The Canaries Are Still Dying: Better Than Silver, Better Than Gold…

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I once read the following in a book:
Better than silver, better than gold, better than wealth a thousand fold, is a
healthful body, a mind at ease, and simple pleasures that always please.
I had an online association with a man on an online karaoke site who lived in
Australia. He listened and commented about my song recordings and I listened
and commented about his.
One recording of mine was “If I Were A Rich Man”.
In part, his comment about it was: “Funny I Am A Rich Man”.
He loved to sing and could do things to promote his singing that I could only dream of.
But while still in his mid 50s, he wasn’t healthy and eventually died sooner than
most from it.
His wealth couldn’t restore his lost health.
Money alone can never restore one’s health.
Still many in the world spend their youth and health to acquire wealth and then sadly learn that that money won’t restore their youth or health.
When I was young and snow had freshly fallen, my mother would get some of the clean fresh snow and pour milk over it and add sweetening or cinnamon to it to make us a tasty snow treat.
Later, because of open air nuclear testing in Nevada to the west of us, it wasn’t safe to use the snow and she didn’t do it any longer.
Also when I was a boy and went down to the river and upstream to explore, I and those with me would not take any water with us. No need to because the stream had plenty of water and we had learned that after the water ran a few miles in the sunshine over little rapids that it would be purified.
One can’t do that now because of the man made chemicals from upstream that enter the water. Running over rapids in the sun won’t take those chemicals out.
Life is very different these days.
I raise my crops without application of pesticides or herbicides but can’t call my produce organic because I use irrigation water that comes from the river and there are many upstream users of those harmful chemicals and those chemicals leach into the river water.
And making snow cones from fresh snow is just as deadly, because of all the jet fuel, and chemical dumping in the skies that fall to earth and contaminate the snow, water and soil.
I can farm without applying chemicals but the winds, rain, snow, river water are all full of many harmful chemicals that don’t go away quickly or easily.
Is there any way to mitigate these harmful things?
Maybe not but there are many things we can do to eliminate harmful substances from our lives so that we can reduce the harmful effects to ourselves and our loved ones.
This book explores some of the harmful things and some ways to decrease harmful exposure.

 The Canaries Are Dying

The Canaries Are Dying Update I


Who are the Real Criminals?

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Seldom do people read what I write or listen to what I say,
but I feel I must write and talk about this.

A few years ago, I thought I should inverst in gold and silver.
Not having much in the way of funds, I choose to buy on options.
I infested in a company that seemed reputable.
Things went well and I started getting checks every month or so on earnings.
Then my broker was no longer with the company.
The new guy seemed very concerned that I not lose money, telling me when to sell
before the market dropped.
The company motto being “Buy, Sell, or Trade at any time.”
One Monday he called, “May need to sell”.
The next day, he called, “Don’t need to sell. Check on Friday.”
On Friday I called. He was at lunch not to return that day.
On Monday the market fell and I lost all unless I put in more money.
I did. Shortly after that, the owner of the firm was caught with his car trunk full
of gold bullion leaving the firm. He had priviosly withdrawn large sums from the
local Wachovia Bank on a daily basis over several months time. During that time,
he kept informing his reps to sell more.
It was learned he had stolen $29 million from the firm and investors.
He was caught, tried, sentenced to 12 years in a gentleman’s prison, replete
with a furlough system, and ordered to pay back $19 million to investors.
A law firm for the victims started the process of liquidating all holdings of the
company, obtaining judgement against every principle broker and advisor of the
company and any other means possible to raise the $19 million plus their fee.
What had this guy done with all the money?
Wachovia Bank was bought out by Wells Fargo, so they even went after Wells
Fargo for $3 million for allowing the improper withdrawing of monies by the owner
of the investment firm.
After liquidating every property, even the office furniture, the Wells Fargo money
was needed for investors to get paid back.
I was only out $21,400, but spoke to an Atlanta investor who was out $140,000.
One man even had lost $538,000.
Wells Fargo lost and made a payout of $1.3 million, with their attorneys and
the victims’ attorneys getting paid their time on the case out of that settlement.
After the victims attorneys had collected $650,000 wages(only by the hour the
judge said. $350 to $500 or more per hour. Wouldn’t that be a nice hourly wage?),
they determined there was no more for them to get from this case and made a
settlement among the victiims of a penny on the dollar.
My $21,400 became $214.00.
“Accept or get nothing.”
The guy with the $538,000 loss had died, his heirs got about $5,380.00,
not even enough to pay for his funeral.
Why bring this up?
Who were the crooks in this case? The owner of the investment firm?
Or the Judge and the attorneys?
You decide for yourself, but I tend to believe that the legal people were the real
criminals here.


