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Less than 30% of the world can speak more than one foreign language. And many of them can’t speak it fluently. The greatest loss in this is the health benefit for the brain and body. The human brain literally increases in size when you speak a foreign language. And the difference between how well you speak it affects that outcome greatly. Or in other words, being fluent is essential. Those who spoke foreign languages experienced less onset of mental issues relating to age.

Speak Any Language



This is the “Endless Conversations”method that was developed by multilingual expert James Wilson (AnaEzine CEO/Editor) and made free to the whole  world; James Wilson’s charity to humanity and the planet. Global communication is the key to world peace, health, conservation, prosperity, happiness, and success.

But why learn foreign languages?   You may be traveling abroad soon, or working in another country.

Finally, you can now speak all of the world’s dominant languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, etc.

Explained: https://chatfellow.blogspot.com/p/chatfellow-article-1541.html

for audio

Chatfellow Article 1541 ” Easiest Way to Start Speaking Immediately” by User 528363945 (soundcloud.com)


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Scripts available in:

                                         中国课 (中文)(Chinese lessons):

.English lessons (英文课程)(अँग्रेजी पाठ):

.चीनी सबक – (हिन्दी)(Hindī lessons):

.español lección  (Spanish lessons):

.Русский урок (Russian lessons):

.français  (French):

.日本語   (Japanese)

.português  (Portuguese):

.Tagalog (Filipino):

.Bahasa  (Indonesia)

.Deutsch  (German):

.한국어 교훈  (Korean):

.ภาษาไทย  (Thai):

.tiếng việt   (Vietnamese):

.Kiswahili  (Swahili):

Here they are! These are what you were looking for! Contact us immediately if you have any questions. Stay as long as you like. Look at all of our products. Each one was made especially for you! Many are free but worth thousands of dollars!





Speak Any Language Immediately!
(Totally free!)

At my website I’ve posted the scripts for you, each day, for free! Simply read out-loud with your mouth. Just one minute long! Repeat it 3 times total. Yes, this is my famous 3 minute language program! Visit everyday, become fluent within 2 weeks to 2 months and stay fluent permanently! It’s totally free! However, if you think you need more of a push, to help you get a running start, you can purchase my $9 how-to-book that gives you a better understanding of how to use my scripts correctly. But you can figure it out on your own. You don’t need the manual. There are already instructions at my website. And there’s also a free 70 page book “Why It Works” that tells all about how I created these scripts, why, and the science behind it. And explains almost everything. All for free! You’ll see it all, right here, at my website! Go now! Go here now!

Go here:

Speak Any Language (jaybeacham.website)



Speak Any Language Immediately!
(74 page e-book)

Yes, it’s totally cheating! This is how I became fluent in 5 languages in less than 2 weeks. And why I’m still fluent in those 5 languages over 20 years later! This is the greatest how-to-speak language acquisition manual on the planet! Nobody knows these facts. This is new technology and science that never existed before: Internet, super computers, Hollywood, online databases, new fields of expertise, thousands of professionals advancing their fields of expertise beyond their limits, all the scholarly work of experts from around the world finally combined at our finger tips! A truly global world. Decades, Centuries, and Millennia of research, information, experience, and discoveries finally compiled and completed at last! You deserve to speak the languages of your world. Here it is, it’s yours at last! Speak any language immediately and become fluent very quickly within 2 weeks to 2 months and stay fluent permanently! The program is totally for free. After paying the $9 for this how-to-book you’ll never spend another dollar on your language development/acquisition ever again! No more classes! No more money spent! No more! You have finally arrived. This is your graduation! You’ve studied foreign languages your whole life, and never became fluent, or you became fluent and you lost it. You have worked so hard, spent so much of your life, so much money, you’ve already earned this. You deserve this. This is yours! Be fluent at last! Within days! Not even weeks! Speak immediately! Right now! Go here right now!

