Promote your business-make a video

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Promote your business-make a video

Do you want to promote your small business or your great idea or your knowledge about a subject?

Making a video to post on the internet may help a lot.

You need to speak yourself  at least for part of it so that people will see that you are a real person.

But you might need a Spokesperson’s voice for your business too.

If you do use one, why not get the voice of Jay Beacham?

He’s  helped businesses over the years with their narration needs.

Here are a few examples:

The Make It Easy Toothpaste dispenser company :

The Gozunder Toilet Seat Riser company :

Suzann Capra Grabina and her “Speak With Ease”
English Accent and Pronunciation Lessons :

The Southwest Science Foundation’s radio program that promotes it’s projects and science center:

Or you can use his voice for your radio or Television ad :

Voice overs in English and German.

Need a spokesperson voice?

Get Jay Beacham

I Narrated for a Fantastic Product

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I narrated the promo video for this product, the Make It Easy Toothpaste Dispenser,

and I’m impressed with this product.

A friend from Gambia, Africa was likewise impressed with it.

Go and like this page

Follow the links and help fund this great product.

Catch you later…..

Samples of Narration Introducing New Products to the Marketplace.

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I’ve just finished the narration for two new products coming to the marketplace.

A toothpaste dispenser

A toilet seat riser
You can use my narration to introduce your business to the world.

Call or email me now

435-628-7809 (this is also my pay pal number to make your payments easy)

Here are the two samples of my voice work for two local businesses:

These I did for the Dixie Business Alliance for two of their clients.
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Final Move GoZunder.mpg

Shared with Dropbox
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If I can be of assistance to you in your Website presentation, let me know.
We can talk of costs at that time.
Thank you,
Jay Beacham
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