Brigham Young -Dixie mapBrigham Young -Dixie map

Utah’s Dixie, Brigham Young  sent people here.

The original Dixie area that comprised the St. George Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was large in land area. He had a vision of how it would be in the future. I’m glad he sent my ancestors here though they were not all thrilled at what they found here. Every summer the City of St. George, Utah sponsors a tour June 1 to the end of August, Tuesday through Saturday called St. George Live. This tour visits historic buildings where actors and actresses portray pioneers who were instrumental in founding Dixie.  It buses the visitors to several of those sites.  The last one is the summer home of Colonizer Brigham Young. For several years I have been one of the actors to portray Brother Brigham.

Here I am as Brother Brigham: 005_5.JPG

030_30.JPG 031_31.JPG r1-01180-020a.jpg r1-01180-019a.jpg

2012               2010            2010         2013 with missionary couple & 2 RMs 001_1.JPG

003_3.JPG 2010 with pioneer        2010 with Mormon Pallion member  14890034.JPG 14890001.JPG 15310003.JPG 15310013.JPG 148900031.JPG

others years in Office-yard/With Senior sister-a  distant cousin of mine.


Brigham by Glenn Martin 4

Brigham by Glen Martin 6


Brigham by Glenn Martin 1



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 Brother Brigham as performed by Jay Beacham for a St. George Live tour group 7/1/2021 at the Brigham Young Winter Home office in St. George, Utah.