Silent Spring and Summer 2019

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I spent 3 weeks in Austria in July and August 2019.

I stayed at a friend’s house that was on the edge of a small town by a stream with mountains beyond the neighboring fields.

The man’s daughter and her husband who took care of him brought this to my attention.

The lady said that in past years there were butterflies of all kinds and legions of house flies. But this year none.

There were no butterflies, houseflies, no birds singing.

She felt it was from all the chemicals being sprayed all over.

Her man felt it had a lot to do with the still present effects of the Chernobyl disaster.

I spent a lot of time out side in the garden by the stream.

I did see a few small flies, not houseflies, and a couple of white butterflies but hardly any.

And I saw a bird on 2 occasions by the stream and sparrows and pigeons in the  towns at the cafes to get table crumbs.

But the only bird sounds I heard were from crows that flew around and roosted on top of an apartment  house on the far side of the wood lined stream.

I thought of Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring.

It seems as though the pesticides kill the beneficial insects and don’t ever eradicate the harmful bugs.

I found this on an internet search:

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Last year, 40% of honey-bee colonies in the US died. … But the honey bee is just one of many insects in decline — 40% of the world’s insect species are in decline, according to a February 2019 study.
.Jun 21, 2019

Bees and insects dying at record rates are sign of 6th mass … › Science › News
So what can we do?
Poison is poison and kills the good along with the bad.
 There are natural pest and weed controls that won’t harm beneficial insects or you or I.
Let’s start using those practices.

Should we be alarmed?

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Should we be alarmed?

I’m a downwinder of the open air nuclear testing of the 1950s.
When I was in junior high school, the government conducted a testing program of the students in St. George, Utah.
In the old quonset shaped brick gymnasium were assembled a drove of doctors of all sorts to test the students of the junior high and high school.
I remember the dentists could tell if a student lived in neighboring Santa Clara by the perfect teeth we had due to the mineral content of our culinary water.
A few days later, we’d see some students in school with a scar on the base of
their throats. They’d had an operation on their thyroid gland because of the
effects of the radiation on them.
My friends and I surmised that it was because of where they lived.        Many lived in the Washington and St. George fields away from the ridges and mountains, where the winds would come from southern Nevada unhindered.
The Ivins bench seemed affected and places like Veyo too.
Later I realized that it was due to other factors besides the fallout.
During the 1950s many films were made in Washington County Utah.
Among those was “The Conqueror” starring John Wayne and Susan Hayward.
Many in the cast later developed some form of cancer which was attributed to the fallout in the sands of Snow Canyon and elsewhere where filming was done.


Most of those were alcohol drinkers and heavy smokers..
Mac Hafen, a small boy at the time, spent time with his trick pony on the set.
Some of his family have over the years developed cancer and some have
even died from it. Yet Mac, now in his early 70s, hasn’t.
Why? He was on the set. He would have played in the dirt of Snow Canyon.
Those with the cancer troubles weren’t there. Some weren’t even born.
What made the difference?
There are other factors. Let’s say the straw that broke the camel’s back.
He came from a farm family who operated a nursery.
A man, Ivin Wittwer, used trichogamma wasps for bug control. He couldn’t have them shipped to the Ivin’s Post Office, which was in the same building and common area as the nursery, because the out gassing poisons in the nursery would kill the little wasps.
The use of these poisons and the smelling of the out gassing in that and other local nurseries, could have been that straw.
We are so alarmed over the outbreak of a new virus worldwide and yet we
still are spraying poisons on every green blade of grass or spraying
pre-emergence poisons all over our yards, streets and byways.
And as spring begins, the pest control sprayers are starting out in force
spraying poisons in and around every house and building.
If someone’s immune system isn’t compromised already, it will be.
A brother of mine has had leukemia and a nervous disorder for years.
He was improving until the yard guy sprayed lawn, rock, and concrete
around his apartment complex with a pre-emergent poison..
The straw that breaks the camel’s back.
Poison is still poison.
The canaries are dying and warning us of the danger we all face because
of the use of poison on everything all the time.
Shouldn’t we be as concerned about that as we seem to be over the new virus?

Jay Beacham

A new book The Canaries Are Dying:

Explains about many poisons in our modern society that are compromising people’s immune systems.

Trichogamma Wasp

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Worth Rementioning

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Worth re-mentioning.

I  wrote a poetry book and what it has to say about spring illnesses is worth talking about again.

