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27 Feb 2009 | : blog

The Lincoln’s Ghost show videos are at http://youtube.com/Titandusk

Go there and see what you think.

lincoln’s ghost the day after

13 Feb 2009 | : blog

Thanks to those who attended and those who donated to the cause.

It went well in spite of a few tech problems.

You who didn’t attend missed a good show.

I’ll do it again.

my sky biz experience

06 Feb 2009 | : blog

Well, I got started and used their webmaster(that way I didn’t need to learn html programming), made my own site, added pages, and products, and links. My son Steve helpped and added colors to some of the pages but I found that not only I but others couldn’t see or read when certain background colors were used and even though it was cool to look at, if the content couldn’t be read there was no point in having the page.  I changed those to  a more readable look.  I put a hit counter on the site and started to advertise by word of mouth and emails for my site: JayBeachamProducts.com. Each time I started with a new multi-level marketing firm, I’d put a page up and link it. I added my products and my friends products. I linked to photoworks.com to my photo ablums to try to sell my great images. I linked to Poetry.com so that people could read my poetry and  maybe buy my poem collections.     I contacted people as I always had with multi-level and directed them to my site and worked on selling the SkyBiz opportunity. The Federal Trade Commission brought suit against SkyBiz and after a long court case being won by the defendent, SkyBiz closed its doors being broke.  Even though they won, they lost.

What to do now? My son had started the free trial at Homestead sites for me and so I transferred my files from SkyBiz to Homestead and then got the paid service.

Two years and no sales. But Homestead had a webmaster, stat counter, auto responder, etc. No problem. Right? Well not quite.

Next to come the chapter about Homestead and my experience there.


06 Feb 2009 | : blog

In 1997, I went to a computer seminar in St.George and then to a follow up one in Las Vegas. Later, I attended two others in similar fashion. I couldn’t afford their programs.

When I got home and back at work on the roof of the Ford dealership, one of the salesmen who had attended the same siminar, introduced me to SkyBiz a web site marketing firm where you’d sell sites and get one of your own. He showed me his and the site of a local artist to give me an idea of what I could do. He helped me sign up and I made my first on-line purchase of the site with my debit card and away I went.

I’ll do a series of articles about my experiences with Sky Biz, Homestead, Photoworks.com., my own voice site hosted by Godaddy, the undergroundcashflow system hosted by midphase with click bank product, affilates, ProsperLearning, voice overs, and to my present teachers(there are several and their free info. has been of more help that the paid things-I’ll explain later as I get to that point), and three affillate programs that teach more than the expensive school and even have people who will coach and assist for little or no cost.

My intent is to tell the would be internet marketer how to avoid the costly mistakes I’ve made. Look forward to sharing with you in future articles.

Jay’s Discount Store

06 Feb 2009 | : blog

Okay, its a windy and stormy day.
When I first recorded a sound card for my first site last year it was a very windy day too.
So I would like to work and earn while not having to go out side and get ill in the bad weather.
Thus this site and this blog.
I have links on my main page to my other businesses and the new store front, Jay’sDiscountStore.
There was no grand opening, I just opened. Check it out. If you can’t find what you need, do what a friend did today, email me and ask for what you are looking for. I may not be able to accomodate you. But
then again, maybe I might.
That’s it for today.

Feb. 5 2009

Now 8 plus months later, lots of people have come to my store front but no one has bought anything yet. There are alot of nice things on there. Costumes, bikes, dishes, jewelry, watches, tools, computers, the list goes on (even dvd movies collections that are larger and cheaper than I’ve seen else where).

So  just visit it and get something for your valentine, children, parents, siblings, or even for your self. You be pleased with the selection and the low prices. Remember, this is new merchandise. If you can’t find an item you are looking for, just email or call me and I’ll see if I can track down what you’re looking for.

Happy shopping and buying.

Lincoln’s Ghost

06 Feb 2009 | : blog

On Feb. 12, 2009, at the St. George, Utah pioneer Opera House, I will be portraying the ghost of Abraham Lincoln for his 200th birthday anniversary.   Its a one-man show.

If you can attend, it is $10 for adults, $5 for students and children under 12 get free admittance.

Hope to see you there.


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