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A voice over job became available today:
Today we start castings for 11 voice over positions…
Type: TV / WEB / RADIO commercial

Category: International car company

Required: We are looking for a male and female voice over actors for one of Europe’s largest car companies new TV/ WEB/ Radio commercial. Language: English (US). Voice age : 18-24(2 positions) and 30-45(3 positions)
Spanish(1 position), Italian ( 2 positions) , Russian (3 position)

Payment: Paid job

Expiring: 28th of September, 2016

This was what was requested:
“English (US). Voice age : 18-24(2 positions) and 30-45(3 positions)

About the age of voices.
When I was about 14 yrs old my voice changed from a fine boy soprano to a very deep bass.
At age 16, I began work as an announcer-DJ at the local radio station.
This June, just past, I turned 66 years old.
From 14 to now, my voice has sounded virtually the same unless I try to sound younger or older.

Physical age doesn’t change voice quality or sound necessarily.
Some very old women that I know have very child like voices.
One is a voice talent who does children voices exclusively.

Walter Brennan never sounded young after an accident changed his voice timber.
“Throughout his career, Brennan was frequently called upon to play characters considerably older than he was in real life.
The loss of many teeth in a 1932 accident, rapidly thinning hair, thin build, and unusual vocal intonations all made him seem older than he really was.   He used these features to great effect. In many of his film roles, Brennan wore dentures…”

Age of a voice?
That’s why they call them voice talents. At least those who can do different sounding voices.
But trying to make a voice sound what is perceived as a certain age of an adult, say over 16, is stupid.
I sound the same now as I did at age 16.
My point is, “Physical age doesn’t determine the sound of a voice.”


listen to these demos for your voice needs

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Have you listened to these demos for your voice needs?
Jay Beacham
“pleasant guy next door”
On April 22, 2011
“Just visited your Voice123 web site my friend and had a listen to all your demo’s.
What a great speaking voice and personality you have.
I am very impressed with your voice but also the fact that you speak different languages and seem to be able to arise to most any occasion.
Your natural flow when speaking and understanding how to place emphasis on key words is amazing.
I loved all the demo’s.
You have a great voice my friend.
I enjoyed all your demo’s but especially announcing the Baseball game…You sounded like a pro for sure.”

June 2015
The Dixie Business Alliance just used my voice for two of their clients’ videos with
the narration for two new products coming to the marketplace.

A toothpaste dispenser


A toilet seat riser

You can use my narration to introduce your business to the world.

Call or email me now


beachamj82@yahoo.com (this is also my pay pal number to make your payments easy)
Check the demos out for yourself

ExploreTalent Profile Page

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Hi Jay, first off I will tell you I visited your site to the link you sent me.I enjoyed it.I looked thru the pics too.Your a professional and should be on tv and radio.I am convinced by them and by your wonderful performances in song.
I would definitely hire you Jay..your voice is one that gets my attention and anyone would love to listen to you or watch you act or sing.
Gby.hugs, Brenda
She said this in response to this request:
“Here is a site that shows some other things I do in photo,video, and audio.




The video and audio buttons must be clicked on to hear and see whereas the photos come right up(photos are from plays, movies, etc.)
You may be interested.
If you have time, don’t feel obligated to check it out.
Any Casting directors or hiring agents listening?


Purpose of this site & Comments

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I’ve not been able to get into my back office for 4 months so couldn’t keep up making posts or reviewing comments.

I moderate comments before approving.

What I’ve learned about comments is that there is a huge amount of  software available to automatically place comments anywhere just in an attempt to get backlinks and to advertise.  None of these posts match the page they are posted to as seen by comments like: “great post. I’ve been looking for this information” on my contact page.

Why? because nothing was read. It was generated by a robot purchased to get traffic, sales, backlinks, etc.  Which cost the buyer and are of little value except that it makes the seller of that software wealthy.

Backlinks are important but backlinking from just any site isn’t necessarily good.  You want reputable, well known sites to backlink to your site, such as a biggy on the net or a “dot gov” or “dot edu”.  Those have clout. Those will give your site clout too.

Back to the comments.

Want to be approved by me?  

1. Read the post and make a meaningful comment

2. Say something nice

3. Don’t advertise

4. Have a real email address and a real web address

5. Your site sells something good 

6. Hope I have the time to review the real comments after sifting through the trash

It’s that simple!

One comment was in German.  That’s fine. I speak and read German.  Comments in languages other than English and German and sometimes Dutch, which is similar to the other two, I generally delete though i have translated some in the past only to learn that they are fake comments.

That  German comment was from a guy saying he saw no purpose in my site.

Of course there is a purpose.

 The purpose is to promote me. 

To promote my voice, speaking and singing, my acting, my books, videos, ideas, and knowledge on a number of subjects such as building construction and maintenance.   the joke about experts may cause a laugh, but people have expertise in many different areas making them an expert on certain subjects.  I have such knowledge about certain subjects.

I started teaching drawing at age 14, later I taught German(still do), I’ve taught many employees about roofing and other building construction and repairs as my father taught me.

There are folks who love my speaking voice, my singing, my acting, my repair-maintenance  work, my poetry, my books, my ideas, my knowledge, the things I sell, good things I’ve found on the net or elsewhere.

Does this site have a purpose?

You bet it does!

Let me wrap up.

Please don’t waste my time and yours with automated comment software to0 my site or with fake or nasty comments.

Come and see what I know, what I sell, what I share.

You will find much to admire.

Well, I’ll catch you next time.

What is too much money?

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A man named Jeff Berwick was quoted in the James Cook Market Update newsletter in late April 2013 in a condensed article called ” The Government Budget Plan”.

“Wealthy taxpayers can currently accumulate many millions of dollars…substantially more than is needed to fund reasonable levels of retirement savings… The job of government is of course to “level the playing field” by stealing from and putting up obstacles for those with “too much.” “

What is “too much” ?  Who determines that?

“$3 million”?

“So according to them, $205,000 per year is sufficient and people should not be allowed to have more that that in retirement savings. ”  But that figure can go “down to around $100,000 after theft..or tax as they call it.”

Then after inflation “That $205,000 …will only be equivalent to $90,000 in ten years time.”

“The central planners in the U.S. and most Western governments have and will decide how much is “enough” for you to have and if you manage to still have significant assets after that, they’ll continue to whittle them away via taxation and Inflation.”

Thanks Jeff well put. 

You can read more from Jeff and James Cook and others by contacting:

Investment Rarities Incorporated                                                                                                 7850 Metro Parkway                                                                                                                   Minneapolis, Minnesota 55425                                                                                                     Or at www.investmentrarities.com                                                                                             Or  call 1-952-853-0700


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My new site about singing “SingingASong.net is now live at:


You really need to investigate it.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy what you’ll find:

What is singing;  Where to learn from books from my Amazon store, online courses;

Where to find some fine online Karaoke sites;   and much more is or will soon be available there.

Visit it and leave your comments and observations about singing there.In a studio or at home

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