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How to fight evil?

26 May 2018 | : blog

How to fight evil?

What do when someone wants to do evil to you.
Say no. Tell some one. Make lots of noise. Get everyone around you to join in your cause by awakening them to the situation.

Example a  Brit film about a  girl and a perverted old man.
The  girl was invited along to a film by her aunt’s gentleman friend.
He sat between them and during the film put his hand on the girls leg.   She pushed him away.
He put it back and began to rub her leg.   She got up and went to the rest room.

When she returned she sat on the far side of her aunt away from the man.

But she never told her aunt what happened nor did she say anything about it.

What should she have done?
Push him away.   Then say “No” out loud.

Then  stood and slapped the man and then told everyone what was happening.

Evil doesn’t want to be revealed.   That would have stopped it then and for future times.

Rosemary and the thieves in her house.
One night this woman was awakened by people in her laundry room adjacent her bedroom.
She told them to leave and then called the police.
The police told her to go to the street and wait for them as it would take them about twenty minutes to arrive.
She complied.   Before they arrived, the people in her house had gone into the rest of her house and stole items,
even clothes from her closet.
What should she have don’t?
This is what I would have done: turned the radio and television on full blast and gone out to my pickup
and blasted the horn till the whole neighbor was awake and calling the police.
Evil wants to remain hidden and in the dark.
Expose it to the light and it will run.

A Worthy Cause

17 May 2018 | : blog

A Worthy Cause

Steven Beacham,  my oldest son,  is an Air Force Veteran and due to circumstances lives in his pickup.

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Steve wants to buy a house large enough for himself and other veterans who need a place to live.
Houses in Oklahoma City are very reasonable.

Steve served time in prison for a crime he didn’t do.   His felony prevents him from living in a normal neighborhood and the police department decides where Steve can live.

He’s employed but doesn’t earn enough to get a loan for a house,  so he is  requesting  help
to  fund  his purchase of a fixer upper house.

It will give him housing and he intends on helping
other veterans by renting rooms to them at an affordable price.
Consider donating even a small amount like $5 or less or more.
This is a very worthy cause. I donated. Won’t you?
Jay Beacham

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