It was a Friday evening in St. George, Utah
It was Friday the 13th of may 2016 and the lady I who I drive for sometimes, asked if I’d drive her in her pickup to a
Tim Ballard function at Dixie University.
I got to her house just before 7 pm MDT. But the battery on her vehicle was dead, I moved my pickup around and jump started the battery.
And we were off. Getting to the campus in good time but where was the affair? She had forgotten. We spotted and elderly couple
leaving to their car. They told us to go the Gardner Center. I drove to a street near by and we walked to the meeting.

Tim Ballard wasn’t there but others for the same cause were.

St. George Rescue presents Operation Underground Railroad.

Inside the door a friend of mine Jason greeted me and then I spoke to a neighbor Steve W. , a co-chair of St. George Rescue.    Both with this group.
We’d missed the Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and National Anthem and short remarks by Miss Utah Krissa Beatty.

The person speaking as we entered was Jan Broberg. She spoke about abduction, kidnapping and the brainwashing
of child victims using her own life experiences as examples. She spoke at length.

When done the MCee, a man I know, Kevin L. a Co-chair of  St. George Rescue, told of the next on the program.

Next came a Cactus Jack Lamar who spoke about child abuse and children needing to feel safe or have “a safe place” to go to.
Then he sang, playing a guitar, the song “I would Follow Him”.
A very good voice. One phrase of the song: “I would be my brother’s keeper”.
His next song was “Still with you.”

The next speaker was Dutch Turley, a director of O.U.R. Rescue from LA.
He told about the founder Tim Ballard and the why of the organization.
“To shed light on a dark subject.” sex crime issues involved with child trafficking world wide.
He was a Navy Seal for six years.
He showed slides of seal training, the purpose of which is to teach non-self limiting beliefs and the need of support and prayer.
This organization had 20 operations outside of the USA last year.
Even showing a CBS news report video about a sting operation in Columbia.
“Liberating one child at a time.

Then the Utah State Attorney General Sean Reyes spoke about his involvement in the operation in Columbia.
He said, “I hate poly ticks compared to public servants.
“There is modern day slavery or human trafficking.”
The number of black slaves in USA in former times( not all the slaves that existed)
use for sex and labor slaves, porn and terrorism, organ harvesting, etc. exceeds that number many fold over.
Even here in Utah, he told of an illegal who had been deported 8 times but always returned to W.V.C. to use a boys ring
to sell his drugs in schools from elementary to high school. The perpetrator hung himself while in jail awaiting trial.

O.U.R. also helps victims heal. Women are even being brought to Utah for sex trafficking.

(Help is available:
1 (888) 373-7888
National Human Trafficking Resource Center
SMS: 233733 (Text “HELP” or “INFO”)
Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Languages: English, Spanish and 200 more languages
Website: )

About the O.U.R. organization he said, “I believe the hand of God lead them” in their endeavors.
“We need everyone to come together to stop this.” He’s “so impressed with O.U.R.” who go “at the request of the countries” they work in.
2 years ago he went to Columbia on that operation mentioned in the CBS report.
He explained the operation and how it all played out. It was witnessed by 20 hidden cameras which made it the most video
taped sting operation on record. They had been tipped off by the drug cartels. 80% of traveler for sex are Americans (from the USA).
They go to such places where “kids are groomed for sex slaves.
They offered $1 million for 120 kids in 3 cities.
When the Colombian police arrested traffickers and agents alike and separated them so
the bad guys never knew who the good guys were. All those kids were saved.
Sean Reyes said it was “one of the life altering events in my life.”
To later have “teenage girls from the group say “we love you Americans.”
Isn’t that the “American legacy? to help those who can’t help themselves”
6 months later there was no more trafficking in that area of Columbia.
He told the star fish story of the boy saving star fish saying “I just made a difference for that one” as he tossed them back into the sea.
He talked about other groups like “Truckers against Trafficking”, told of his translator duties on the operation,
joked about things that seem humorous.

He told of a movie “the Abolitionists” movie
using footage of the actual sting operation and after the event played the trailer.
The film to come out May 26th.

(Also hear this song about it:
“RESCUE ME” is now available! Download it here:
“Rescue Me” written and performed by Kendra Lowe & Nik Day
Directed and Filmed by Doug Lowe – StratusFilm -a 4 minute video )

Then it was over and I met and talked with people I knew.
One I met was Shadman of Pakistan, a professor who is concerned about trafficking in Pakistan.
The lady who wanted me to drive her there and home again had personal experience with this kind of thing.
She’d been a CIA opertive imprisoned in Cambodia.
At one time she helped transport 2 caucasian girls who’d been held as prisoners out to an American
Ambassador’s home until they could be freed.
She knew Tim Ballard and was disappointed not to be able to talk to him that night.
She knew much about the Monarch Project too.

My friend Jason and his wife helped us jump start the pickup again and I took her home.
I then drove home and that ended this Friday evening.