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Contest Entry Small Business

30 Jun 2015 | : blog

Help me win $25,000
Please see our contest and vote for my entry
Wells Fargo | Works

Wells Fargo offers videos, articles, expert advice and resources to help business owners to start, run, and grow their small businesses
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Listen to the GoZunder entry too.
I did the narration.

Samples of Narration Introducing New Products to the Marketplace.

22 Jun 2015 | : blog


I’ve just finished the narration for two new products coming to the marketplace.

A toothpaste dispenser 


A toilet seat riser

You can use my narration to introduce your business to the world.

Call or email me now


beachamj82@yahoo.com (this is also my pay pal number to make your payments easy)

Here are the two samples of my voice work for two local businesses:

These I did for the Dixie Business Alliance for two of their clients.
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Final Move GoZunder.mpg

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If I can be of assistance to you in your Website presentation, let me know.
We can talk of costs at that time.
Thank you,
Jay Beacham
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The Lincoln’s Ghost Collection

12 Jun 2015 | : blog


The Lincoln’s Ghost Collection


“Fellow citizens, we cannot escape history. We will be remembered in spite of ourselves.” So said Mr. Abraham Lincoln.

I’ve assembled a collection of my one man show of Lincoln’s Ghost and the short book “Facts about Abraham Lincoln”.
This group of 3 dvds and 1 audio cd and 1 book is for sale for $85.00.

Lincoln’s Ghost show 2009 dvd

an overview of the life of Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln’s Ghost Returns the new show for 2010 dvd
This performance goes over speeches and much sage advise from the 16th president of the United States of America.

Thoughts on Life by Lincoln’s Ghost 2011 dvd
October of 2010, Ghost Tours in Santa Clara, Utah featured Lincoln’s Ghost, experiences with deaths in Lincoln’s life,
some of it in verse much of which Lincoln wrote is an expansion of the short five minutes Ghost Tours talk.

Lincoln’s Ghost Tells Stories2014 audio cd
is about Mr. Lincoln’s propensity for storytelling

Just $20 each ( plus $3 shipping);
$75 for all 4 ($6 Shipping)
$85 with the book.

Get the book
“Facts about Abraham Lincoln”
for $10

Jay Beacham
85 East Center Street
Ivins, Utah 84738

pay pal : beachamj82@yahoo.com
money order or check

Get them all and watch, listen and read.
Obtain exclusive re-publishing rights in your country.
Cost $10,000 US currency.

Jay Beacham

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Give Me A Chance At Bat

03 Jun 2015 | : blog



Give Me A Chance At Bat

I just watched an instructional video.

Are You Batting Lead-Off or Clean-Up?
by Bill DeWees
He’s a voice guy and compares baseball lead off/cleanup hitters to the voice over business of today.
He says it’s better to consistently get on base than to be the guy to get the home runs.
Meaning to work consistently is better than to wait for the big fancy voice jobs.

Well I’d just like to get a chance to bat.

My problem may have started when I first went to Little League tryouts with a boy who’d played before.
There was a team in the field and the prospects got a chance at bat while the coaches looked them over.
Before I could get to bat someone said that I was to go with the team made up of the left over boys.
I protested and someone said,
“Ah let the kid hit.”
I swung at the first ball and ran to second base safe.
Then we went off in the back of a pickup to look for a field to practice in.
We didn’t find one that morning.
By the next week, my family’s farm operations took precedence to ball games and my Little League career
ended before it had begun.
During the next few years, besides work and school and scouts, I practiced ball whenever the chance afforded itself.
I watched movies about baseball greats. The Deans, Jackie Robinson, etc.
I waited for High School sports.
the following poem tells about all of that.
To Pitch The Ball ©
When young, I thought it fun to throw a little baseball,
My dream to be a Dizzy or a Daffy dean, did enthrall.
All times of day, I’d throw and catch by myself.
I’d throw and catch with others to;
In school yard or down in the street
Most days with others I would meet.
Though seldom would I get to pitch that ball.
Then Little League came: “Oh let the kid bat.”
But never did I get to throw from mound to catcher’s mitt.
To high school then and gym,
Maybe I’d get to show
How good, how fast, how accurate I could throw.
I hurt my knee and to a specialist had to go.
He said that running would be put
That swim exercise and leg weight lifting would be in.
The years have so very fast gone past,
And though balls now fly to mitt-to sky
They do not on me at all rely.
(Author’s note: There is a professional baseball pitcher named Jay Beacham but it isn’t me.)
(Poetry anthology on Kindle “Under Red Cliffs” @ https://lnkd.in/e582xnM )
(Also available in paper back @ http://jaybeacham.com/products-page-2/

Well so it has been for me in the voice over world of today.
I’d just like to get a chance to get to bat or pitch. 
I won’t do immoral or illicit projects.
And it is always good to believe in something before promoting it.
That lends the aspect of truth to what the Voice Talent is saying.
But that said, I just want a chance to play.

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