This is my art work from throughout my life.

In Elementary school I was regarded as an artist.

But I couldn’t do perspective, the colors were wrong, the shapes were wrong. Since looking at modern art and surrealism, maybe I had something then.

My father was an artist and his brother Tom was a painter and an artist for a living.

In high school my older brother Don got me to enroll in college night art classes with him. He was an art major and has gone on to be a professional artist. After the first year in a collage art program, I decided that I’d never earn a living as an artist, so I changed by course of studies to photography among other subjects. I have however since college, illustrated books, covers of books, done window art and even earned a few dollars doing it. Mostly I’ve stayed with photography which I’ve done most of my life and have earned from it. I’ve even published several photo collection books.

I’ve illustrated my own covers and books too.

Here’s some of my childhood attempts:

More Coming Soon

Drawings and watercolor and pen and ink, watercolor pencils and colored markers:

Some from college days to the present:

I designed my letterhead in the process of learning how to do it back then. This and other assignments helped me to see I’d not be a commercial artist.

And I tried linoleum block printing at college:

At least I could make cards for the family.

For a few years, I’d sketch people at church or work or elsewhere for fun, and made posters for people and window art. At church it was to entertain my children and the children of others so as to keep them quiet during the sermons (and sometimes to keep myself awake).

I Created a Coloring book:

A re-useable Coloring book: My Imagination Coloring Book

My Imagination Coloring Book – Payhip

I’ve created Photobooks:

Me at the Leopoldstreiner See-a photo view at the Leopoldstreiner See-a photo view – Payhip

Coming soon Reflections of the Past

I even used photo prints I’d made in the dark room in the basement of the Fine arts Center at Dixie Jr. College in St. George, Utah in 1969 for my own picture post cards. This photo was shot with a 4 x 5 sheet film camera as a class assignment. I thought the trees and their shadows made a good design. The west black ridge is still there, but the trees, the Fine Arts Building and the college are no longer there.

See some images at my Online Photo gallery:

Images of the Past of the Past (

Black and White photo page:

Images of the Past (

More of the Best of the Best (



These pieces were made from clay from our own clay mine and fired by the ceramic’s instructor, the late Glen Blakely, of Dixie State College in St. George, Utah.


This pot was made in 1971 at then Dixie Jr. College. The instructor was the late Ross Johnson. The inside glaze was black. It really is black not blue.

The Winklemans, Roy and Ellen, of St. George, who I worked for at their radio station and their home, had a beer stein collection. She asked me to get her one while I was in Austria. I didn’t. Instead, I threw one for her on the wheel and decorated it to represent Austria. My brother Don made a mold of it, so I’ve made several for myself since the one I made for her but made them out of porcelain clay whereas hers was out of a ceramic clay I purchased at Dixie Jr. College.