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18 Aug 2016 | : blog

A voice over job became available today:
Today we start castings for 11 voice over positions…
Type: TV / WEB / RADIO commercial

Category: International car company

Required: We are looking for a male and female voice over actors for one of Europe’s largest car companies new TV/ WEB/ Radio commercial. Language: English (US). Voice age : 18-24(2 positions) and 30-45(3 positions)
Spanish(1 position), Italian ( 2 positions) , Russian (3 position)

Payment: Paid job

Expiring: 28th of September, 2016

This was what was requested:
“English (US). Voice age : 18-24(2 positions) and 30-45(3 positions)

About the age of voices.
When I was about 14 yrs old my voice changed from a fine boy soprano to a very deep bass.
At age 16, I began work as an announcer-DJ at the local radio station.
This June, just past, I turned 66 years old.
From 14 to now, my voice has sounded virtually the same unless I try to sound younger or older.

Physical age doesn’t change voice quality or sound necessarily.
Some very old women that I know have very child like voices.
One is a voice talent who does children voices exclusively.

Walter Brennan never sounded young after an accident changed his voice timber.
“Throughout his career, Brennan was frequently called upon to play characters considerably older than he was in real life.
The loss of many teeth in a 1932 accident, rapidly thinning hair, thin build, and unusual vocal intonations all made him seem older than he really was.   He used these features to great effect. In many of his film roles, Brennan wore dentures…”

Age of a voice?
That’s why they call them voice talents. At least those who can do different sounding voices.
But trying to make a voice sound what is perceived as a certain age of an adult, say over 16, is stupid.
I sound the same now as I did at age 16.
My point is, “Physical age doesn’t determine the sound of a voice.”


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