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Pricing by country on Amazon Kindle:

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Amazon.in ₹399

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cover speak booklet 001


Speak Any Language Immediately!
(“One Year of Scripts”)

Did you ever learn a foreign language in school?

Are you sad that you never became fluent?
Well, now you can, immediately, overnight!
This program makes people fluent fast, or if they’re already fluent this program maintains their fluency permanently, plus anyone who uses this program will continue to improve because even people who are fluent have room for improvement until they’re able to be a movie star, engineer, world leader, etc in that language. We even have professional packages for people who need specific words etc related to their profession.
You just need to pay $200 one time for a lifetime membership to this program.
What it is:
It’s “One Year of Scripts” and for anybody who pays for it, they’ll get a free lifetime membership to my program which means that after they’ve used those 365 scripts they’ll then receive one month of scripts each month for the rest of their lives.

You can get them delivered to your email inbox. Each week I’ll send you an entire week’s worth of scripts. And, it’s for the rest of your life! Yes, just $200 one-time and you’ll receive my scripts each week for the rest of your life!

Business Package                                                 $200.00 USD


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Speak Any Language Immediately!
(Professional Package)

The professional packages gives you unique scripts that are tailored to match your career’s needs. For example if you’re a chef you’ll notice that the scripts are talking about cooking, telling waiters/waitresses what to do, collecting money from diners, getting their orders, bringing them their food, making them feel welcome, explaining dishes to the customer, talking among other chefs, and everything else experienced in the day to day life of a chef. If you’re an engineer it’ll revolve around the day to day life of  an engineer. Talking with employers, employees, co-workers, clients, and so on. Simply let me know which career you’re interested in and I’ll send you the scripts that match that career.

Professional Package                                             $499.00 USD

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                            Online Payments Via PayPal

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Speak Any Language Immediately!
(Corporate Package)

Whether you’re a company, club, group, organization, or anything else… the corporate package is everything that the professional package is except that we’ll give a package to all of the members of your organization. That’s up to 2,000 members! All for just a one-time payment of $999 by whoever is authorized to represent that organization. We’ve created a website for your members to use. The scripts are all there. Free for everyone to use. Instructions, help, everything they need to be successful in acquiring fluency in whichever foreign languages they choose, as many languages as they want, and will even be tailored to fit the needs of their profession, they’ll be given all options, and can choose all of them! If you have over 2,000 members a reasonable price can be negotiated. The website that we give you can easily handle 2,000 members just fine. Anything over that might require more server capacity. We’ll discuss it at that time because depending on our resources perhaps it won’t cost anything. Contact us anytime to let us know your needs. And we’ll have feedback forums available at the website so that your members can always immediately tell us their concerns, needs, suggestions, etc and we’ll constantly make improvements accordingly. Contact us anytime with any questions. We’re here to ensure your organization experiences immediate results, and is highly successful, 100% with no losses.

Corporate Package                                                        $999.00

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Contact jay at beachamj82@yahoo.com

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Please remember to send an email to BigConversation@Zoho.com or you won’t receive your product.

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Foreign language knowledge  can be lots of fun.

I’ve recorded 1,174 songs on an online Karaoke site.  Some in one or more of 13 languages so far.

Go there and listen to some:


There are songs in German, English, Spanish, Yiddish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, French, and several others languages.

And here is an Italian pop song from 1962:




L’amour est Bleu

Learning languages can be fun.


And something for English speakers:

JayBeacham.com-A Voice as an Instrument » Abraham Lincoln-love him or hate him?

As a California drama newspaper writer, I feel I know a good show when I see one.
jay Beacham is excellent as Abraham Lincoln.
The look is uncanny.
His voice projects plainly and most sincerely.
You will learn many facts about Honest Abe.
And you will be surprised to learn our Abe wrote poetry!
I hope all of you will have the opportunity to see one of Jay’s shows.
If not, run, run, run and buy one ( or all) of his videos.
You won’t be sorry– just pleased.

Barbara Hunt


A book worth reading, Of Labor, For Labor, By Labor by A. KIrk Best


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