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Leaves were Flying and Dancing

18 Dec 2016 | : blog

The first winter storm just past with leaves flying and dancing in the streets.

Early Saturday morning under snow caped peaks some images were captured of a fellow in red at a local golf course.
And later he was caught by a chimney and tree.
He’s started early this year.
Oh, it was a Toys for Tots event that brought him here.

The perfect get rich field?

13 Dec 2016 | : blog

The perfect get rich field?

I Get a lot of email Daily.

There was one email in the one inbox today from a health guru touting the

benefits of a fellow marketer that has promoted his stuff.

His stuff is over priced and  doesn’t arrive in a timely fashion either online or off.

So why should I listen to him?

I’ll let you read his letter and my reply and decide for yourself.
Pocketing $250 to $750 for a few minutes of work.(2)
Kevin – NutriO2 <>
To jay beacham 12/13/2016 at 10:39 AM
Hi Jay,

Ever heard the phrase, “In a world…” in movie

I don’t know about you but it has been used in so
many  movies that it became a cliché.

Reason I’m asking you is because the guy behind
that voice became a millionaire because of an

Yes,  you read that right.

La Fontaine’s voice cracked at age 13 in

… giving him that distinct tone that later
brought him much fame and success.

His income a month was reportedly in the millions!
In fact, at his peak he was doing about 60
voice overs a week sometimes even 35 in a single

Now let me tell you this …

60 promotions a week isn’t really absurd once you
find out that there’s a big gaping hole in the
voice over industry.

The demand is just too much for the supply.

And guess what?

There is documentation and proof showing how
under served this industry is – and what you can do
to take advantage of it…

You can see it all here.

Now, you’re probably wondering …

How come we haven’t heard about it?
The answer is simple.

Voiceover folks are making a killing pocketing
$250 to $750 for a few minutes of work.

And they are afraid of sharing the wealth because
they  DON’T KNOW that the voiceover industry is a
17 billion dollar behemoth that’s growing at a
steady rate of 7.6% each year.

Can you imagine how big of a market is waiting for
you to make your mark?

If you are curious or at the very least interested
making side income just by recording your voice
then check this out

On that presentation, you’d even be surprised how
most people with horrible voices manage to carve a
big piece of the pie.

Then again, don’t believe me.

See it for yourself.

To Your Good Health,
Kevin Richardson

He referred Jenny Lewis’s  Voice Over  training program

The perfect get rich field! Right? 

Not so fast, here is my reply to him:


I’m a voice over guy.
It’s now all done on the internet,  not in studios like Mr La Fontaine used.
and a distinct voice isn’t enough.
It is a saturated industry with more and more competition daily.
Now a voice talent needs to be the voice, the studio, the sound engineer, the computer engineer, the sales department, the advertising department, the fulfillment department, etc.
The voice talent has to be unique and all those things and more.
There are millions of voice talents who are unemployed.
In my 10 plus years in the modern business, I’ve gotten two voice over jobs because of a neighbor lady who asked me to voice two videos introducing new products to the market place .
That’s it.
Mr. Don La Fontaine walked into a studio and just spoke.
Years ago, so did I.    While in the studio, I’d read for several things and walk out with a check.

Not that way any more.
As in all parts of the entertainment business, Some succeed and earn the big money, most  don’t.
Jay Beacham

The perfect get rich field?

When the “stay in your pajamas and earn big money from home” ads come at you, just take a breath and

realize that all that glitters isn’t gold.


It’s Christmas time again

08 Dec 2016 | : blog

It’s Christmas time again.
Cold temperatures in the Northern climes, snow, lights, decorations,
trees, presents, and of course Santa Claus.
I get into the season of Christmas by playing the part of Santa Claus.
I’ll do my first event on the 12th of December.

