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Saturday’s News

24 Sep 2016 | : blog

It’s Saturday the 24th of September 2016.
I’m at my computer and the News on this network is as follows.
Presisdent Obama may veto the 9/11 bill, a law allowing US citizens to sue Suadi Arabia for deaths of relative in the Twin Towers.
He would do the world a service if he stopped a stupid law. The Saudia Government wasn’t to blame. There were people of other
countries, most of the world, who died there that day too. What about them? What would make the Saudi government pay anyone if sued
and won the suit?.
Next up, a lady zoo keeper was killed by a tiger. A peril of the job.
Next up: Mysterious Chiness skeletons found in ancient London cemetery. Researchers puzzed as to the why and how thses people showed up there.
As if ancient peoples didn’t travel and there was no such thing as slavery in the Roman Empire.
A fun side article was about a moose that stomped on a robotic lawn mower that tried to trim his hoofs. Good for you moose. Bullwinkel wins yet again.
Next something that could be really serious:
from Reuters news service – A magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck off the Philippine’s Mindanao island on Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.
Then more on the 9/11 bill.
Then to the election of the next president. A professor hasn’t mispredicted the outcome of an election since his 1984 start of prediction based
on a formula of 13 questions he has conceived of.
But the prophet says Trump may break the mold. Of course Trump is maligned in the process.
Then the Democrats input on the presidencial race.
Other things good and bad happened world wide.
Flooding in North Korea, a gunman killing 5 people, riolts, murders, Hoover reservoir stink, some lady’s bakini, guns, war in the middle east, etc.
Interesting what the top stories are on this page.
What does it matter what a celebrity wears?
Gate keeping is necessary due to time and space but the news the media includes or leaves out is a mystery to any sane person.
Next we find “What’s Hot”: What are the best cell phones you can buy and does your dog need a new bed?
Totally lame things to waste space and time.
Can anyone learn what is really happening in the world from news services?
How does knowing or not knowing about it affect one’s life?
What can one do about it? Should one try?
Tomorrow there will be more of the same.
Whether I read it or not the world will still rotate.
If I don’t read it, imagine the time I’d save over a year’s time.
Over a lifetime.
Oh, it’s getting late, I’d better start doing something of value and get off of this computer.

Recommendations to better speaking

18 Sep 2016 | : blog

Today a man asked me:


Hi Jay,

Found you on you tube and impressed with the vocal ability.
I am working on enhancing my voice and become a more effective speaker.
I am honing in on using my diaphragm when speaking but I find it quite challenging
due to old habits. Any recommendations where to start or maybe coaching you can provide?

My reply:

I have done voice coaching.

I did a video about that: Breath right to speak and sing right.

Once I broke my back and had to wear a back brace for a while.

My posture was really good with that thing on and I could sing higher than I normally can.

So my first suggestions would be to have good posture, sit or stand up tall thus making room for your diaphragm to expand.

You can practice it.

William Danforth in his book I Dare You tells of the simple exercises he used:

More about it.

It has a link to another video “5 steps for better speaking. Here’s a post at another site of mine that may help a little.

And this next post has links to some diaphragm usage instructions:

Hope this helps you some.

Have fun with it.


And you have fun too and keep speaking.



15 Sep 2016 | : blog

I started in January of 2008.
Since that time I’ve received many thousands of spam comments.
Most are generated by computer software programs.

Real people wouldn’t write such tripe nor

place those comments on such odd ball pages like the contact or policy page.
Today I deleted 142 fakes.
This one made me laugh because it was so “priceless

Submitted on 2016/09/13 at 8:28 pm
This post is priceless. How can I find out more?

It was placed on the:

Rate Schedule page.


(note: one meaning of tripe is:

2. Slang. something, especially speech or writing, that is false or worthless; rubbish)

My cover of “She Believes in Me”

12 Sep 2016 | : blog

jaybeacham    I record songs on the Sing Snap karaoke site and they let us share those recordings with other Sing Snappers
and elsewhere.   So after listening to a recording of Brenda’s (I just love her voice and style), I sent her a link to my cover of “She Believes in Me”.

