Promote your business-make a video

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Promote your business-make a video

Do you want to promote your small business or your great idea or your knowledge about a subject?

Making a video to post on the internet may help a lot.

You need to speak yourself  at least for part of it so that people will see that you are a real person.

But you might need a Spokesperson’s voice for your business too.

If you do use one, why not get the voice of Jay Beacham?

He’s  helped businesses over the years with their narration needs.

Here are a few examples:

The Make It Easy Toothpaste dispenser company :

The Gozunder Toilet Seat Riser company :

Suzann Capra Grabina and her “Speak With Ease”
English Accent and Pronunciation Lessons :

The Southwest Science Foundation’s radio program that promotes it’s projects and science center:

Or you can use his voice for your radio or Television ad :

Voice overs in English and German.

Need a spokesperson voice?

Get Jay Beacham

Contest Entry Small Business

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Help me win $25,000
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Listen to the GoZunder entry too.
I did the narration.

ExploreTalent Profile Page

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Hi Jay, first off I will tell you I visited your site to the link you sent me.I enjoyed it.I looked thru the pics too.Your a professional and should be on tv and radio.I am convinced by them and by your wonderful performances in song.
I would definitely hire you Jay..your voice is one that gets my attention and anyone would love to listen to you or watch you act or sing.
Gby.hugs, Brenda
She said this in response to this request:
“Here is a site that shows some other things I do in photo,video, and audio.


The video and audio buttons must be clicked on to hear and see whereas the photos come right up(photos are from plays, movies, etc.)
You may be interested.
If you have time, don’t feel obligated to check it out.
Any Casting directors or hiring agents listening?


Who’s the ugliest guy in your County?

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I published a video blog “The Ugliest Man in Washington County, Utah.”

Check it out:

Published on Jan 30, 2013


I want to thank The Country Magazine and the author (Harold Callahan) of “The Ugliest Man in Leslie County Kentucky for the inspiration for my tale of “The Ugliest man in Washington County Utah”. The article appeared in the 1993 March/April edition. Mr. Callahan’s story is short but very funny. You need to find it and read it. There are similarities in my story but as you will discover its much different. And the guy in Leslie County may be uglier.


I’ve found some other ugly story ideas.  A fun one you can try is the Ugliest Man Skit that the Boy Scouts do.   Here it is:

 Scout kit found 

Ugliest Man Skit


Sales Person: Step right up, Step right up and see the ugliest man on the planet for a fee of just 25 cents!

Scout 1: i can take this.( first scout walsks up, peeks under nekerchief, and faints.)

(keep doing this until you get to the last scout.)

Last Scout: i bet he’s not that ugly,” walks up, takes neckerchief of of ugly man, and then the ugly man faints making the last customer the ugliest man.


Neckerchief, Chair, 5-6 People


1 salesperson, 1 person to be ugly man, 3-4 customer’s, put neckerchief over ugly man’s head


Have fun.

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