Here are some Testimonials from customers and listeners.


Dixie Business Alliance

Of a narration of a product intro for a crowdfunding campaign for Make It Easy Toothbrush caddy,  L. N., when asked how it was for their needs, said,
“Perfect! Thank you!”

6/15/2015      L.N. of Dixie Business Alliance

Perfect! Thank you!
Lanora Nielson

(for a video project narration for GoZunder llc.)

Dixie Business Alliance

“Your voice sounded so excellent…
better than I expected!!” said Renee of private project

South West Science Foundation(Brent Bennett)

“That’s great.” Brent Bennett of the Southwest Science Foundation

The public  often has the best opinion:

Deine Stimme würde hier jeden Radio Moderator ersetzen. Aber echt
Na, toll, enjoyed my listen. love it DiMucci

DiMucci of Hamburg, Germany.

on 03-Dec-10 “you have a most awesome speaking voice like you should be talking on the radio as a host or something and of course you sing awesome too…” “I would love to hear you speak live at some have a most awesome voice I’ve ever heard and should be making lots of money like that Ted guy on you tube, your voice is better than his my friend.( 18-Jan-11) Brenda A.  of Texas

 April 22, 2011     “Just visited yourVoice 123web site my friend and had a listen to all your demo’s.   What a great speaking voice and personality you have. I am very impressed with your voice but also the fact that you speak different languages and seem to be able to arise to most any occasion. Your natural flow when speaking and understanding how to place emphasis on key words is amazing. I loved all the demo’s. You have a great voice my friend. I enjoyed all your demo’s but especially announcing the Baseball game…You sounded like a pro for sure.” – Raymond

“You have the BEST radio voice.  So soothing”-Gina M.

3/4/2918 Elaine Gill of the UK said about a song recording, “… your singing voice is magnificent “

About a song recorded in German Edith said on August 22, 2017, “

Klasse hast du den Song interpretiert… auch das Gesprochene, was nicht einfach ist!

***** Sterne für dich Jay!    Liebe Grüße Edith 

From a client about a voice project April 2018: 

“Hurray!!  The presentation is wonderful. I sound so very successful.!!!  The speaker has a very dynamic voice filled with expression. Very easy to understand and the great thing is, is that he expresses a pure and positive energy…  Hurray, hurray, we are on our way ,hi ho, hi ho ,its off to success we go !!!
Suzann :-) “
Jay Beacham has one of the best voices in America. That’s a bold statement if you don’t love the sound of a father, grandfather, Santa Claus, Abraham Lincoln, a deep base and baritone country singer, a peaceful and relaxing conversation on the radio during a long drive or between songs while going about your day, that feels like old fashioned home cooking in the oven or Thanksgiving meal or beside a crackling home chimney fire place sipping hot cocoa and marshmallows cozy under the blanket with soft lights blinking on the evergreen tree. That’s how it feels when Jay Beacham speaks and why I had him introduce one of my New York Broadway singer friends in one of our marketing ads, nobody else could’ve done it right. Unfortunately in one of my favorite Hollywood movies they killed Jay’s character in the first 10 minutes but not until after he had saved the life of one of the princesses and main character. And that’s how Jay has been his entire life, the unsung hero, who sings his own songs and the hundreds of fans who’ve had the God given grace to be able to hear them have lavished Jay with all the love and praise that he should’ve received at the Emmy’s and Oscar’s. He has actively sold his brother’s paintings of their natural surrounds of Grand Canyon style desert scenery right in the heart of Zion’s Park which is a fitting name for the decent folks who live in that most gloriously unique western style frontier of America’s truly wild west countryside. If old style southern talking and drawl ever melted the hearts of the ladies and lit the fire of any lonely man, if ever it was popular or right for such a voice to be put in the lime light and mainstream of famedom like so many living legends before him why not now? Why not a voice that captures all that essence yet is a little more Midwest, maybe even almost East Coast while fully embracing the Southwestern brew we’ve all be yearning for to make a comeback, because Elvis is surely alive, but until he makes some new songs we’ve got Jay. My greatest dream in life was for Neil Diamond to perform again, make some new songs and perform them himself instead of selling them to all the Top artists on the planet, and finding Jay was like my dreams coming true. Wish he could make some more songs. But even if all he ever does is talk on the radio, or on my ads, it takes me back to the good old days of mother’s home cooking and family holidays by the fireside sipping hot cocoa and marshmallows. I can’t imagine a dry eye in the entire audience even if it was the largest Colosseum in the world or every TV and cell phone on the planet, if somebody gave him a script worthy of his voice and let it penetrate the universe, it would revolutionize humanity and the planet, forever. He won’t be around forever, we need to take full advantage, he’s there on his farm just building cabins, singing for the ladies on some little known online social network, breaking hearts one per day, and that voice can be yours because Hollywood and the Music industry wouldn’t know talent if it hit them like a barn hits a drunken teenager swinging off the rafters into the hay bales and mistakes the moon for the ground and goes where only his dreams can take him and lands on earth instead. Perhaps it’s the fate of humanity to always miss the mark, to never realize its full potential, and pass up every good opportunity, except for Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, those one or two who by whatever twist miraculously found that diamond that nobody else recognized and became the most famous companies and men and women on the planet who we all dream we could be like and yet Jay is right here in our hands and we have this moment to make the right choice or be just one of the regular humans on this planet, normal, forgettable. Jay will make you unforgettable if you know how to market him so that he markets you!That’s what I’m doing, and hopefully I’ll get him first before anybody else! If you’re looking to use Jay, then that means the race is on! May the best company win!-Ben Arnold (ChatFellow CEO) 1/21/2019

