I remember attending a concert in the field house at Brigham Young University in February 1973 that featured Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66.

I was asked to attend by my wife to be as part of the Women’s Preference Week.

It was enjoyable. We talked some but the annoying thing about the concert was that in front of us sat a couple who were listening to his transistor radio. They’d both cheer as their ball team scored a good play.  This disturbed everyone around them but they were oblivious to anything but their ballgame broadcast.

One of the fine songs was the popular “Fool on the Hill”.

It has a story as told by Paul McCartney and Alistair Taylor.

I made a recording of it today.

Listen:  http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/watchandlisten/play/17533242?mixed=1

And read some of the story or follow the link to more about it.

Does God exist?