Worth Rementioning

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Worth re-mentioning.

I  wrote a poetry book and what it has to say about spring illnesses is worth talking about again.

The following is from my book introduction (I’ve high lighted the part to read.):

“I didn’t write verse before I married. My wife & I would make rhymes & then it continued.
I started writing lyric poems(songs) several years ago after I had taken a correspondence course for writing and not wanting to paper my walls with rejection slips like my writing instructor, wrote “The Writer”. This continued and many more were written and published, I sold small collections of ten poems for $3, and entered the Washington County Fair (Utah) Poetry contest for several years and even won the best of show once and the director’s choice award besides the entry premiums. So unlike the poet in Kismet(the 1955 film starring Howard Keel as the poet.), I have been paid though not gotten rich from it, but it’s been fun.
Some about the author:
65 year old handyman, farmer, actor, singer, interested in good things, describes how houses are oft times built wrong which causes problems to be repaired later.
I am an actor specializing in one man shows as Abe Lincoln, Brigham young and others. Also do acting in plays and operas, in film and have on TV too.
Did acting for fun in college.
Former radio announcer, LDS missionary to Austria 69-71, father of four, grandfather of 12 & counting, in the construction maintenance field, but do voice over work, sing solo and in groups and do storytelling, love to garden and also to earn money but don’t always do as well as I would like in either area, do internet marketing of affiliate sales and my own products and services. And my interests cover so many things that there isn’t room here to tell of them all.
I’ve written about ordinary endeavors, occupations, events; about grips, politics, and natural and man made events.
One of my poems is based on: “A new national election is upon us and as a friend pointed out today, it seems that its been made into a sporting event.
I told him of an experience I had in Austria in 1970. While living in Vienna as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, I met many people from the eastern European countries that were at that time behind the Iron Curtain. One man was from Prague, Czechoslovakia (from 1948–1989 this was the name of the country). He had escaped just before the Russians took over. He’d left his wife and son behind, as she insisted on skiing on the Sunday that the tanks rolled in and didn’t think he was right when he left on Saturday for Vienna. He said that the big reason that the country was over run was that the people were more concerned about sports than their freedom. The poem is about the idol God called Sport.
One poem is about man-made killing chemicals.
Why I wrote it.
Blowin’ in the Wind.
Many people get ill in the Spring, I even had a chest infection(bronchitis) last week.
Well I believe the answer is blowing in the Spring breezes. 
The grass and quick growing spring vegetation starts growing and the towns, cities, counties and home owners, not wanting to work and abhorring green, start spraying poisons of all kinds all over, day after day. These chemicals are not only poisonous to plants but to man and animal alike. And with the winds are blown every where when applied and when out gassing in the sun.
The people breath this stuff in and then become ill and the illness is just blamed on “it’s  going around”, “I’m old”, “I’m run down”, etc.
The sprayers are waging a chemical war on the world and the weaker people get ill, and the yet weaker ones die and the weeds live on and on.
“After New York unleashed Operation Ragweed–spraying 200 to 300 gallons of the toxic brew on each acre treated–other communities joined the fray. “that killing ragweed with herbicides would produce new vegetation, cleaner air, and healthier people,” that’s not what happened. After soaking its landscape with over eight million gallons of 2,4-D, New York City threw in the towel. …herbicides worked their way up the food chain, compromising air and water quality, and public health.”

A computer language edition on a book about the subject in    at  http://payhip.com/b/hdLl called Lost. If you can read it.


Why Do They Fight For Gold?

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A preview:
Herbicides, Pesticides, Harsh Chemical Fertilizers

As I drove east on the Snow Canyon Parkway at the north of Dixie Downs area in St. George past the fishponds by the ball parks, I saw a man, a town employee, using…
Beverly Bohringer
Beverly Bohringer The big companies that make these pesticides need to developer one that are nature friendly. They have a obligation to the public to do this.

Jay Beacham Services
Jay Beacham Services They won’t however.

Beverly has a good idea but the big companies that make and dispense the pesticides are in it
only for financial gain at whatever the cost to people and the world.
Money is their foremost goal no matter anything else.
But it has always been so on this earth.

In 1973, I worked for a time with a roofing company from Orem, Utah. We shingled residential roofs
mostly in Utah Valley and Salt Lake Valley.

One evening after sun down, we were returning to Utah Valley after having worked the day in Magna near
Salt Lake City.
As we drove south past the Geneva Steels Works (quite a sight at night with all the lights, furnaces, etc.
emitting light) I heard a song in my mind. It had a large chorus that sang to full orchestration Socrates’
question “Why do they fight for gold?” (Why do you scrape every stone to gather wealth and take so little
care of your children, to whom tomorrow you leave it all behind.”)
I wrote that and more down over the years and published it. Now it is at the arrangers for the final work over.
Here are some of  the lyrics for you to consider.

“Why do they fight for gold and kill for gold?  I want to know. Oh don’t they realize that life is short, so very short?  They scrape every stone to gather wealth. Tomorrow they leave it behind.”
So you see, people have not changed in  their pell-mell advance for wealth at all costs using their
children and other innocents as their pawns to amass wealth before it’s to late.
-a chess piece of the smallest size and value. A pawn moves one square forward along its
file if unobstructed (or two on the first move), or one square diagonally forward when
making a capture. Each player begins with eight pawns on the second rank, and can
promote a pawn to become any other piece (typically a queen) if it reaches the opponent’s end of the board.
-a person used by others for their own purposes.
“they had allowed themselves to be used as pawns within the Cold War”
synonyms: puppet, dupe, hostage, tool, cat’s paw, instrument
“a pawn in the battle for the throne”)
We are expendable in their craze for wealth.

The Canaries Are Dying

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       “The Canaries Are Dying is the name of a book about man made and natural chemical related illnesses.             It is soon to be published.    

                                          The Canaries are
                                               by Jay Beacham
The cover:


This work is dedicated to the many people who have
suffered needlessly because of the pervading ignorance
of our modern scientific world.   

It is written in hope that some future suffering can be averted.

Pride and greed generated forces in the societies of the
world have lead to the demise of some of these societies both
past and present where expediency over wisdom caused
disastrous results to all concerned.
These forces seem determined to continue until life upon the
earth is destroyed.


Coming soon!


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