There is gold in your own back yard.

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There is gold in your own back yard.
One time, a brother of mine and I were digging a test hole by hand on a piece of ground we owned.
He said, “What if there is gold just a foot deeper?”
I said that I didn’t care because I had bills to pay and paying work waiting for me and that was my gold.
I may have been shortsighted in my decision to go to work that paid instead of trying a little more.
(We did find a layer of rock with a high, mine-able lead content and the clay was good for ceramics
but that required a lot of work to make pay. My brother sold his part of the land.
Now he rents.
In the 1849 California gold rush, a man left his apple orchard in the north east for his wife to tend to
and traveled over land to the gold fields. There he worked all summer and earned a small amount of
money from found gold, enough to return to the east by ship, with a few dollars left over.
What had his wife done while he was looking for gold?
A bumper crop of apples that year caused her to have to hire help to harvest and sell the crop
resulting in a positive cash flow.
Had he stayed home, not only would the travel expenses have been saved but perhaps all of the
hired labor costs. At the end they would have been much richer.
So there is gold in your own back yard though it most generally isn’t that metal that is so highly
sought. And there is work involved, more that just reaching down to pick up chucks of metal and then
trade them for cash.
So where are you going to look for gold?

Why Do They Fight For Gold?

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A preview:
Herbicides, Pesticides, Harsh Chemical Fertilizers…/herbicides-pesticides-harsh-chemic…/

As I drove east on the Snow Canyon Parkway at the north of Dixie Downs area in St. George past the fishponds by the ball parks, I saw a man, a town employee, using…
Beverly Bohringer
Beverly Bohringer The big companies that make these pesticides need to developer one that are nature friendly. They have a obligation to the public to do this.

Jay Beacham Services
Jay Beacham Services They won’t however.

Beverly has a good idea but the big companies that make and dispense the pesticides are in it
only for financial gain at whatever the cost to people and the world.
Money is their foremost goal no matter anything else.
But it has always been so on this earth.

In 1973, I worked for a time with a roofing company from Orem, Utah. We shingled residential roofs
mostly in Utah Valley and Salt Lake Valley.

One evening after sun down, we were returning to Utah Valley after having worked the day in Magna near
Salt Lake City.
As we drove south past the Geneva Steels Works (quite a sight at night with all the lights, furnaces, etc.
emitting light) I heard a song in my mind. It had a large chorus that sang to full orchestration Socrates’
question “Why do they fight for gold?” (Why do you scrape every stone to gather wealth and take so little
care of your children, to whom tomorrow you leave it all behind.”)
I wrote that and more down over the years and published it. Now it is at the arrangers for the final work over.
Here are some of  the lyrics for you to consider.

“Why do they fight for gold and kill for gold?  I want to know. Oh don’t they realize that life is short, so very short?  They scrape every stone to gather wealth. Tomorrow they leave it behind.”
So you see, people have not changed in  their pell-mell advance for wealth at all costs using their
children and other innocents as their pawns to amass wealth before it’s to late.
-a chess piece of the smallest size and value. A pawn moves one square forward along its
file if unobstructed (or two on the first move), or one square diagonally forward when
making a capture. Each player begins with eight pawns on the second rank, and can
promote a pawn to become any other piece (typically a queen) if it reaches the opponent’s end of the board.
-a person used by others for their own purposes.
“they had allowed themselves to be used as pawns within the Cold War”
synonyms: puppet, dupe, hostage, tool, cat’s paw, instrument
“a pawn in the battle for the throne”)
We are expendable in their craze for wealth.

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