The following is from my book introduction (I’ve high lighted the part to read.):

“I didn’t write verse before I married. My wife & I would make rhymes & then it continued.
I started writing lyric poems(songs) several years ago after I had taken a correspondence course for writing and not wanting to paper my walls with rejection slips like my writing instructor, wrote “The Writer”. This continued and many more were written and published, I sold small collections of ten poems for $3, and entered the Washington County Fair (Utah) Poetry contest for several years and even won the best of show once and the director’s choice award besides the entry premiums. So unlike the poet in Kismet(the 1955 film starring Howard Keel as the poet.), I have been paid though not gotten rich from it, but it’s been fun.
Some about the author:
65 year old handyman, farmer, actor, singer, interested in good things, describes how houses are oft times built wrong which causes problems to be repaired later.
I am an actor specializing in one man shows as Abe Lincoln, Brigham young and others. Also do acting in plays and operas, in film and have on TV too.
Did acting for fun in college.
Former radio announcer, LDS missionary to Austria 69-71, father of four, grandfather of 12 & counting, in the construction maintenance field, but do voice over work, sing solo and in groups and do storytelling, love to garden and also to earn money but don’t always do as well as I would like in either area, do internet marketing of affiliate sales and my own products and services. And my interests cover so many things that there isn’t room here to tell of them all.
I’ve written about ordinary endeavors, occupations, events; about grips, politics, and natural and man made events.
One of my poems is based on: “A new national election is upon us and as a friend pointed out today, it seems that its been made into a sporting event.
I told him of an experience I had in Austria in 1970. While living in Vienna as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, I met many people from the eastern European countries that were at that time behind the Iron Curtain. One man was from Prague, Czechoslovakia (from 1948–1989 this was the name of the country). He had escaped just before the Russians took over. He’d left his wife and son behind, as she insisted on skiing on the Sunday that the tanks rolled in and didn’t think he was right when he left on Saturday for Vienna. He said that the big reason that the country was over run was that the people were more concerned about sports than their freedom. The poem is about the idol God called Sport.
One poem is about man-made killing chemicals.
Why I wrote it.
Blowin’ in the Wind.
Many people get ill in the Spring, I even had a chest infection(bronchitis) last week.
Well I believe the answer is blowing in the Spring breezes. 
The grass and quick growing spring vegetation starts growing and the towns, cities, counties and home owners, not wanting to work and abhorring green, start spraying poisons of all kinds all over, day after day. These chemicals are not only poisonous to plants but to man and animal alike. And with the winds are blown every where when applied and when out gassing in the sun.
The people breath this stuff in and then become ill and the illness is just blamed on “it’s  going around”, “I’m old”, “I’m run down”, etc.
The sprayers are waging a chemical war on the world and the weaker people get ill, and the yet weaker ones die and the weeds live on and on.
“After New York unleashed Operation Ragweed–spraying 200 to 300 gallons of the toxic brew on each acre treated–other communities joined the fray. “that killing ragweed with herbicides would produce new vegetation, cleaner air, and healthier people,” that’s not what happened. After soaking its landscape with over eight million gallons of 2,4-D, New York City threw in the towel. …herbicides worked their way up the food chain, compromising air and water quality, and public health.”

A computer language edition on a book about the subject in    at called Lost. If you can read it.


What’s Wrong With Green?

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Spring is here and the poisons come out.

Every spring, the poisons start getting all over as the eager gardeners and the weed haters, bug haters start pumping out the poison at an alarming rate.

I live in southwestern Utah under red rock cliffs-color country.

Folks leave here for the eastern USA or for the Pacific Northwest or Europe and marvel at “all the green”.

But as soon as green starts popping up on the ground here, these same professed green lovers “freak out” about “the green in my yard”. Then an all out war with chemicals of all sorts begins.  They really hate green.

Several friends of mine were in Vietnam and the effects of Agent Orange have been devastating to all of them.  Many are even now dead from those effects.  Agent Orange, 2-4D, Round Up are all in the same chemical family. The weed killers to destroy the hated green.

But that isn’t all, they tell me that DDT and other pesticides were rained upon them in camps to protect from the dreaded mosquito.  The bug killers used today have just as drastic of effects on people.

People get ill when the spring winds blow this stuff all over, when put on lawns and gardens, around and inside of all buildings.

There are alternative that aren’t dangerous as are the poisons.

For weeds: Go pull them, get the lawn mower out, dig or cover the things.

For bugs: Use citrus oils, soaps, boric acid and the like.

What’s wrong with green?

Stop killing people.

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