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Surprised-no photo

31 Jan 2018 | : blog

I was surprised to see this on a search result yesterday:


Jay Beacham (No Photo)

Born : Unknown

Movie Credits

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes

Stuck in a life of indentured servitude, Marek dreams of becoming a wizard. When she meets a beautiful priestess, Teela, in need of help, Marek escapes her master and puts together a team of adventurers – including Thane the warrior and Dagen the half-elf thief – and embarks on an epic quest to free Teela’s sister from orcs and ogres. After raiding the orc camp, the group learns that Teela’s sister has been taken into the mountains by a giant ogre. Escaping hellhounds and dragons on their dangerous journey, the team find themselves hopelessly outmatched by the man-eating ogre, and must unite all their talents to free the prisoners and escape with their own lives.
Released : 8th-Dec-2014

and on the next page:

Cast Members

  • Gojun Pye
    played by
    Kevin Sorbo

  • Marek
    played by
    Melanie Stone

  • Teela
    played by
    Nicola Posener
  • Thane
    played by
    Adam Johnson

  • Dagen
    played by
    Jake Stormoen

  • Hammerhead
    played by
    Christopher Robin Miller

  • Peregus Malister
  • played by
    Robert Jayne

  • Caeryn
    played by
    Natalie Devine Riskas
  • (No Photo)

  • Mekru Nom
    played by
    Kee Chan

  • Egan
    played by
    Sebastian Michael Barr

All had photos but myself and Natalie Devine Riskas.

Was it that hard to find a photo of me?

I googled my image and there were many available.

What about Natalie?  Lots of her too.

So who posts these things?

I could only get to this page on Firefox.

Surprised to see it posted and that no photos were there  of two of us.

Selective code enforcement in Ivins, Utah

11 Jan 2018 | : blog

Is there Selective code enforcement in Ivins, Utah?

I’ve composed a few questions for the town administration and council.

“Some questions I have about zoning and code enforcement in Ivins, Utah

In 2017, a manure spreader on a trailer left my farm.
It is now decorating the front yard of someone north of my farm on Center street.
If machinery that is not being used for what it was manufactured for is an offense,
why is old machery decorating people’s front yard all through out Ivins (even in Kayenta)?

Isn’t that selective enforcement?

If I can’t park my trailer, motor home, etc. at my house, why can many others have them at their houses?
Many of which are not currently registered with the DMV?

Why must a 3.63 acre piece of farm property supposed to comply with residential requirements?

Why can K & A and D & W farms have so much equipment, running and not visible from public road ways and no one else can?  Isn’t if supposed to be screened?

Why do developers, who never intend to live in Ivins, have more rights than residents of many years?

Why is it that farm property owned by one family for over 65 years and doing business the same as now
since 1978, must now change use because a developer wants to build next door?

Why is it that the Zoning department can use areal drone taken photos in a complaint that were illegally obtained?
See SBO111

Why must a citizen remove dead weeds on and around his property when the town government doesn’t do like wise
on town owned sidewalks and right of ways?

Why does the town keep the road side landscaping up for developments but won’t along regular streets?

Why are farms encouraged in the Center of town and not on the west side of town which was planned to
be farming in the original master plan?

Why is it that Ron Blake farm corrals are “grandfathered use” but my farm just to the south isn’t?

Why can some have many unused cars in yard while others can’t?

Why is it that people on the council and their close relatives can have and do what others can’t?

If enforcement is so important, why are all violations town wide not addressed at the same time?

Remember that majority vote doesn’t make wrong right.”

Jay Beacham

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