Chatfellow March 2022

Me too, I was very exciting to hear number 3 and agree with your friend, part one was fabulous and I’m certain everybody will agree that PART 2 was just as good as PART One. Thank you so much, these podcasts are super valuable!!! And your voice is always flawless! Excited to hear more! Never change, you’re perfect!!! I thank the heavens for you! Keep ’em coming!

Jay, da du so phantastisch in deutscher Sprache singen kannst, schreibe ich dir auch in deutsch… ist auch leichter für mich! 😉

Das ist ein wirklich schweres Stück und du hast es hervorragend gemeistert. Du besitzt auch schauspielerische Talent! Es hat mir Freude gemacht deinem herrlichen Gesang aus *Anatevka* zuzuhören!*****

Gruß Edith

Hi Jay,

You are the only American singer here that sings German perfectly.

Not only the language is great but your full rich voice is amazing.

This was fun to listen to this magnificent performance !!

I love your song and gave you a heart 

Have a great Monday my friend and keep singing so beautifully !!


“You are such an amazing singer…..

I expect the best from you and am never disappointed…..

You always sound like the songs have been written just for you….”


“This was so sensational….

Everything you sing always sounds so amazing…

No matter the language, it’s amazing….

This was no exception….

Another phenomenal performance my talented friend …..”


I am now officially HOOKED TO YOUR SS STATION.
I feel as if I were listening to a great radio show from the late 60s early 70s.
and this song reminds me of my childhood.
I loved listening to it… I am officially hooked upon your SS station!
I love the information that you provide within your SS songs.
Its as if we were listening to BILLBOARD ONLINE…LIVE!
As a fan of Cashbox & Billboard since my childhood……… IM HOOKED ON THIS STATION!

“Oh love this song…is that you talking at the beginning?
Sounding fantastic Jay…enjoyed my listen!” -Estelle K.

Hi Jay MDF.. Talk about The Best of ENTERTAINMENT and PROFESSIONAL ALL the way…. You Belong on Stage or Movies… What an Adaptable Voice of Gold My Friend.
Loved This You are AMAZING… Thanks for Sharing This with Me/Us.
You are a Very Very Talented Man & Friend..Amen.. All Stars for a Star…
Highly Enjoyed My Visit & Thank You Kindly for Yours..Deeply Appreciated.
Wishing You & Yours a Great & Happy Weekend..
Your Friend & Fan~~Donna

This was magnificent! You have a wonderful voice! I think you would be perfect up on stage singing these wonderful songs! I very much enjoyed listening this morning! – Gypsy

Here I am Jay listening to a fab performance… from u….
Bravo ….
Another fantastic sing from you…super great voice that is perfect for singing songs like this…. You belong on a stage theater…. <3 it B. .. *************s
Big WOW for Jay …..

This is great! In the beginning you sound like a professional radio personality. I enjoyed your singing. I have known the title of this song my whole life but I don’t remember ever hearing it until now. Awesome!
    All I can say, Jay is WOW!!! This is magnificent. The wonderful timbre of your voice sure sets off this classic piece of timeless music. I am truly impressed and certainly happy that I found you on this site. You have a true flair for the show tunes and I can see you on stage performing. So glad I didn’t miss it… Hugss Maureen
      Wow! What an incredible voice you have! :-)-gail
      An absolutely OUTSTANDING performance Jay!! You have an incredible        voice!
Totally enjoyed my listen all the way 🙂
      Wow….. Jay, you are such an amazing singer….
      You’re really got a tremendous vocal range……
Such an exceptional sing….
You are definitely one of the best singers here on Singsnap….
      Another phenomenal performance
      Wow….yes, I do love this Jay! you know me well! What a show stopping voice you have! Just wonder if you have stage experience….you are a natural!
Aw….so moving…almost see the movie as you sing! …that downstream image…oh yes, so vivid to my memory! – Judy
      Hi Jay, you sure can tell you have sung Opera. I think you really enjoy singing it too. Rich baritone, love it. You did a marvelous sing here my friend. Loved how you sang it. – Ron

Hello, just listening to your song. I must confess you have an adorable voice. -cynthia rosey

You truly are one sensational singer……Everything you sing always sounds like it was written for you. – Karen

So smooth Jay You have a Awesome speaking voice at the end You can literally be a radio guy Love that about you too You’re so talented either ways it goes, sing or speak. -Tika P.

