A Child’s Language Mistakes

When a child is trying to learn it’s parents’ language mistakes are made and we think it is cute. One of my sons couldn’t say “L”s at first so he called his brother by the easy for him to say “Amee”.     Cute right?
When an adult tries to learn a new language and makes a mistake, that person is ridiculed or worse called an idiot.
They are children in that language.
Recently a young actress started to learn Arabic and a couple of other languages other than her native tongue. Any mistake she makes becomes international news.
“How foolish ” “What an idiot” “Insane” “Bizarre” “can’t read” “Watch your language”
She’s a child still in that language.
Should she be condemned for trying to learn, speak, other languages?
I’m a singer and have tried a number of languages in song.
It’s not that easy to get one’s tongue around some of those words one encounters in foreign tongues.
Some of us will never pronounce words right even in our native tongue so why be so critical of someone trying to improve one’s self by learning  a foreign language.
The world becomes smaller when a person learns other languages and realizes that people who speak differently are just like them.
I’m trying to learn a song in Greek right now.
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