Do you need DNA tests to learn of your heritage? No!

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Do you need DNA  tests to learn of your heritage? No!

There has been much said of late by DNA testing companies that people need them to learn their heritage, where they came from.

Don’t buy it.

You can learn much on the free Family search sites and much free information all over the internet and in written records worldwide.

Do you have some time?

Check out this site:

It’s free to sign up and use.

Genealogists world wide have amassed great volumes of records of our ancestors.

These records on many sites can take us back to Adam and Eve.

The DNA pushers say we originated much earlier with the animals.  They are wrong.

Get your line into royalty, Hebrew records, Chinese records and you can get family lines back many thousands of years and in some instances back to Adam and Eve.

Do you need DNA tests?


They are fun and interesting but not necessary, so save your money and search the records.

Learn about your ancestors free by spending a little time.

Here are some of some of my ancestors that I found:

William Brewster 11th Great Grandfather on the 1st  Mayflower voyage to North America

Wyandanch (Wise Speaker) of the Montauk Tribe 11th Great Grandfather

some English Kings:

Henry VIII 13th Great Grandfather

Edward IV King England 14th Great Grandfather

James IV 14th Great Grandfather

Ralph Grammaticus (The Latinist) of Featherstone Co., Yorkshire. He is recorded in the Domesday Book 1086.

Esau, Judah, Joseph Judah’s brother and many more from records.

I didn’t need DNA tests to find this out.


My Cousin A. Lincoln-a preview

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My Cousin A. Lincoln-a preview

This is a preview of the e-book Facts About Abraham Lincoln.

I’ve been told I looked like certain people and found out that I was distantly related to them  through common ancestors.

I’ve been told,most of my adult life, that I look like A. Lincoln  and I’ve come to see that that isn’t such a bad thing.

Our common ancestor was  Obadiah Holmes. I recently did a Google search on him and learned that his most famous descendant is none other than Abraham Lincoln.

Why is this important?

Over the years many people have said that I have a resemblance to the sixteenth President of the United States and wondered if I had some relationship to him. Well I guess I do though distantly.

Lincoln’s Ancestry-Obadiah Holmes and Abraham Lincoln

 The following is the line  for Lincoln:

1. Obadiah  Holmes (1610-1682) married Katherine Hyde.

2. Lydia Holmes (????-1>1693) married John Bowne  (1630-1684)

3. Sarah Bowne (1669->1714) married Richard Salter (????->1728)

4. Hannah Salter (????-1727) married Mordecai Lincoln (1686-1736)

5. John Lincoln (1716-1788) married Rebecca Flowers (1720-1806)

6. Abraham Lincoln (1744-1786) married Bathsheba Herring (?) (1750-1836)

7. Thomas Lincoln (1778-1851) married Nancy Hanks (1784-1818)

8. Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) married  Mary Todd (1818-1882)


My links may be  back to Obadiah too:

1. Obadiah – Katherine

2. Martha Holmes(1640-1711)-William Wilbor(e) (1630-1710)

(there is some question whether this Martha Holmes was Obidiah’s daughter)

3. Martha Wilbore (1612-1681) -William Sherman(1659-1719)

4.  Mary Sherman(1694- )-Daniel Shepard(1688-1745)

5.  Abigail Shepard(1725-1808)-Peleg Gifford (1719-1810)

6. Noah Gifford (1759-1802)-Mary Bowerman (1758-1846)

7. Alpheus Gifford(1793-1841)-Anna Nash(1800-1879)

8. Samuel Kendall Gifford (1821-1907)-Lora Ann DeMille (1828-1870)

9. Carnelia Gifford(1851-1933 ) -William Robinson Crawford(1842- 1913)

10. Fanny Crawford (1885-1973)-John Jones Gifford (1877-1952)

11. Ellen Gifford(1916- )-Donald Joseph Beacham(1914-1984)

12. Albert Jay Beacham(1950- ) This is me.  Jay

 Here’s another way:

Abraham Lincoln and Albert Jay Beacham

I’m a 9th Cousin 3 times removed

by way of  Sir Edward Elliott & Jane  Gedge


Albert Jay Beacham”line back/1950-Living

Parents: Ellen Gifford-1916-2012 / Donald Beacham- 1914-1984

Her parents: Fanny Crawford-1885-1973/John Jones Gifford-1877-1953

His parents: Alice Allred-1854-1928/Oliver Gifford-1854-1932

His parents: Lora Ann Demille-1828-1870/Samuel Gifford-1821-1907

His parents: Anna Nash-1800-1879/Alpheus Gifford-1793-1841

His parents: Mary Bowerman-1758-1846/Noah Gifford-1759-1802

Her parents: Mary Dillingham-1728-1816/Judah Bowerman-1723-Deceased

His parents: Jane Clifton-1697-1751/Thomas Bowerman-1682-1743

His parents: Mary Harper-1655-1704/Thomas Bowerman-1648-1727

Her parents: Prudence Butler-1644-1673/Robert Harper-1626-1654

Her parents: Mary Lynde-1628-1693/Thomas Butler-1617-1689

His parents: Jane Elliot-1576-1667/John Butler-1568-1632

his parents:

Sir Edward Elliott & Jane Gedge/1546-1595/1546-1595


Abraham Lincoln’s  line back


His parents: Nancy Hanks-1784-1818/Thomas Lincoln-1778-1851

His parents: Bathsheba Herring-1746-1836/Abraham Lincoln-1744-1786

Her parents: Abigail Harrison-1710-1780/Alexander Herring-1708-1778

His parents: Margaret Hamilton-1686-Deceased/Alexander Herring-1682-1735

Her parents:  Eleanor Adams-1669-1751/James Hamilton-1661-1734

Her parents: Jean Gordon-1606-1668/Roger Adams-1650-1692

His mother: Lydia Penniman-1635-1676/father unknown

Her parents: Lydia Elliot-1610-1676/James Penniman-1599-1664

Her parents: Lettice Aggar-1575-1620/Bennett Eliot-1573-1621

His parents: Sir Edward Elliott & Jane Gedge/1546-1595/1546-1595


This is a preview of the e-book “Facts about Abraham Lincoln.

Interesting isn’t it?

You may be related to him too.

For your e-book go to:

Facts About Abraham Lincoln


For a printed copy, $20 USD & $5 S&H





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