I’ve watched many online marketing videos.

Some are very polished. Some are very course.

The very polished ones are great and the unpolished ones are good and could be better even when they are unscripted presentations.

I’ll explain this in two letters I wrote to Jordan Schultz of Empowernetwork and Brendon Burchard of Experts academy.

Here they are in one:

Dear Brendon,

Thanks for all you do for people in general and me in particular.

I love your videos.

But think I can help you make them better.

I’ve watched Jordan Schultz and this video team several times and their flittey eye move movements

are very distracting. 

I wrote him about it and am including the letter with links for you too as sometimes you do the same.

Here it is:

Dear Jordan,

You may call it an excuse but with the house in foreclosure, the farm on the over due tax sales block, credit card debt and very little work for 8 months, I don’t have $25 per month to pay for your program.

I’ve blogged and emailed and made sites, etc and etc for 15 years and the first money to come in Jan 31 in years was $42 from my Amazon affillate.

I’ve watched you and Amy(Starr Allen) and Chris(Rocheleau) several times, and I can help you.

Chris is better than you or Amy at looking directly into the camera when just talking.(See his advise at the bottom)

I can give you instructions on camera presence if you have any interest in it.

Here are some examples:


When you need to find the right word or something else to say, stop and look away if you must but don’t keep talking while you are looking away.

I’m talking just off the cuff here.Except for when I read the list of the five things to do at the end.

Or here is another example:


I’m reading but then look up to do most of the talking.

Your looking away from the camera needs to have a purpose not be just because you are fishing for the next thing to say.

One girl from Texas explained me doing this:

I had to look for a vid by you I love this song and it feels like your singing it right to me, wow amazing how you look right thru the cam like you do, lol, ************************hugs, Brenda”

She was talking about this song recording I did on a Karaoke site.


That’ how you connect with your audience.

An example on my tips of the day.


The resolution of the camera is bad but you can get the idea about the eye contact.

Could you use me to give instructions to your group?


Jay Beacham


435-628-7809 “

Let me help you too and your people with camera presence and voice coaching.

Thanks for your time.

Jay Beacham

(Chris Rocheleau says to be yourself, be real, record your inspiration and things will flow.  Video success is about “you being you”.)