I swear there isn’t any genre & era of music you cannot sing….. As always, this is just amazing….. One can just feel the era of this song….. -Karen

You are such an amazing singer…. 

You have so much natural talent and no matter what you sing, you always sound fantastic…… -Gina M.

Wow!! You’ve got a beautiful speaking voice!! Has anyone told you, you should be on Radio? When I realized you weren’t singing the song but instead speaking the lyrics, I almost stopped listening, but your voice is undeniably captivating. Before I knew it I had listened to you tell a remarkable story. I’m in the presence of a Master Storyteller….I feel blessed. So glad I uploaded this song. Thank you for this amazing presentation. – Danny0

I love your voice  – Pat

Hi Jay?????
This IS YOU isn’t it??? WOW!!!
The man of many voices! !!
I don’t know this song but what a dramatic performance you did on this! This did NOT sound like you at all! No offense but you DO sound rather old on this! Lol! Truly AMAZED here Jay! – Gina M.

The man of 1000 voices! Solid performance Jay! You have an amazing talent and a beautiful gift. ~ The other Cindy

You are truly a master of voices. – Karen


WOW!!! This is just so inspiring!

Your great voice gives your beautiful narration more impact. – Marcia

Your voice is AMAZING! -Gail

“.you’re truly’re voice is outstanding and stunning.” -Brenda A.

“Hi Jay, the Guy with the Golden Voice, you are so amazing I loved listening to this song by you.”-Brenda A.

Hello Jay
Oh wie schön ….. das hab ich sogar schon mal in Deutsch gehört ….. wie schön, dass du den Text dafür gefunden hast.
You show that you can sing a love song in German …. so you show that the “hard German language” is not only the language for the poet … it´s also the language for singers
Thank´s for sharing this with us … Greetings from Bavaria (Germany) …. Liss

Hi Jay!
WOW! This was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
I love this song anyway but hearing you sing this in a different language was AWESOME MF!
Loved this!
So good to hear you sing today.
Have a great rest of your day!
This is German right? I thought speaking French was the language of love, but after hearing you sing this in German, now I’m not so sure.


Your voice is always so awesome. This is fantastic. Loved it. **************Birdie

you are one amazing guy you know Jay, beautiful sing hon, you have such a relaxing voice, ty for singing this, I love it ..hugs Teresa

soothingasallgetout..:) … in a trance hearing you sing so beautifully and romantic. I loved this outstanding performance. Gby hugs, Brenda


“I loved your speaking voice and your singing voice makes be say WOW too.”-Karen

Unforgettable voice of Jay should be the Title of this!!..this sounds even better than Nat and I didn’t know that was possible..your voice is truly unforgettable..awesome whistling..that was great too Jay.Gby, hugs, Brenda

Hi Jay, love your style, your one of a kind my friend.That’s why I love listening.Professional you are.Beautiful voice.Dreamy and soothing too.Gby hugs, Brenda

“You know you have a wonderful “Radio” speaking voice! I could just imagine you being a DJ on a classic song station.
You sang this beautifully! It’s a great old song and I haven’t heard it in quite awhile! Big smiles from me!”- gypsy

Love this song and your sing on this was AWESOME mf!
WOW! You have an amazing voice for the lead men in these kind of musicals! GORGEOUS!… Gina M.

Du singst das Lied auch richtig gut.. deine deutsche Aussprache ist klasse, lieber Jay! Und so lasse ich dir ganz viele Sterne hier! ***** -Greeting Edith

“THE MORE I HEAR YOU THE MORE I LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”-Judy

New one for me..what a great song with scripture based lyrics and the melody is awesome too ..your voice seems to fit like it was for you to sing as the original artist..that is your talent when you becomes your song..such a special gift not many have. Golden voice from God Jay. BEAUTIFUL PERFORMANCE.OUTSTANDING!!Gby, hugs, Brenda

“WOW JAY! I just LOVE your voice!!!
Love to hear you sing AND talk!
Such a professional voice and so soothing to listen to you!
Gina 🙂


“…you sound like you are on the radio host doing your show …. this is great performance … I like this song … memories …. great voice Jay …. xoxo “…Catrina

“…amazing voice talent!!I enjoyed it.” -Brenda

“wunderschön… in english is it a dream… *smiles 😉
egal was du singst jay, es hört sich super an!!
hugs sigrid

Very hard song to sing and ya made it sound so easy. You are a vocal master -Bill

You sure did tell this story BEAUTIFULLY IN SONG! I don’t know how you could get all those words out though and so fast and I understood each word! Great diction you have! Gina 

I swear there isn’t any genre or era of music you cannot sing…..Karen