I recorded my version of Geoff Mack’s United States “I’ve been everywhere” song.

What a tongue twister it is. It was fun to do.


Give it a listen.

Been interested in the comments of my Sing Snap friends.

The comments on the recording page are mostly from Les Thompson who operates  Classical Tours in Europe. And he is a world traveler.

He got me searching the song. I found The Aussie version by several, the great Hank Snow, Lynn Anderson, Johnny Cash USA versions, A Canadian version  that was fun, then a Texas version(on You Tube of course) that was great. I’ve not found the England or New Zealand versions yet but will one day. I’ve even started to formulated a Utah or South West Utah tri-state version.

Well on to some of the comments:

” Wish I’d been there in the passengers seat!””Man…I haven’t been any of those places! I need to get started!!!!”-Gregory B.

so here is my radio on

tongue twisting aawwww

Fantastic as always my friend

oh my i cant do that hahahha
great job!!!”-Dana H.

 “Guess I’m a homebody… i’ve only been to Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Ohio! Ohhh forgot one… I’ve been to the state of Georgia too! lol.”-Georgia S.

I’ve been to 16 of the places mentioned in the song.

My reply to Georgia sums it up.

Well you should have been to Georgia.

I was in Europe for 22 months 1969-1972 in Austria mostly.

LA at 16 for a FCC exam.

Nevada of course which is close by.

Lived in Oregon twice and worked in Wyoming.

And the travel in between all those places.

Then my oldest son was in the Air Force so in moving him and his first wife I got back your way  and to NC and SC and your states but not to Ohio.

I was amazed at how many Air Force facilities there are across the country.

And my Children are travelers. 3 grand sons were born in Hawaii and one in New Caledonia. They have been to Australia, New Zealand and Figi. They just moved here last year. One daughter in law was Mrs. Washington one year. That son attended school in Washington state and Idaho, and SC and Florida where he now lives. The older boy two years in Michigan before he married and joined the Air Force. The other in SC and Georgia before school and marriage, the youngest loves road trips, he and his wife live near Salt Lake City, Utah. If I had money I’d have gone to New Caledonia and back to Austria.

Would love to see friends all over the world but I get violent motion sickness and avoid travel when ever I can.

“To Air Sickness”

When I was but a little lad,

I used to think I’d be quite glad

To be above the cloud you see,

My parents would be proud of me.

But since I’ve grown a little bit,

Several times I’ve been forced to sit

Aboard those airplanes both big and small,

And all the joy from the flying feat

Was lost there in my seat.

You think it’s funny what I say,

I used the bag again today

And rued the time as little lad

That I thought flying would make me glad.

Well thanks for  your time.

Jay Beacham