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31 May 2009 | : blog

My thought for the day: Most of the social sites want to know your mood or thought at the present moment. It reminded me of the sensitivity classes of earlier years. In one such forced college class, a young man named Lance was a bike enthusiast. We were to tell what we were thinking or feeling at the moment and Lance told about his thoughts of how to better break a ten speed bike by aligning the brake pad to go on the rubber of the tire so as to stop in wet weather. The moderator harangued him for not following the rules of telling what was on his mind at the moment. But that was what he was thinking about. Great people think of ideas not people or feelings. I think Lance was using his mental capacity to good advantage by creatively thinking. Wish I could do that more.

tip of the day

30 May 2009 | : blog

Today the wind blew hard and a neighbors shingles sustained a little damage.

When I got onto the roof to nail and glue tabs back on, I came across a place where the shingles hadn’t originally been nailed on. That’s not the way to get them to stay on.  And also the cellophane strip that is put on backs of shingles to prevent sticking while in the bundle had been left on and guess what, prevented the shingles from sticking while on the roof where you want them to stick together.  Two stripes had been torn loose and were flapping in the wind from under the edges of the shingles.

Tip: When you put your shingles on, stop and remove that cellophane strip from the backs first.  Oh, and remember to nail all the shingles down, four nails along the glue strip on the top side of the shingle before you put another one over it.

A little extra time during installation will save you a lot of headaches later on.

For other roofing how and how not to ideas view “The How Not To Build a House” series on:

tabs-the tip for the day

29 May 2009 | : blog

Only worked on one roof today.  The wind had blown a tab or two up but they were still attached. Over  time the glue strips don’t hold any more due to age, the cold, dirt blowing under them and the wind flaps them and sometimes takes them off. If your roof is hit by the wind and some of your shingle tabs hit the ground, pick them up and save them to be re-glued back on. This can be done with caulking or better yet with roof cement. Why save the old tabs?  Because its not the whole shingle, just the tabs,one or more, and trying to match your old shingles with new will be difficult as to size and color. This wouldn’t be a problem if you were going to re-shingle but that wouldn’t make sense when just a few tabs are folded up or off. New nails should be added too where needed.

Tip of the day on facebook

27 May 2009 | : blog

Jay Beacham In my day job today I worked on a swamp cooler. It needs to be cleaned and have new pads. That’s a once or twice and sometimes in St. George, with the dissolved gypsum from Quail Lake, more often, job. You need clean pads so that you aren’t breathing moldy and otherwise unhealthy cool air.

Photo links

24 May 2009 | : blog

I’ve deleted one photo but linked the other two on the home page to the appropriate site.

The microphone to Voice123.

The one of me links to My Voice a Squidoo site.

You ought to click them out.

Selling info. some thoughts

24 May 2009 | : blog

I was thinking that I could get a large amount of money in a short time by selling info. online in a webinar or workshop. But what do I know better than others and who would need this info and be willing to pay for it? Most of the things I’ve seen sell only fluff and at an inflated price. The originator sets a value, gives a discount, and makes one believe they are getting a good deal.

Now my idea is to let the customer set the value themselves. “What’s it worth to you?” Some times they won’t give what you would like but would that not be a more honest way to do business?

new links

14 May 2009 | : blog

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08 May 2009 | : blog

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Some Days

08 May 2009 | : blog

I was telling a friend tonight of a time when I showed up as a volunteer fire fighter.

Well, a trailer had caught on fire because of a faulty crockpot  left on in the kitchen.  The owner had been burning weeds in his back yard so had his garden hose already in service to combat the blaze. The volunteers were all standing around waiting for the fire truck to come. My boss from work was going through an intersection on the way to the fire and in spite of the flashing lights on his pickup was struck by a car and never made it to the fire.  Where is the fire truck?  After the longest time it finally appeared. The driver was alone. “Why were you so late in arriving?” “I was the only one to show up at the station and it was locked, didn’t have a key to get in, had to get one.” By the time it arrived all the volunteers were very impatient to  get some water on the trailer before it was completely gone, they grabbed the hose and ran it out only to discover that they had done it backwards.  The big line of men turned it around by walking in a hugh circle and at last the hose was connected and water began to flow on the fire.  Around this time, an electrician asked if someone had turned the propane gas off and switch the electric power off. No one had. He proceeded to the north of the trailer to switch the power off and I, even though I was at that time working for a power company, turned off the propane as I had been a propane serviceman prior to this time.

Eventually the fire was out but the trailer was so badly charred that it had to be replaced with a smaller unit. Some days we just don’t think and bad situations get worse.

New classified

08 May 2009 | : blog

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