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Let me tell you a story

17 Oct 2016 | : blog

“Let me tell you a story.”
Now what is the best way to tell a story?
They can be true or make belief.
I’ve seen films, heard tales, heard story songs and poems, read stories.
Some stories are short and some are long.
And some story tellers are very animated and others very calm an humdrum.
A guy named Bo Eason says stories can be used for good or bad
and that stories of good can defeat evil because they expose the
human soul on fire. He says that leaders are good story tellers.

In the film “Tammy and the Bachelor”, Debbie Reynolds as

Tambrey Tyree tells the story of Great Grandmother Cratcher

to the delight of all the guests at “the Pilgrimage”.

Stories can be told that way, in films, on a neighbor’s porch

or even down at the corner cafe or store, or told in song or verse.

They can be fun, sad, happy, informative, historical.
I’ve even told some stories myself.
Here’s a few.
“Twas the Night Before Christmas” is read on film

Christmas 1
“In a Fishbowl” is a story of a part of my life on audio recording.

I was in a short film telling a story.
“You Have Been Warned” YHBW 2
I like telling stories with poetry.
“The Writer” is a story of a would be author.
Then there are lots of stories put to song.
Here are some examples :

Then there is just telling a story
And I’ve got many more of my recorded stories and
many yet untold.
So what stories do you want to tell?

Here are photos of me telling some stories:

Nuttin 1

Hamblin 2

Santa 1

Hamblin 1Rich man 1

She sweet

Get and stay fluent in a foreign language

17 Oct 2016 | : blog

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