(Tips on do it yourself and on hiring it done.)

Today I was on a tile roof.

From the ground one could see one broken corner or rack tile and three that seemed to be silding off. The owner and a neighbor had replaced three ridge tile and glued them on and he wanted those checked too.

“How much?”he kept asking. I said $40- $65 it all depended. Let me say this before the tip, if you hire someone to fix your roof, don’t expect an estimate  before that person can inspect it from on top of it.  And don’t ask to pay them before they are completely done and have a chance to figure out  the costs. Shorting a workman may make you feel good, but it is dishonest. “The laborer is worthy of his hire.” This biblical advise is true as much today as it was when first written.  (He paid $55 at the end. Materials were $5, leaving $50 for labor which should have been more.)

The corner tiles had been put on with one 8 penny galvanized nail, only one per tile, instead of the two required.  No wonder they were falling off. The nails weren’t long enough and only one per tile. At least 18d and possible 20d should be used and two per tile.

I found several broken tile and other problems once I got on the roof.

LESSON: When putting on tile, use the right supplies for the installation.

This will necessitate fewer repairs later on.

LESSON: Don’t rush your workmen.  Let them finesh the job properly.