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Save the World-what better thing can you do?

24 Nov 2010 | : blog

After you check out all my prices and go to the big store and Triple Opportunity-shopping and like Danica can’t find what you’re looking for then for your convenience I’ve added a Google search bar just for you. But please check o ut my prices first.
A few minutes here can save you gas, time, frustration and save the world. What better thing could you do?

When to go to a Sale.

24 Nov 2010 | : blog

Brother Don was just telling me about advertised prizes for the big mad Friday sales this week.

This is what I think.
Why fight the crowds and the cold?
Go to my stores on line  where you can even access Walmart, Payless and other stores. You can do this any time day or night and you don’t have to do it any certain day.
The savings in gas, time and aggravation has to be worth more than any sale you may or may not get The Friday.

And my Amazon store has nearly everything you can imagine.

Email or call and I”l give you links to the savings.

Thanks and enjoy a quiet Friday not an insane one.


Let’s find out How many of the pilgrim compact signers…

23 Nov 2010 | : blog

Let’s find out How many of the pilgrim compact signers have descendents who come to my blog.

My pilgrim ancestors who signed were Francis Cook, William Brewster. and George Soule.

 The following
men signed the Mayflower Compact. Six months later slightly more than
half of them would be dead. They are designated with a cross after their
name.Read more at Suite101: Who Were Signers of Mayflower Compact?:
Historic Document Signed by 41 Plymouth Colony Pilgrims

Thursday the 25th of November

21 Nov 2010 | : blog

Jay Beacham Thinks:

The National Day of Thanksgiving is almost upon us.
For those who are without prison wall be grateful for your freedom.
For those with comfortable lodging be grateful you have shelter.
For those with a full pantry of food, be grateful for your blessings.
For those with gainful employment, be grateful for your it.
For those with friends, family and loved ones be grateful
for you are truly blessed.

I’ve been having trouble.

20 Nov 2010 | : blog

All afternoon I’ve been trying to understand how to install plugins on WordPress.

My older brother Don went to the new 3.0 version and can’t even find a place where plugins are listed.

Could have a few pointers or more brain power or something simplier.

Any suggestions out there? My Prosper Learning Couch, Kurt Jensen, where are you when I need your help?

I’m on a another sing site.

20 Nov 2010 | : blog

I’m on a another sing site.

Look for Jay Beacham under community. or for a song  try this link:’m just doing the free songs I like for now

Give a listen and a comment.

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