By jaybeacham 

Hi Brenda,
I thought you might like this one I did:


By brenda-a  for jaybeachamGOLD on She Believes In Me

God bless you.Have a geat day.

Hi Jay..I do believe in you since day one..never will forget hearing your voice for the very first time  still amazes me.Gorgeous gifted golden this song and sing from you.God bless you.Hugs, Brenda



By brenda-a  for jaybeachamGOLD on She Believes In Me

God bless you.Have a great day.

I don’t know either one of the Steve Gibbs..but I do wonder if Barry Gibbs son sings..I sure hate when we lose the last of the Bee Gees..I hope he sings for many yrs to come..and that his son can sing like him 

BTW do you have a son that can sing like you? or at least talk like you?


My answer:

Thanks for believing and listening to me,
Do wish you were a casting agent somewhere.
Here’s some info on Steve Gibb, Barry’s son:
Stephen Thadius “Steve” Crompton Gibb is an English musician and the first-born son of Barry Gibb and Linda Gibb. Wikipedia
Born: December 1, 1973 (age 42), London, United Kingdom
Spouse: Gloria Levas (m. 2002)
Parents: Linda Gray, Barry Gibb
Uncles: Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Andy Gibb
Grandparents: Hugh Gibb, Barbara Gibb
Siblings: Ashley Gibb, Travis Gibb, Alexandra Gibb, Michael Gibb

My oldest son Steve was born in 1974, used to pretend to people on the phone that he was me and fooled them.
My brother Stan has a similar sounding voice as me and sings.
My second son Alan born 1975 and youngest son James born 1981 both have similar sounding voices too.
James makes films and sometimes narrates them himself but he has had me sing in one of them.
Once over the phone someone mistook me for Stan and it was hard to convince him that it was me.
and shortly after that I happened to hear one of my ads on radio and it did sound very much like him.
I was a radio announcer from age sixteen to about 22 then did some radio plays and voice work. Stan was a radio announcer on a college station just a couple of years ago and he graduated with one of his youngest daughters. I started early, he finished late.
He is more of a story teller, guitar-mandolin player and actor.
About 30 years ago he portrayed Jesus Christ in the American Messiah play and film.
Some things run in families I suppose.

I found several recordings of the Steve singing with his dad Barry.
Here’s the link to one I listened to:
“I’ve got to get a message to you.”
And I don’t play the guitar. In fact gave it to Alan’s son Bryson for a boy in his band.
Bryson sings and does guitar and his brother Bailey writes songs, plays guitar and piano(their mother is a piano teacher).
Is that a good enough answer?

Brenda replied:

Thank you Jay. I guess it does run in your family then 


By brenda-a 

I don’t think Barry’s son sounds like him when he sings 


By jaybeacham 

No they don’t sound alike but then they still sing together.

Does music, singing, whatever stay in your family more than one generation?

comment here


Labor Day and other mislabeled things

08 Sep 2016 | : blog

Labor Day and other mislabeled things.

The other morning, I woke up at 6 am.  the sun hadn’t yet come over the east horizon.

Then I remembered that this is Utah, not Arizona ten miles due south and it’s summer and Utah has

decided that “Congressional Time”, commonly known as “daylight savings time” is the thing to do in the spring, summer.

and fall.   So it’s really 7 am DT,  

How any electricity is saved by the morning folks arising an hour earlier and calling it an hour later

is a mystery to me.   Anyone going to work by 6, 7,  or 8 must turn on lights in their houses to see to get ready to go.

And on this beautiful Monday morn named Labor day when most take a holiday.

A holiday to honor labor by not working.

What sense does that make?

I did learn of a man I know, who dug some weeds out that day, thus it was a labor day for him.

I know there are many more things that we say and do that make little or no sense.

I can’t think of any right now so I’m asking my readers to tell of the ones they know in the comment section.

The comments are moderated before going public.    If they are real comments about this subject, then you’ll see them

show up in a day or two.  They must be clean.

So, tell me some of your mislabeled or wrongly named things.


Foreign language knowledge can be lots of fun

01 Sep 2016 | : blog

Foreign language knowledge can be lots of fun.

I’ve recorded 1,174 songs on an online Karaoke site.  Some in one or more of 11 languages so far.

Go there and listen to some:

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