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2 Day Acne Cure By jay-an ebook

30 Oct 2010 | : blog

2 Day Acne Cure By jay ($49.95)
Discover the secret to the fastest acne cure!
Not by lotions or injections but by:
Go see for yourself.


26 Oct 2010 | : blog


After listening to some of my recordings on My Space Karaoke,
Beth said
ure am enjoying my Jay concert this morning! ……what about singin on youtube? How else can I hear you? Are you somewhere else online?
I suggested she go the YouTube.com/Titandusk for “Crumple” because I sing in it. She did and watched it twice.
Also besides my ten songs on MS Karaoke, there are six video recordings of me singing songs at


Just click on video under the profile Photo.
Not perfect but having fun.

What do you think?

26 Oct 2010 | : blog

What do you think?
Only three people have commented on my performance of this song. What do you think?



21 Oct 2010 | : blog

Sales of the the 2010 dvd of Lincoln’s Ghost Return have been increasing and even some 2009 Lincoln’s Ghost are still selling.

$20.00 US plus shipping for each dvd. Bulk rates for Libraries and Schools. Call to inquire.


or come to Ghost Tours and buy a copy of either year at the registration table.

Come see Lincoln’s Ghost

21 Oct 2010 | : blog

Come see Lincoln’s Ghost at the Santa Clara, Utah Ghost Tours

Oct.22, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29 7:30 to 9 pm.

A one hour walking tour of spirits from the past relating their stories.

Among these, is the spirit of Abraham Lincoln as portrayed by Jay Beacham.

Tickets are $10.00 per adult, less for children, and there are group rates.

For mor information and rates go to:


for the email and phone number :


Ghost Walk in October

21 Oct 2010 | : blog

Ghost Walk in October

In Santa Clara, Utah

  Go on a walk and be entertained by a number of the departed, including the “Ghost of Lincoln”.
Good family fun.
Call 435-275-6897 or email GPayne6585@aol.com for more info and reservations.

Update:This has played three days and has six to go.
Next day is Friday the 22nd.
Don’t miss out.

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