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Jacob Hamblin-Peacemaker

28 Jun 2009 | : blog

This past week I portrayed Brigham Young at the Winter Home in the ST. George Live tours.  This week, Tues. through Friday, I leave the part of Brigham to a Fifth Great grandson  of his, Richard Young, who adds a special flavor to the portrayal.

I will be at the Opera House-Museum complex and will become Peacemaker to the Indians, Jacob Hamblin, for the 9am and 10:30 am tours. The cost is only $3 per person over 11yrs. (There are group rates.)

Come learn about Utah’s Dixie through this interactive tour.

concert response

28 Jun 2009 | : blog

Elder and Sister Peterson of the LDS Visitor’s Center Mission, of which the St.George Tabernacle is a part, sent a response to Louise Seger the director of the Master Singers regarding the concert held there on Friday the 19th of June.

In part it said “Thanks to the Master Singers…..Some of the numbers that made a special impression on us include the following-“Let There BE Peace On Earth” was very moving…. Jay Beacham’s solo “This is my Country” brought memories of childhood back….The young boy’s presentation of “Yankee Doodle Dandy” was charming and added a special tone.”(also mentioned was the rendition of “Can you hear the people sing “).  “We look forward to your next concert.”

blog on Yahoo

26 Jun 2009 | : blog

I’ve been Brigham Young in the St. George Live tours this week.
Its fun meeting people from all over.
Last Friday, the Master Singers of St. George sang at the Pioneer Tabernacle.
Lots of fun. Several said my solo of This Is My Country was good.
The two little boys, brothers 4 and 5 who sang dressed as George Washington and Paul Revere were the hits of the night.

Master Singers concert update

26 Jun 2009 | : blog

Carol Hanley attended and said she loved the two little boys.  The rest of us were Okay.

Elder Parker of the Visitor Center Mission, of which the Tabernacle in St. George is a part, said today that it was a great concert even though the singers were few in number.  And he said that I was the best of the show. That made me feel good.

We Do get paid, by providing a part of the meal, the director’s pot-luck barbeque on Wensday the 24th was great. No we didn’t sing for our supper, we did that on the 19th.

Tabernacle show-Master Singers

19 Jun 2009 | : blog

The show went very well according to the audience.

There were some nice sounds inspite of some of us(Okay me) not  getting all of the words right on some of the songs.

My solo went well mostly because piano player Dana Matthews provided me with the words on two sheets with print big enough for me to see well.

Louise Seager’s Daughter Sonia Speth played the snare drums with several numbers and the quartet with Jeff Thatcher, Struat Spendlove, Clive Coombs, and Nolan Lowe was great; special numbers by Nolan Lowe and wife Ann with Sonia on the drum; and by two grandsons of Dana’s singing Yankee Doodle(one, Sikeli, was dressed as George Washington and one, Aiea, as Paul Revere); history of the song Yankee Doodle and sing along and personal WW2 rememberances of Norm Ahern; and lastly, a stirring quote of Abraham Lincoln’s delivered by David Hinton.

Master Singers of St. George at Pioneer Tabernacle

18 Jun 2009 | : blog

On June 19th, the Master Singers of St. George will perform at the historic St. George TABERNACLE.  The male chorus, directed by Mrs. Louise Seager and accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Dana Matthews, will be doing their patriotic program.  There will be group and solo numbers.  There will be a drummer and other instruments to add  to the vocal renditions.

Plan to be there.    Its free.

(I’ve been asked to sing a solo too.)

Building tip of the day

18 Jun 2009 | : blog

(Tips on do it yourself and on hiring it done.)

Today I was on a tile roof.

From the ground one could see one broken corner or rack tile and three that seemed to be silding off. The owner and a neighbor had replaced three ridge tile and glued them on and he wanted those checked too.

“How much?”he kept asking. I said $40- $65 it all depended. Let me say this before the tip, if you hire someone to fix your roof, don’t expect an estimate  before that person can inspect it from on top of it.  And don’t ask to pay them before they are completely done and have a chance to figure out  the costs. Shorting a workman may make you feel good, but it is dishonest. “The laborer is worthy of his hire.” This biblical advise is true as much today as it was when first written.  (He paid $55 at the end. Materials were $5, leaving $50 for labor which should have been more.)

The corner tiles had been put on with one 8 penny galvanized nail, only one per tile, instead of the two required.  No wonder they were falling off. The nails weren’t long enough and only one per tile. At least 18d and possible 20d should be used and two per tile.

