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LINCOLN’S GHOST tells stories

25 Jan 2014 | : blog

Lincoln’s Ghost  to tell stories Sat. Feb. 22 at the St. George Opera House 220 North main street St. George, Utah
Tickets are $5 adults $4 Sr/children/military
The 22nd is a Saturday.

Tickets are available at the St. George Art Museum, 47 E. 200 N prior to, at the door or by calling 435-627-4510 Limited seating.

Sara Jane Lippincott said of Lincoln:

“I really think that Mr. Lincoln’s propensity for storytelling has been exaggerated by his enemies. I had once the honor of conversing with him, or rather of hearing him converse, for several minutes, and in all that time he only told four little stories.”

Carl Schurz, a Union general first met Lincoln on a train:  “I soon felt as if I had know him all my life and we had very long been close friends…He interspersed our conversation with all sorts of quaint stories, each of which had a witty point applicable to the subject at hand.”

2011 dvd insert photo

Hope to see you there.



The Show was a success.

Hear It on Audio CD.

Lincoln’s Ghost told wonderful stories on Feb. 22, 2014 at the Opera House. 
Lincoln played which musical instruments? 
Was he in a duel? 
Learn things you never knew about the 16th President of the USA. 
Laugh and cry and be intrigued by mystery.

Audio Cd of the show is now available for sale. 

$20 per single cd

Volume discounts starting at 5 cds $15 each

 Call 435-628-7809

Or write: Lincoln CD

                  85 East Center

                 Ivins, Utah 84738

Purpose of this site & Comments

19 Jan 2014 | : blog

I’ve not been able to get into my back office for 4 months so couldn’t keep up making posts or reviewing comments.

I moderate comments before approving.

What I’ve learned about comments is that there is a huge amount of  software available to automatically place comments anywhere just in an attempt to get backlinks and to advertise.  None of these posts match the page they are posted to as seen by comments like: “great post. I’ve been looking for this information” on my contact page.

Why? because nothing was read. It was generated by a robot purchased to get traffic, sales, backlinks, etc.  Which cost the buyer and are of little value except that it makes the seller of that software wealthy.

Backlinks are important but backlinking from just any site isn’t necessarily good.  You want reputable, well known sites to backlink to your site, such as a biggy on the net or a “dot gov” or “dot edu”.  Those have clout. Those will give your site clout too.

Back to the comments.

Want to be approved by me?  

1. Read the post and make a meaningful comment

2. Say something nice

3. Don’t advertise

4. Have a real email address and a real web address

5. Your site sells something good 

6. Hope I have the time to review the real comments after sifting through the trash

It’s that simple!

One comment was in German.  That’s fine. I speak and read German.  Comments in languages other than English and German and sometimes Dutch, which is similar to the other two, I generally delete though i have translated some in the past only to learn that they are fake comments.

That  German comment was from a guy saying he saw no purpose in my site.

Of course there is a purpose.

 The purpose is to promote me. 

To promote my voice, speaking and singing, my acting, my books, videos, ideas, and knowledge on a number of subjects such as building construction and maintenance.   the joke about experts may cause a laugh, but people have expertise in many different areas making them an expert on certain subjects.  I have such knowledge about certain subjects.

I started teaching drawing at age 14, later I taught German(still do), I’ve taught many employees about roofing and other building construction and repairs as my father taught me.

There are folks who love my speaking voice, my singing, my acting, my repair-maintenance  work, my poetry, my books, my ideas, my knowledge, the things I sell, good things I’ve found on the net or elsewhere.

Does this site have a purpose?

You bet it does!

Let me wrap up.

Please don’t waste my time and yours with automated comment software to0 my site or with fake or nasty comments.

Come and see what I know, what I sell, what I share.

You will find much to admire.

Well, I’ll catch you next time.

Problem with word press solved

16 Jan 2014 | : blog

Since September I have not been able to get into my wordpress back office but was being logged into one that hasn’t existed for several years.

Resulting in me not being able to edit or anything else. No blog posts no link changes, nothing.

Today David M Cullett at Godaddy was able to help me resolve the problem.

We uninstalled wordpress 3.8 and eliminated the directory that kept sending me to the wrong backoffice.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

I’m glad it is fixed as it was very frustrating to me.

Jay Beacham

Why would anyone possibly want these?

16 Jan 2014 | : blog

I put a listing on Ebay for Devil’s Claw Seed Pods and posted the ad on my Face Book.             A friend asked: 

Why would anyone possibly want these? I don’t mean that to be rude at all, I am just curious if they are good for anything.

My answer:

wordpress visitor