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We already have voice talents!

30 Jul 2016 | : blog

As I’ve gone out to acquire voice work, I hear:  “We do everything in house.”, “We have the radio station do it all for us.”  “You’re not this voice or that.” , and other reasons why they won’t even listen to me.  

I might be the best thing that ever happened to their company, but if they won’t even listen, how will they know?

“I understand that Mel Blanc went into Warner Brothers every week for three years trying to get heard. The main guy wouldn’t listen to him and then died. The new guy who took over, listened to Mel and Mel went on to make Warner Brothers.
The first guy had lots of voice people but not Mel and he was something special.
I could be too. You won’t know if you don’t listen to me.
Need a voice talent?”  posted at  Jay Beacham Services on May 23. 2016.

So I may be a Mel Blanc. 

I do voice work in English and German and a few other languages.

 Listen to me now.



What did your ancestors do for you so you don’t have to?

29 Jul 2016 | : blog

I was going through my documents files today and found this piece I’d forgotten about.

Pioneer Day was last Sunday with activities for it the week and day before and on Monday the 25th.

It’s still a good time to remember and ponder.

This past few days the temperature has been 112 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit  and the pioneer  song lyrics came to mind, “the hot winds swirl around me and take my breath away.”  we have cooling devises, fans, shade, so much that the pioneer didn’t have here in Southern Utah.

So Here’s the article I found:

“Sunday June 29,2014

Today, my daughter Karen called me on the telephone.

She said that her sons Mathieu and Joshua had just been on a youth pioneer trek to Wyoming.

That’s great as they had Swiss pioneer ancestors who traveled through Wyoming by handcart.

So often folks only think of the ill-fated cart companies and forget all about the many who traveled very

well by handcart to the Great Basin.

The only thing that could have been construed as bad was that the old grandfather of the Kellers

died on the way and was buried on an island in the Sweetwater River.

But they weren’t sad because he was an old man who was happy to be on his way to Zion.

“And should we die before our journey’s through, all is well, we then are free from toil and sorrow too.”

Karen and Alan went on a handcart trek west of Gunlock, Utah when teenagers.

Later James as a teen was the cinematographer for another Ivins Stake handcart trek.

Back doing what the ancestors did to gain a small idea of what they went through to get here.

The one thing I don’t think would be much fun would be to be a passenger in the hold of the

Mayflower’s first North American voyage.

I’m glad they did it and I don’t have to.

I suppose a little air sickness or car sickness which doesn’t last for weeks isn’t so bad after all.

And walking from Central, Utah to St. George, Utah (26 miles) carrying a car starter is not as bad as walking 1000 miles across Iowa,

Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah to get to St. George.

Pioneer Day is soon approaching.

What did your ancestors do for you so you don’t have to?”


002_2Josh Ford as Mormon Battalion Member June 4, 2011

004_4 Natalie gotcher Natalie Gotcher as Handcart pioneer June 4, 2011

Sometimes we all are just idiots.

08 Jul 2016 | : blog

Sometimes we all are just idiots.
A few weeks ago I was on my way to repair and service 4 swamp coolers at a warehouse.
Just as I got into the center turning lane to drive into their lot, my pickup died.
It sounded to me like the in tank fuel pump had died. It has happened twice before.
The men at the warehouse helped me push the pickup into their parking lot.
I worked on the coolers and called a friend to tow me home.
For the next two days I got rides there to finish the work.
I installed three new water pumps, cleaned, treated for rust, new pads, and fresh water into
all four coolers. All coolers were working fine.
Well I waited the rest of that week until the Monday following to get my mechanic friend to
look at the pickup. He thought maybe the coil was bad as it wasn’t soild and the truck
wasn’t getting any spark. But no spark even with a new one.
So then he thought it might be a problem his GMC truck had that he had hired done as it was
so difficult to do.
I got the pickup towed to a mechanic shop. They agreed that it might be that problem my
mechanic had suggested but in testing with their diagnostic machines, found it to be the
distributor module that was’ the culprit.
I’d thought of the distributor cap but not of the module.
$100 plus with parts and labor, my pickup was back on the road.
The next Monday in the evening, I got a call from the property manager of the warehouse.
“Really hot” (105 that day), coolers not working. The renters replaced one of the new water
pumps with a larger sized one and it now works. They claimed all the pumps weren’t big
Tuesday I get there. The renters have thrown the one new pump a way and the others “just
aren’t working.”
I inspected them all and learned that the new aspen pads had lost some wood shreds which
had plugged all the pumps and some of the water lines at the spider junction.
I cleaned them all out and of course they all work.
The idiots. Thinking they knew something about the coolers.
They wasted time and money because they thought themselves experts when they had no clue.
And what of me and the pickup?
I’d thought fuel pump and later cap, based on my past experience and my mechanic friend thought of his
experience and not having the diagnostic tools that the shop had were idiots too.
You know, sometimes it’s best to get the experts and not be idiots thinking we know it all.



There is gold in your own back yard.

03 Jul 2016 | : blog

There is gold in your own back yard.
One time, a brother of mine and I were digging a test hole by hand on a piece of ground we owned.
He said, “What if there is gold just a foot deeper?”
I said that I didn’t care because I had bills to pay and paying work waiting for me and that was my gold.
I may have been shortsighted in my decision to go to work that paid instead of trying a little more.
(We did find a layer of rock with a high, mine-able lead content and the clay was good for ceramics
but that required a lot of work to make pay. My brother sold his part of the land.
Now he rents.
In the 1849 California gold rush, a man left his apple orchard in the north east for his wife to tend to
and traveled over land to the gold fields. There he worked all summer and earned a small amount of
money from found gold, enough to return to the east by ship, with a few dollars left over.
What had his wife done while he was looking for gold?
A bumper crop of apples that year caused her to have to hire help to harvest and sell the crop
resulting in a positive cash flow.
Had he stayed home, not only would the travel expenses have been saved but perhaps all of the
hired labor costs. At the end they would have been much richer.
So there is gold in your own back yard though it most generally isn’t that metal that is so highly
sought. And there is work involved, more that just reaching down to pick up chucks of metal and then
trade them for cash.
So where are you going to look for gold?

