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30 Dec 2010 | : blog

I get so upset over these programs that never sell real world product but only suck money away from the desperate poor with worthless information and links and procedures that don’t work or can’t be operated without buying more and more services(coaching, plugins, etc.).
The promoters of these schemes make big amounts of money, but they are the only ones, by pitching supposed values that only exist in their minds.
While people who really work and really provide services or products are not paid what they are worth by these same kind of people that promote only fluff.
Let’s Have some real world products and be honest for a change.

A comment about song Walking in the Rain.

25 Dec 2010 | : blog

About 1 hour ago, ciamnewGOLD said:

Jay I very much enjoyed your way of singing this great song. You did an AWESOME SING HERE!! Great voice you have and very enjoyable to listen to!! Merry Christmas & God bless, Charlene : )December 25,2010(she live in snow covered Ill.)

About 2 hours ago, bethybug138GOLD said:

WOW……really good Jay!!!!Thanks Charlene and Merry Christmas all.

awesome speaking voice

25 Dec 2010 | : blog

“you have a most awesome speaking voice like you should be talking on the radio as a host or something and of course you sing awesome too, loved this one Jay ***** Brenda

on 03-Dec-10 12:22 PM

It’s the 9th and the contest’s over

10 Dec 2010 | : blog

It’s the 9th and the contest’s over and I didn’t win and I don’t know if anyone did.

But that doesn’t matter. It was fun doing  it and  to watch and listen to my entry and the one lady who used her children as Santa’s raindeer, which was very cute.

But you can still view my entry on You Tube.

Here’s a link:


Google search bar added

07 Dec 2010 | : blog

Google search bar added to Jay’s Discount Store.

I think if you can’t find what you want at my store or at  the “healthcare,mortgages,merchandise ” link at the bottom of the page (under Shopping when you get there, where Walmart,, or other online stores have links), then the google search bar should help you locate what you want. But please look through my site and links first.

Happy shopping.

Kurt Bestor contest on facebook ends tomorrow the 8th of Dec.

07 Dec 2010 | : blog

Kurt Bestor contest on facebook ends tomorrow the 8th of Dec

Log in to link and vote for me if you think its okay.’s a comment about the video:

i liked the lighting and books in background, it set the best mood and good character. if i was on facebook i would vote for ya

Pearl Harbor day Dec. 7th

06 Dec 2010 | : blog

Pearl harbor Day is tomorrow.

Do you need a shot of patriotism.

Go to Don La Fontaine’s pledge of allegiance and then browse some other videos from this legend on the subject.

Lincoln’s employment in 2010

03 Dec 2010 | : blog

If Mr. Abraham Lincoln were alive in this day of increasing unemployment, what would he do for a job?

He wouldn’t be splitting rails, not much call for that these days; nor even flatboat shipping down the Mississippi as he did in his day on a wooden self made raft.

Not much Homesteading going on.

Lots of merchants failing now but then he did that too. No money in that.

And the practice of law as he did? Could he even pass the exam having never attended one of those law schools that exist now?

He couldn’t be President, as that job is presently taken.

Comedian? No he told clean stories not like those today.

Wrestler? He wasn’t that fake.

Well, what would he do for income?

How about sell pennies with his likeness on them?

What a good idea.


The Cows’ Taste in music.

03 Dec 2010 | : blog

Recording information by jaybeacham on

 Someone asked me if my parents sang. I told them about Mom always singing around the house and Dad singing to the cows while milking. I tried that but the cows didn’t like my singing. “How could you tell”, they asked. well when they kick you, the milk pail or swat with a mucky tail until you stop you get the idea.
Join the dialog. What do you think?

That’s my last take before I really massacre it.
Brenda, do you think the cows will like this one?

4 days ago, bethybug138GOLD said:

a GEORGIA song! yayyyyy!!!! loved this one very much! …and I’m sure the cows would like it too! ha ha

I replied:

I’d better explain the remark about cows for some of you.
My father used to sing to the cows at milking time. They’d settle down and milking was a breeze. So I started to try it but the cows took exception to my vocals and let me know it by kicking me, the milk pail, or just swatting me with their tails and giving me a reproving look and moo.

Say Beth, I sent my link a to Clara in Oklahoma who said her singing causes the dogs to howl and her kids to cry, This was her reply: Jay , I have to say I was quite suprised when I listened to your song, which by the way is a favorite of mine. Now I thought it was very good and I have saved it to my favorites. You are not Ray Charles but then who is ? and you will be happy to know that my two cows and 4 horses liked it.. thank you. Clara..

About 13 hours ago, brendaaGOLD said:

I’m laughing at your comments because you and I know all that we said in f/b about you and the cows.I think them cows if they were alive today would love this song enough to kiss ya lol very nicely sung this is a winner for sure !!million stars…Brenda

 I said:

But then again, Utah cows may have a different temperament that those in other states and Holsteins may have more critical expectations than other breeds.

What do you think?

This is the song in question: the dialog. Leave your comments below.

Books about house buying at Mortgage Central

03 Dec 2010 | : blog

 Amazon books on house buying added to this page.

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