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Is the nation becoming more divided

24 Mar 2012 | : blog

A new national election is upon us and as a friend pointed out today, it seems that its been made into a sporting event.

He said that after I told him of an experience I had in Austria in 1970.   While living in Vienna as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, I met many people from the eastern European countries that were at that time behind the Iron Curtain.  One man was from Prague, Czechoslovakia (from 1948–1989 this was the name of the country).  He had escaped just before the Russians took over.  He’d left his wife and son behind, as she insisted on skiing on the Sunday that the tanks rolled in and didn’t think he was right when he left on Saturday for Vienna. He said that the big reason that the country was over run was that the people were more concerned about sports than their freedom.

Are we any different in America today?

Last week was the Caucus Meetings in Utah to select delegates. Even though the turn out was much greater than it ever has been in the past, the ball park next to the school where the three precincts from my small town meet (near 100 voters in each group) was packed with people.  Are we more concerned with sport than with our freedom?

My friend bought out a very telling point when he referenced A. Lincoln’s “a house divided” speech.
The election seems to only divide the nation more he said.
What do you think?

 Have the elections become glorified sporting events, races, just to get people’s attention?

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Writing articles online.

23 Mar 2012 | : blog

A marketing expert suggested I write articles and post them on an article directory.

He suggested Ezine Articles.

I went there and signed up for the free account. Wrote the article that was basically the script of one of my tip videos: “Nailing three tab shingles

Submitted it and waited.

The response came back that I couldn’t have Double spacing and I  needed better paragraphs and the spelling was wrong.

I closed the spaces, made the difinite paragraphs, checked the spelling, and resubmitted it.

It came back with  the same errors as to why it wouldn’t be accepted.

Why try? I’ve published books, newspaper articles and have been a published poet and they say its wrong no matter what I do.

Then the next expert says that Ezine Articles is the number one directory.

But their Page and Alexia Ratings aren’t the highest.  And the average guy is never accepted by them.  I won’t waste any more time with them.

You do all of this article writing to get pointing fingers saying “This guy is knowledgeable.”   Then your search rankings increase and you become rich as if by magic.

My take on it. This is all nonsense.

What do you think?

Free Content

23 Mar 2012 | : blog

The online marketing gurus say I must give and keep giving free content(useful or helpful information) and then maybe folks will see me as an expert and buy from me.

This is lame.

When I walk into a brick and mortar store, I never go to the clerks and ask for free content.

I Do at times ask for directions to the things I’m looking for, if they carry the products I want or not and how much.

The other day I was in a dollar tree store and in the check out line, I brought this up with the clerk and the man in line behind me.  He said if it were free that would be great but at a $ per item that’s close to free anyway. The lady clerk said no one ever asked for free content. She asked me if I wanted some mini chocolate bars to which I responded ” NO”. I paid her and walked out of the store with my items.

I bought and she gave me no “free content”.

Why should buying from an online store be any different?

I might check a store or two to find the best price but none of this playing of games to get what I need or want.

When I sell something on Craigslist, KSL Classifieds, Ebay Classifieds, at a yard sale or door to door. I simply list what I have, the price I want and make the sale or not.

I don’t give any “free content” in order to make a sale.

An explanation of a tip video.”Nailing three tab shingles”

19 Mar 2012 | : blog


How to properly nail three tab shingles is so simple but most people, even roofers do it wrong.  The most important thing to do is to remember that water runs down hill. 

This may seem overly simplistic but you would be surprised at how few people think of that when roofing.
What do first? Well get the right shingle and nail size for your job.
Make sure that the nails are long enough but not too long. 
The placement of the nails is critical.                                                                                                 
If done right each shingle will have 4 nails along the glue strip above the spaces between the tabs and near the ends along that glue strip.
When the next shingle is set above that one, then the nails through it will also catch the top of the first shingle making 8 nails total into each full shingle.
(A note of warning, take the cellophane strip off the back of each shingle. Those are there to prevent sticking in the stack. On the roof, you want all the sticking power you can get.)
Make sure that the nails go in straight and flat not at any angle at all.
Placed at an angle is one reason why the shingle can get blown off. 
It is also wise not to use staples as they have a very minimal capacity to hold the shingles on.
A nail gun is fine if the nails are put in straight and flat with it.
Do it this way and save yourself lots of money and headache latter on.

Then when a tab blows off and needs to be replaced what do you do?

If you want a new shingle there and not just the tab glued back on, then loosen the tabs above the missing one, lift them up an pry the nails out, take the top of the damaged shingle out from under them.
Then insert just a full tab (top included or a whole single if three tabs are missing), nail it in and re-nail the shingles above and glue the tabs back down with Asphalt roof cement.
This will make for a good repair job and will be easier to repair another time.

I don’t want to see another roof like the one I worked on today that was built wrong and then maintained wrong.
It will make for fewer repairs and less expensive ones too.
Then I’ll be happy and your wallet will be too.
I’ve been in the building trades for a long while and have seen that most repairs problems arise from improper installation more than from age.                                                                                You can see my Tips videos from a link at:
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