The country really needs to learn from Mr. Lincoln

The Lincoln’s Ghost One Man Show series:     Jay Beacham portrayed Lincoln’s Ghost in 4 different one hour one man shows; each covering different aspects of the life of Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of the United States of America.   

    Lincolns Ghost 2009                     

Lincoln’s Ghost- 2009 is a first person overview of Lincoln’s life

available on dvd  & audio cd    $20 each

Lincoln’s Ghost Returns- 2010 is a compilation of political thought and speeches by A. Lincoln

The country really needs to learn from Mr. Lincoln

available on dvd  & audio cd $20 each

Lincoln’s Ghost-Thoughts on Life- 2011 is about the philosophy and poetry of Abe Lincoln, poems he liked and poems he wrote.

available on dvd & audio cd $20 each

Lincoln’s Ghost Tells Stories-2014 is about just that, Storytelling by Lincoln the why and the how.

available on audio cd and dvd of live show  &20 each

All available separately or in a 4 pak  dvd or audio set for $75 plus S & H  

Buy at:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          And send mailing address to:

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Love Songs collection Volume  I, II, III, IV, V, VI

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I Love to Sing series  Vol.1 ,  Vol. 2, Vol. 3,

Pop-50s & 60s  and  Songs of the 50s & 60s 2, & 3

Oldies but Goodies,  

Country Classics 1 & 2 , 3

Auf Deutsch I, II, III, IV,

The Fun of Christmas,

The Real Meaning of Christmas,

Jay Beacham Sings ,

Broadway Greats Vol. 1 & Vol. 2,

Movie Themes & Hits,

This & That, 

International Entertainer I, II,

Old Time Radio 1 & 2,

More Songs 2015,

More songs 4

Fun Songs,

Irish Songs

The Roaring Twenties in Song,

Songs from Stage & Film,

Gospels Favorites,

Religious and Inspirational Songs,

Love Songs I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Concert Songs,

I Just Love To Sing,

Some Songs For Everybody 1 & 2 & 3 & 4

Western Songs

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Originals,  and non singing  cds:

Jay Beacham Tells Stories,  

How not to Build a House,  

Science Quest series,  

Cellophane release strip,

Rotkäppchen & Deutsche Märchen,

Cowboy & Western songs (with the history of each song)

Great Sermons of the Book of Mormon Vol 1

The music cds all have 24 to 27 selections per cd, 80 minutes of song.

Under Red Cliffs-Poetry Anthology of Poems by Jay Beacham, 

“As a former book reviewer from California, I find Jay Beacham’s poetry book, “Under Red Cliffs”, most delightful.
There is much wisdom in his poetry- both serious and the funny ones, too.
A reader might think, “That has happened to me, or I thought that while standing in lines, or working in the heat.”
It takes talent and a lot of imagination to think about the little things in life as Jay has done.
His works range from the epic romantic ballads and everyday humor to the very spiritual poems often approaching death.
I would recommend Jay’s poetry as a book to read again and again, and a book to add to your book collection.”

Barbara B. Hunt

Under Red Cliffs-Poetry Anthology of Poems  is also in e-book form available on Kindle @

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check or money order to Jay Beacham, 85 East Center Street, Ivins, Utah 84738 

 E-book store:

E-books include:

Under Red Cliffs $9.98 from

or  $9.99 from

Facts About Abraham Lincoln 

$8.97 from

Speak Any Language Immediately (I helped edit)

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 Speak Better Spanish in 3 minutes a day


Seven Days of German Conversations


Learn English 365 days a year


The Lost Canaries are dying book 


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