The concert at Canyon Breeze RV Park tonight went very well.

I did a solo of “A Cradle in Bethlehem” that went well because the piano player, Dana Mathews, had transposed the arrangement down a third so I could actually comfortably reach the notes.  Had she not done that, I fear it would have been bad.

The Quintet did Christmas Chopsticks. It was very good. Plus a quartet did several songs and then those done by the group set the Master Singers’ of St. George 2009 Christmas Concert agenda off to a great start. We had a receptive audience of about 50.

At least three more concerts to go: on Dec. 11 at Green Valley celebration, Dec 14 at The Palms RV Park, the 22nd At the St. George Tabernacle and maybe more.

Hope you can catch one of the shows we’ve prepared for you.