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St. George Master Singers at Tabernacle

23 Dec 2009 | : blog

We were saddened to learn today, (Tuesday the 22nd) that Rot Heap one of our tenors who was to be in the quartet and quintet had died of heart failure on Friday.

We went on with 21 men(one other than Roy was not present). There was a narrator, a former radio personality.  Director Louise Seger, Marie Smith and Sandra Petersen sang “There Within a Stable”, Dana Mathews on piano (a former group accompanist, Amy Siefert, attended the show). It went well and was well received by the audience that filled the main floor and a handful of balcony seats. I sang solo “A Cradle in Bethlehem”, Stuart Spendlove sang solo “Jesu Bambino”.  “O Holy night” was sung by a trio because of the absence of the deceased tenor. The quartet did “Christmas Chopsticks”. The group sang “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, Home for the Holidays, Silver Bells, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Three Songs for Christmas, We Three Kings, and Silent Night.”

It must have been okay for most of the audience stood for the final  applause.

I video taped it as did Clede Coombs. You really need a camera operator as some of the groups were cut off who stood on the south side of the stand.

As people left, they raved about how good it was and what a good voice I have. There is a new sound system in the building.  I stood close to the microphone. Paul Young of St. George has been encouraging me for several years to use the microphone better for more rave reviews.  And I must say that I never have received so many compliments as I did tonight. Paul certainly was right. He also advised to just have piano accompaniment.

Several thought I sounded like a certain country singer.  Just the song and the night, I’m sure.

Earlier in the day  I got  a call for a booking in January for  me to perform a Storytell-song show.

And when I got home, I called a former singing partner back. She’d arrived in town from Nashville on her way to Washington for Christmas. She wants me to sing backup and harmony parts with her on several songs for her new CD. We used to sing in a lot of places before she moved to Tennessee. When she returns, we’ll try to sing at some venue.

We used to sound good together.

I also met a lady at the Chamber of Commerce today. Pam S. who is a musician and a church choir director. She told me of her college group that toured in Japan in 1967. We spoke for about half an hour  about the great musical and vocal talent in southern Utah. Her sister, Kay H., is the leader of the Keynotes, a ladies choral group.

After the Tabernacle concert, Nolan Lowe a member of our group,  told me about he and a friend Larry, who as young men played guitar and sang( Larry with many cowboy bands at all the night spots) and the both at Larry’s Dad’s radio station.  Nolan was surprised when their recordings were aired on the station the next day.

A very musical day in spite of the rain and needed roof repairs I did.

tip of the day

18 Dec 2009 | : blog


I painted inside a house over a ceiling patch in a hallway and had to do the walls too.

The paint color we’d saved,  about a quarter of a gallon, was almost dried up even though the lid was on tightly.  And when I added water and stirred it, was somewhat lumpy.  We were able to get a color match because of the good eye and skill of a paint clerk at the local Jones’ Paint and Glass store.  But the formulas have been changed over the years even though the paint manufacturer was the same.

So I guess that the tip is to not keep the paint so long and keep it where its not to hot or to cold. It had been kept on the garage floor.

The Palms RV Park concert

18 Dec 2009 | : blog

The Palms RV Park concert on Monday night was a great success. The acoustics were very good. I got there just as the first song started and was still setting the video camera up on the tripod during the second but sang the third one with the group. Then the quintet did their Christmas chopsticks. Then I was on, with no time to think but I did okay. Later, Stuart Spendlove did a solo. It was great. Director Louise Seager did a narration betwwen and around all of the numbers.

On Tuesday night, at the singles Stake Christmas Party, Charlotte Coleman(she played for the Master Singers 2 piano players ago) played piano and sang a solo. Very good. Then she played for me while I sang Cradle in Bethlehem.  Its been over 2 years since she and I did that together and with no practice, the audience didn’t throw food and even said it was good.  Practice is always better. Then I sang Christmas Feeling acappella. That was better because I didn’t have to accompany an instrument as oft times happens.

Wensday night was practice and a party afterwards for the Master Singers of St. George.

Tonight was a political meeting about being actively involved in self government with emphasis on the use of social media to educate and advertise principles of good government.  Former State legislator Morgan Philpot and Holly Robinson instructed the crowd.

Concert at Canyon Breeze RV Park

04 Dec 2009 | : blog

The concert at Canyon Breeze RV Park tonight went very well.

I did a solo of “A Cradle in Bethlehem” that went well because the piano player, Dana Mathews, had transposed the arrangement down a third so I could actually comfortably reach the notes.  Had she not done that, I fear it would have been bad.

The Quintet did Christmas Chopsticks. It was very good. Plus a quartet did several songs and then those done by the group set the Master Singers’ of St. George 2009 Christmas Concert agenda off to a great start. We had a receptive audience of about 50.

At least three more concerts to go: on Dec. 11 at Green Valley celebration, Dec 14 at The Palms RV Park, the 22nd At the St. George Tabernacle and maybe more.

Hope you can catch one of the shows we’ve prepared for you.

Acting photos already on the net

03 Dec 2009 | : blog

Acting photos already on the net are at myspace on my profile under”view my pics”.

I need some people to go view them and make comments of a nice nature of course.

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