I found several broken tile and other problems once I got on the roof.

LESSON: When putting on tile, use the right supplies for the installation.

This will necessitate fewer repairs later on.

LESSON: Don’t rush your workmen.  Let them finesh the job properly.

St. George Live update

16 Jun 2009 | : blog

June 2-6 I was the volunteer actor for Brigham Young,

June 9-13 first timer Vard Hall was and Bert Cole will be June 16-20.

June 23-27 I will be and the following week Richard Young(a fifth greatgrandson of  Brigham) will be the actor.

You really should attend the hour and half tour(it ends with Brigham Young at his St. George winter home). For $3.00 per person over 11yrs., it can’t be beat.

tip of the day

16 Jun 2009 | : blog

Today on a roof, metric three tab shingles, the home owner had the right color but only had standard size  shingles to replace blown off ones. The roof had been repaired with those before but had been overlapped so as to not have odd sizes. I had to take some off and replace new ones the right way. The original job was a redo over other three tab shingles. The main problem with the redo that allowed the wind to blow shingles off, was the fact that using a nail gun only works when the nails go in straight, not at an angle, and when they are placed in the recommended place.

LESSON: when using a nail gun, remember the nails must go straight in not at an angle and they must be in the right places.

LESSON: use the ring size shingle when repairing.

Jay Beacham-Actor by Barbara Hunt

11 Jun 2009 | : blog

Barbara Hunt of St. George, Utah wrote this news article about me.

Jay Beacham-Actor   To be Lincoln’s ghost and to be remembered as Abraham Lincoln
is about as good as it gets.  Jay Beacham, with the uncanny physical
appearance of Abraham Lincoln, gave an awe inspiring performance
in the Opera House on Lincoln’s birthday.  Beacham’s voice and
physical attributes made one think the President was talking and
explaining  history as it happened to him.  Jay Beacham will again be-
come Lincoln’s Ghost for the 4th of July festivities.
For the past 40 plus years, Jay Beacham has been acting in
musicals, plays, dramas, and one man shows in the St. George
area. His old cowboy storyteller has been popular with audiences
young and old.  His scuffy beard, hat, and shirt riddled with holes
complete his outfit.   (Beacham was the opening act for the
Singing Cowboys in March.)
Beacham loves singing and performing and, along with others,
volunteers his time for St. Geroge Live’s school season and
summer tour season.
“I could do this every night,” he says. “I
love it so much.” The crowds do too, and always beg for more.
Besides Lincoln and cowboy roles, he portrays Brigham Young
and Jacob Hamblin in St. Geroge Live and elsewhere and
various other historical and scriptural charactures.
Jay Beacham grew up with great interest in movies. His father
and mother both having been extras in some of the many movies
filmed in southern Utah. His father worked in the show houses and
helped with the introduction of television to the area.
An early remembrance of Jay’s is his Aunt Jewel.  She was a
photographer and home movie buff and would film he and his sib-
lings playing(army for example), then show the footage in a home
Another remembrance was of his mother as an extra caught in a
stampede.  She wasn’t hurt and it made for exciting footage, so
was left in the film.
As a teenager, Beacham continued the sing and act in Church
musicals and roadshows. Once he played a veteran who had
lost a limb or two, and was afraid to come home. The one-man-play
was about compassion.
While in high school, he met the owner of radio station KDXU
who being impressed with his voice, hired him as a disc jockey.
At Dixie College and later at BYU, Beacham perfected his
acting by performing in student produced plays.  And he took
singing voice lessons. During  this period he was involved in a
opera workshop and  appeared in the operas “Madame Butterfly”
and “Ahmal and the night visitors”.  He was the voice of the Mirror
in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, appeared in Silent Alarm,
The Prophet, and numerous other plays and musicals.
In addition to acting, Beacham is also a poet, songwriter, and
an artist.  His poetry has won many awards, and won an director’s
award at the Washington County Fair Poetry Contest.

A special song with words and music by Jay Beacham in as follows:

To the right be true(1st verse)

When Joseph of old was sold as a slave
True service he did and always he gave.
When faced with a choice t’ween right and wrong,
He ran from the wrong and proved he was strong.


True, true, to the right be true.
Be true, be true in all that you do.
True, true, to the best that’s in you.
Always, like Joseph, oh always be true.

Staint George is lucky to have an array of creative, talented
people, and Jay Beacham is certainly at the top of his game.

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