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On Sing Snap Karaoke site about the song recording I made in June 2011 

They Called The Wind Mariah

oh my!!yes I love how you sound on this song..simply amazing Jay..you sound made for singing songs like this..and should let the world hear you..they would be surprised that your not the original for it.Stunning performance.Gby.hugs, Brenda

There are a few places I try to share.
Here are three of them:

Lots of songs here, two of my own and some in a few foreign languages;

Just one song on this site:

Links here for many of my song recordings and also a link to my Sing Snap page.

The recordings go from November 2010 to the present.


So I’ve tried to let the world hear my singing voice.

So until next time, this is Jay Beacham saying singing is fun.


Fun, Fireworks, Folks from all over the world

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Fun, Fireworks, Folks from all over the world

(2013 July 4th)
Two Summers ago Lincoln’s Ghost attended the 4th of July celebrations held at Vernon Worthen Park in St. George, Utah.
Samantha Thomas, reporter for St. George TV News interviewed him about the visitors he’d met that day.
Besides fun, fireworks, folks from all over the world the day was planned to honor veterans of military.
Of course there was singing, dancing, water fun, and contests, and games.
And no one seemed to mind the heat.
See her report after the commercial at:


Lincoln’s Ghost (aka Jay Beacham) appears at 43 seconds to 48 seconds in the film clip.

There was fun, fireworks, folks from all over the world.
Just some of the happenings in St George that day.

The Lincoln’s Ghost Collection

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The Lincoln’s Ghost Collection


“Fellow citizens, we cannot escape history. We will be remembered in spite of ourselves.” So said Mr. Abraham Lincoln.

I’ve assembled a collection of my one man show of Lincoln’s Ghost and the short book “Facts about Abraham Lincoln”.
This group of 3 dvds and 1 audio cd and 1 book is for sale for $85.00.

Lincoln’s Ghost show 2009 dvd

an overview of the life of Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln’s Ghost Returns the new show for 2010 dvd
This performance goes over speeches and much sage advise from the 16th president of the United States of America.

Thoughts on Life by Lincoln’s Ghost 2011 dvd
October of 2010, Ghost Tours in Santa Clara, Utah featured Lincoln’s Ghost, experiences with deaths in Lincoln’s life,
some of it in verse much of which Lincoln wrote is an expansion of the short five minutes Ghost Tours talk.

Lincoln’s Ghost Tells Stories2014 audio cd
is about Mr. Lincoln’s propensity for storytelling

Just $20 each ( plus $3 shipping);
$75 for all 4 ($6 Shipping)
$85 with the book.

Get the book
“Facts about Abraham Lincoln”
for $10

Jay Beacham
85 East Center Street
Ivins, Utah 84738

pay pal : beachamj82@yahoo.com
money order or check

Get them all and watch, listen and read.
Obtain exclusive re-publishing rights in your country.
Cost $10,000 US currency.

Jay Beacham

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What is too much money?

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A man named Jeff Berwick was quoted in the James Cook Market Update newsletter in late April 2013 in a condensed article called ” The Government Budget Plan”.

“Wealthy taxpayers can currently accumulate many millions of dollars…substantially more than is needed to fund reasonable levels of retirement savings… The job of government is of course to “level the playing field” by stealing from and putting up obstacles for those with “too much.” “

What is “too much” ?  Who determines that?

“$3 million”?

“So according to them, $205,000 per year is sufficient and people should not be allowed to have more that that in retirement savings. ”  But that figure can go “down to around $100,000 after theft..or tax as they call it.”

Then after inflation “That $205,000 …will only be equivalent to $90,000 in ten years time.”

“The central planners in the U.S. and most Western governments have and will decide how much is “enough” for you to have and if you manage to still have significant assets after that, they’ll continue to whittle them away via taxation and Inflation.”

Thanks Jeff well put. 

You can read more from Jeff and James Cook and others by contacting:

Investment Rarities Incorporated                                                                                                 7850 Metro Parkway                                                                                                                   Minneapolis, Minnesota 55425                                                                                                     Or at www.investmentrarities.com                                                                                             Or  call 1-952-853-0700

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