Do you need DNA tests to learn of your heritage? No!

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Do you need DNA  tests to learn of your heritage? No!

There has been much said of late by DNA testing companies that people need them to learn their heritage, where they came from.

Don’t buy it.

You can learn much on the free Family search sites and much free information all over the internet and in written records worldwide.

Do you have some time?

Check out this site:

It’s free to sign up and use.

Genealogists world wide have amassed great volumes of records of our ancestors.

These records on many sites can take us back to Adam and Eve.

The DNA pushers say we originated much earlier with the animals.  They are wrong.

Get your line into royalty, Hebrew records, Chinese records and you can get family lines back many thousands of years and in some instances back to Adam and Eve.

Do you need DNA tests?


They are fun and interesting but not necessary, so save your money and search the records.

Learn about your ancestors free by spending a little time.

Here are some of some of my ancestors that I found:

William Brewster 11th Great Grandfather on the 1st  Mayflower voyage to North America

Wyandanch (Wise Speaker) of the Montauk Tribe 11th Great Grandfather

some English Kings:

Henry VIII 13th Great Grandfather

Edward IV King England 14th Great Grandfather

James IV 14th Great Grandfather

Ralph Grammaticus (The Latinist) of Featherstone Co., Yorkshire. He is recorded in the Domesday Book 1086.

Esau, Judah, Joseph Judah’s brother and many more from records.

I didn’t need DNA tests to find this out.


What did your ancestors do for you so you don’t have to?

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I was going through my documents files today and found this piece I’d forgotten about.

Pioneer Day was last Sunday with activities for it the week and day before and on Monday the 25th.

It’s still a good time to remember and ponder.

This past few days the temperature has been 112 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit  and the pioneer  song lyrics came to mind, “the hot winds swirl around me and take my breath away.”  we have cooling devises, fans, shade, so much that the pioneer didn’t have here in Southern Utah.

So Here’s the article I found:

“Sunday June 29,2014

Today, my daughter Karen called me on the telephone.

She said that her sons Mathieu and Joshua had just been on a youth pioneer trek to Wyoming.

That’s great as they had Swiss pioneer ancestors who traveled through Wyoming by handcart.

So often folks only think of the ill-fated cart companies and forget all about the many who traveled very

well by handcart to the Great Basin.

The only thing that could have been construed as bad was that the old grandfather of the Kellers

died on the way and was buried on an island in the Sweetwater River.

But they weren’t sad because he was an old man who was happy to be on his way to Zion.

“And should we die before our journey’s through, all is well, we then are free from toil and sorrow too.”

Karen and Alan went on a handcart trek west of Gunlock, Utah when teenagers.

Later James as a teen was the cinematographer for another Ivins Stake handcart trek.

Back doing what the ancestors did to gain a small idea of what they went through to get here.

The one thing I don’t think would be much fun would be to be a passenger in the hold of the

Mayflower’s first North American voyage.

I’m glad they did it and I don’t have to.

I suppose a little air sickness or car sickness which doesn’t last for weeks isn’t so bad after all.

And walking from Central, Utah to St. George, Utah (26 miles) carrying a car starter is not as bad as walking 1000 miles across Iowa,

Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah to get to St. George.

Pioneer Day is soon approaching.

What did your ancestors do for you so you don’t have to?”


002_2Josh Ford as Mormon Battalion Member June 4, 2011

004_4 Natalie gotcher Natalie Gotcher as Handcart pioneer June 4, 2011

My Pilgrim Ancestors

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I did a recording of  Chim Chim Cher-ee on the Sing Snap Online Karaoke Site. It’s the chimney sweep song from the movie “Mary Poppins”.

When listened to it sung by Les Thompson, he commented on it.

How amazing Dick van Dyke was back then, Jay.

And you brought back some great movie moments with this choice.

Fabulous performance!

Les  (of Australia and Europe)

Then I answered and related how I had a connection to Dick Van Dyke through a common ancestor.

” Les,

Thanks for the stop by and comment.
Dick Van Dyke is a distant cousin of mine as is Kris Kristofferson.
To bad their success didn’t rub off on me.
Have a great day.

His reply was:

That’s amazing, Jay…I knew about Kris…but Dick van Dyke as well?…talent’s in the blood!

No wonder you do those show tunes so well!!

Cheers to that!


Mine back:  “Maybe But I am amazed at how many of extended family have interest in acting and singing. There are so many and so I wonder how many of my SS friends are somehow related closer than I know.”

” Actor Dick Van Dyke

Francis Cooke > Hester Cooke > Esther Wright > Isaac Tinkham > Nathan Tinkham > Isaiah Tinkham > Susannah Tinkman > David Lorenzo Child > Susan Child > Charles McCord > Hazel McCord > Dick VanDyke
Can’t trace mine tonight must be off to bed. But I tie in at Ester Wright To the Cooks of Mayflower fame.”

The next day Gregory Brown of NC commented on the recording: I was young enough to see this movie in the theater during its first run. I always loved this song and you bring out the magic in it.  I may have to start calling you BroadJay Van Dike”

I found my way back to Ester Wright.

Francis & Hester Cook>Ester (Richard)> to Adam(Sarah)Wright>Mary Wright (Jeremy)Gifford>Peleg(Abigail Shephard)Gifford>Noah(Mary Bowerman)Gifford>

Alpheus(Anna Nash)Gifford>Samuel Kendell(Lora Anne DeMille)Gifford>Oliver

DeMille(Alice virginia Allred)Gifford>John Jones(Fanny Crawford)Gifford>Ellen Gifford

(Donald Joseph Watson Beacham)Beacham>Albert Jay Beacham(Virginia Marie Stannard).

Francis and Hester Cook were Mayflower pilgrims as were George & Mary Beckett(Bucket) Soule.

George & Mary Beckett Soule>Benjamin Soule>Sarah Soule Wright mother of Mary Wright.

Lots of folks descend from the original Mayflower immigrants.

I also go back to William Brewster.

Lots of famous descendants of those people.

Well maybe someday I’ll be famous  too.

But until then it’s fun to learn about.

Are you a descendant of those folks of the first Mayflower voyage?

One chart shows I go to the famous John Howland.

Today I meet Richard Knupfer of Ivins. He came to my house to visit.

He says his 13th removed cousin is his wife, she goes back to Francis Cook also.

He ties back into my line somewhere before  Charlemagne who I tie to.

It’s amazing how everyone is related and not so far back in some cases.

Tennessee Ernie Ford  was right to call everyone “Cous” caus’ we are.

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