The Palms RV Park concert on Monday night was a great success. The acoustics were very good. I got there just as the first song started and was still setting the video camera up on the tripod during the second but sang the third one with the group. Then the quintet did their Christmas chopsticks. Then I was on, with no time to think but I did okay. Later, Stuart Spendlove did a solo. It was great. Director Louise Seager did a narration betwwen and around all of the numbers.

On Tuesday night, at the singles Stake Christmas Party, Charlotte Coleman(she played for the Master Singers 2 piano players ago) played piano and sang a solo. Very good. Then she played for me while I sang Cradle in Bethlehem.  Its been over 2 years since she and I did that together and with no practice, the audience didn’t throw food and even said it was good.  Practice is always better. Then I sang Christmas Feeling acappella. That was better because I didn’t have to accompany an instrument as oft times happens.

Wensday night was practice and a party afterwards for the Master Singers of St. George.

Tonight was a political meeting about being actively involved in self government with emphasis on the use of social media to educate and advertise principles of good government.  Former State legislator Morgan Philpot and Holly Robinson instructed the crowd.