Santa 1
My church unit is having it’s Christmas dinner party on the 9th.
It wasn’t always like this.
Christmas sales start early in the fall when they used to start the day
after Thanksgiving with the Macey’s parade hosting Santa Claus.
When I was a child, most people didn’t own a TV.
The radio only played all Christmas songs on Christmas Eve and
on Christmas Day.
Christmas was a big thing.
When I was a child the elementary school was next to the church
house in our town.
We learned songs, decorated, and waited.
On Christmas Eve the church stage became the scene of our Christmas
After the boys dressing in their father’s bathrobes, the girls as Mary and angels
and a toy baby doll being the baby Jesus, the school age children would sing songs
for the audience, consisting of everyone in our small town.
Before the night was over, we’d be visited by Saint Nick himself.
Everyone attended. Like I said, it was a big deal for our small town.
Once in my early adult years, I went back to witness the then pageant.
It was the same as I had remembered.
That doesn’t occur anymore.
Things are bigger now, there are more people and more parties, and celebrations.
But by Christmas Eve the public events are long past.
There are times when I yearn for those simplier days.
When Santa appeared on Christmas Eve.
Some times even being seen at people’s houses.
A family I knew, had the father and later the sons who dressed as Santa and
visited people in Cedar City, Ivins, St. George, Santa Clara, and other small
southern Utah towns. They went to relatives and friends. The father often
took a donkey along to carry the presents.
The children were thrilled even when they’d arrive in the wee hours of the morning.
Though the parents didn’t like getting out of bed so early because they’d just
retired for the night, very late because they’d been making Christmas Cookies
and getting other surprises ready for their children.
Men have taken their wife along as Mrs. Claus.
That continues but the appearances start no later than Thanksgiving day and often before.
In our part of the world there were no shopping malls, so no Santas were seen in stores.
Now Santa Claus is a big marketing tool for businesses.
I just saw an ad in an email with the singer star dressed as Santa announcing his
sale deals. He really looked good, just like Mr Claus.
I wish him good sales success.
I was even tempted to Dress in my Santa garb and try a promotion of my cds,
videos, dolls, toys and the like, and other items I have for sale.
But then I thought back to what the reason of the season really is and it’s not for
me to be able to sell more. So I dismissed the thought.
And no one has the patience to wait for Saint Nick these days.
I’d been Santa for a place doing Toys for Tots last year and the lady in charge called
me again today. But when I didn’t reply until evening, she booked someone else.
So afraid that things couldn’t be done if a few hours elapsed.
Be patient, Santa Claus and the big day will arrive soon enough.
And my longing for the simplier days of long ago will go unfulfilled
unless I just walk down memory lane a bit and relive those times in my mind.
Merry Christmas.

Santa 2


Let the world hear you

04 Dec 2016 | : blog

Comment by brenda-aGOLD  +1 

On Sing Snap Karaoke site about the song recording I made in June 2011 

They Called The Wind Mariah

oh my!!yes I love how you sound on this song..simply amazing sound made for singing songs like this..and should let the world hear you..they would be surprised that your not the original for it.Stunning performance.Gby.hugs, Brenda

There are a few places I try to share.
Here are three of them:

Lots of songs here, two of my own and some in a few foreign languages;

Just one song on this site:

Links here for many of my song recordings and also a link to my Sing Snap page.

The recordings go from November 2010 to the present.

So I’ve tried to let the world hear my singing voice.

So until next time, this is Jay Beacham saying singing is fun.


A Child’s Language Mistakes

02 Dec 2016 | : blog

A Child’s Language Mistakes

When a child is trying to learn it’s parents’ language mistakes are made and we think it is cute. One of my sons couldn’t say “L”s at first so he called his brother by the easy for him to say “Amee”.     Cute right?
When an adult tries to learn a new language and makes a mistake, that person is ridiculed or worse called an idiot.
They are children in that language.
Recently a young actress started to learn Arabic and a couple of other languages other than her native tongue. Any mistake she makes becomes international news.
“How foolish ” “What an idiot” “Insane” “Bizarre” “can’t read” “Watch your language”
She’s a child still in that language.
Should she be condemned for trying to learn, speak, other languages?
I’m a singer and have tried a number of languages in song.
It’s not that easy to get one’s tongue around some of those words one encounters in foreign tongues.
Some of us will never pronounce words right even in our native tongue so why be so critical of someone trying to improve one’s self by learning  a foreign language.
The world becomes smaller when a person learns other languages and realizes that people who speak differently are just like them.
I’m trying to learn a song in Greek right now.
What languages do you want to learn and be fluent in?This system called Endless Conversations could be your way to meet your language learning goals.
Learn more about this system at:

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