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Can we make the new year bring what we want?

01 Jan 2020 | : blog


Can we make the new year bring what we want?
It’s a new calendar year and the statements of making our own destiny abound.
Let’s take a look back with my 20/20 hindsight at the 2019 calendar year.
I hadn’t planned any of these things.
On January 3,  a contractor cut down bamboo on my property and stole it.
In March, he cut down a 34 year old tree and stole it and cut it a second time
along with many seedling trees.
The police would do nothing about it.
In May,  I suffered a heart attack.
In June, my pickup broke down and stayed that way most of the rest of the year.
I never planned any of those happenings.
A friend of mine just died in the last week of the year.  His family was surprised
as he was happy and healthy.  I’m sure that wasn’t in his plan.
On the last day of the year,  my oldest son’s pickup died on the road and had to
be towed. Certainly not in his plan.
In all our desires and dreams for the coming year of our lives, we cannot control
the actions of others, mechanical breakdowns (a local judge once said that
people should know where their cars will break down or run out of gas.
How rediculous.), our health, or the end of life.
Making plans is a good thing but if life happens to change all of our goals
and plans, it doesn’t mean we are less of a person because those goals
weren’t attained as some of the statements of  “We can be what we decide”.

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