My Cousin A. Lincoln-a preview

01 Jul 2016 | : blog

My Cousin A. Lincoln-a preview

This is a preview of the e-book Facts About Abraham Lincoln.

I’ve been told I looked like certain people and found out that I was distantly related to them  through common ancestors.

I’ve been told,most of my adult life, that I look like A. Lincoln  and I’ve come to see that that isn’t such a bad thing.

Our common ancestor was  Obadiah Holmes. I recently did a Google search on him and learned that his most famous descendant is none other than Abraham Lincoln.

Why is this important?

Over the years many people have said that I have a resemblance to the sixteenth President of the United States and wondered if I had some relationship to him. Well I guess I do though distantly.

Lincoln’s Ancestry-Obadiah Holmes and Abraham Lincoln

 The following is the line  for Lincoln:

1. Obadiah  Holmes (1610-1682) married Katherine Hyde.

2. Lydia Holmes (????-1>1693) married John Bowne  (1630-1684)

3. Sarah Bowne (1669->1714) married Richard Salter (????->1728)

4. Hannah Salter (????-1727) married Mordecai Lincoln (1686-1736)

5. John Lincoln (1716-1788) married Rebecca Flowers (1720-1806)

6. Abraham Lincoln (1744-1786) married Bathsheba Herring (?) (1750-1836)

7. Thomas Lincoln (1778-1851) married Nancy Hanks (1784-1818)

8. Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) married  Mary Todd (1818-1882)


My links may be  back to Obadiah too:

1. Obadiah – Katherine

2. Martha Holmes(1640-1711)-William Wilbor(e) (1630-1710)

(there is some question whether this Martha Holmes was Obidiah’s daughter)

3. Martha Wilbore (1612-1681) -William Sherman(1659-1719)

4.  Mary Sherman(1694- )-Daniel Shepard(1688-1745)

5.  Abigail Shepard(1725-1808)-Peleg Gifford (1719-1810)

6. Noah Gifford (1759-1802)-Mary Bowerman (1758-1846)

7. Alpheus Gifford(1793-1841)-Anna Nash(1800-1879)

8. Samuel Kendall Gifford (1821-1907)-Lora Ann DeMille (1828-1870)

9. Carnelia Gifford(1851-1933 ) -William Robinson Crawford(1842- 1913)

10. Fanny Crawford (1885-1973)-John Jones Gifford (1877-1952)

11. Ellen Gifford(1916- )-Donald Joseph Beacham(1914-1984)

12. Albert Jay Beacham(1950- ) This is me.  Jay

 Here’s another way:

Abraham Lincoln and Albert Jay Beacham

I’m a 9th Cousin 3 times removed

by way of  Sir Edward Elliott & Jane  Gedge


Albert Jay Beacham”line back/1950-Living

Parents: Ellen Gifford-1916-2012 / Donald Beacham- 1914-1984

Her parents: Fanny Crawford-1885-1973/John Jones Gifford-1877-1953

His parents: Alice Allred-1854-1928/Oliver Gifford-1854-1932

His parents: Lora Ann Demille-1828-1870/Samuel Gifford-1821-1907

His parents: Anna Nash-1800-1879/Alpheus Gifford-1793-1841

His parents: Mary Bowerman-1758-1846/Noah Gifford-1759-1802

Her parents: Mary Dillingham-1728-1816/Judah Bowerman-1723-Deceased

His parents: Jane Clifton-1697-1751/Thomas Bowerman-1682-1743

His parents: Mary Harper-1655-1704/Thomas Bowerman-1648-1727

Her parents: Prudence Butler-1644-1673/Robert Harper-1626-1654

Her parents: Mary Lynde-1628-1693/Thomas Butler-1617-1689

His parents: Jane Elliot-1576-1667/John Butler-1568-1632

his parents:

Sir Edward Elliott & Jane Gedge/1546-1595/1546-1595


Abraham Lincoln’s  line back


His parents: Nancy Hanks-1784-1818/Thomas Lincoln-1778-1851

His parents: Bathsheba Herring-1746-1836/Abraham Lincoln-1744-1786

Her parents: Abigail Harrison-1710-1780/Alexander Herring-1708-1778

His parents: Margaret Hamilton-1686-Deceased/Alexander Herring-1682-1735

Her parents:  Eleanor Adams-1669-1751/James Hamilton-1661-1734

Her parents: Jean Gordon-1606-1668/Roger Adams-1650-1692

His mother: Lydia Penniman-1635-1676/father unknown

Her parents: Lydia Elliot-1610-1676/James Penniman-1599-1664

Her parents: Lettice Aggar-1575-1620/Bennett Eliot-1573-1621

His parents: Sir Edward Elliott & Jane Gedge/1546-1595/1546-1595


This is a preview of the e-book “Facts about Abraham Lincoln.

Interesting isn’t it?

You may be related to him too.

For your e-book go to:

Facts About Abraham Lincoln


For a printed copy, $20 USD & $5 S&H

at beachamj82@yahoo.com




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