists of famous people they are related to.

What one thinks of one’s self can be a great factor in determining what one does in life.

I included a copy of the blog post “My Pilgrim Ancestors”

What are your plans?

Catch you next time.

My Pilgrim Ancestors

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I did a recording of  Chim Chim Cher-ee on the Sing Snap Online Karaoke Site. It’s the chimney sweep song from the movie “Mary Poppins”.

When listened to it sung by Les Thompson, he commented on it.

How amazing Dick van Dyke was back then, Jay.

And you brought back some great movie moments with this choice.

Fabulous performance!

Les  (of Australia and Europe)

Then I answered and related how I had a connection to Dick Van Dyke through a common ancestor.

” Les,

Thanks for the stop by and comment.
Dick Van Dyke is a distant cousin of mine as is Kris Kristofferson.
To bad their success didn’t rub off on me.
Have a great day.

His reply was:

That’s amazing, Jay…I knew about Kris…but Dick van Dyke as well?…talent’s in the blood!

No wonder you do those show tunes so well!!

Cheers to that!


Mine back:  “Maybe But I am amazed at how many of extended family have interest in acting and singing. There are so many and so I wonder how many of my SS friends are somehow related closer than I know.”

” Actor Dick Van Dyke

Francis Cooke > Hester Cooke > Esther Wright > Isaac Tinkham > Nathan Tinkham > Isaiah Tinkham > Susannah Tinkman > David Lorenzo Child > Susan Child > Charles McCord > Hazel McCord > Dick VanDyke
Can’t trace mine tonight must be off to bed. But I tie in at Ester Wright To the Cooks of Mayflower fame.”

The next day Gregory Brown of NC commented on the recording: I was young enough to see this movie in the theater during its first run. I always loved this song and you bring out the magic in it.  I may have to start calling you BroadJay Van Dike”

I found my way back to Ester Wright.

Francis & Hester Cook>Ester (Richard)> to Adam(Sarah)Wright>Mary Wright (Jeremy)Gifford>Peleg(Abigail Shephard)Gifford>Noah(Mary Bowerman)Gifford>

Alpheus(Anna Nash)Gifford>Samuel Kendell(Lora Anne DeMille)Gifford>Oliver

DeMille(Alice virginia Allred)Gifford>John Jones(Fanny Crawford)Gifford>Ellen Gifford

(Donald Joseph Watson Beacham)Beacham>Albert Jay Beacham(Virginia Marie Stannard).

Francis and Hester Cook were Mayflower pilgrims as were George & Mary Beckett(Bucket) Soule.

George & Mary Beckett Soule>Benjamin Soule>Sarah Soule Wright mother of Mary Wright.

Lots of folks descend from the original Mayflower immigrants.

I also go back to William Brewster.

Lots of famous descendants of those people.

Well maybe someday I’ll be famous  too.

But until then it’s fun to learn about.

Are you a descendant of those folks of the first Mayflower voyage?

One chart shows I go to the famous John Howland.

Today I meet Richard Knupfer of Ivins. He came to my house to visit.

He says his 13th removed cousin is his wife, she goes back to Francis Cook also.

He ties back into my line somewhere before  Charlemagne who I tie to.

It’s amazing how everyone is related and not so far back in some cases.

Tennessee Ernie Ford  was right to call everyone “Cous” caus’ we are.

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