A Worthy Cause

Steven Beacham,  my oldest son,  is an Air Force Veteran and due to circumstances lives in his pickup.

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Steve wants to buy a house large enough for himself and other veterans who need a place to live.
Houses in Oklahoma City are very reasonable.

Steve served time in prison for a crime he didn’t do.   His felony prevents him from living in a normal neighborhood and the police department decides where Steve can live.

He’s employed but doesn’t earn enough to get a loan for a house,  so he is  requesting  help
to  fund  his purchase of a fixer upper house.

It will give him housing and he intends on helping
other veterans by renting rooms to them at an affordable price.
Consider donating even a small amount like $5 or less or more.

This is a very worthy cause. I donated. Won’t you?
Jay Beacham