Why are people fascinated with parades?

One went past my house today.  Heritage Days?  Nothing about heritage in it at all.

Many spectators stood and sat under the shade of the trees in front of my house as they always do.

heritage day parade 005

There was a scout color guard bearing the flag while a speaker in a jeep blasted a girl singing the national Anthem in anything but a traditional style.

A school marching band,  cars, trucks, flat beds carrying people waving flags, arms, and throwing candies at the onlookers.

heritage day parade 023

heritage day parade 036                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A flat bed with a game cage on it where a man and woman threw darts or something.

One with some cub scouts.  One with some little children.

There was the current Tuacahn Broadway show float advertising “The Littlest Mermaid”.

Of course the incumbent politicians in golf carts, throwing candy to win support and show they care for the citizens, though that is all they  do for the citizens.

A radio station truck blaring their music.

And of course, there were the Princesses’ cars and float.

We fought to found a new country with no royalty but deep inside people still long to worship royalty of some kind.

Explain that.

Over the years I have watched many parades for all kind of occasions, even rode on floats and walked in some.

The best views, besides maybe the ones on Television, were from roof tops in St. George, Utah while I was repairing roofs  along Tabernacle Street and St. George Blvd on 100 north.

The parades use to end with the National Guard driving a tank or truck of some gun down the street, sort of like the military parades that some countries still have.

But now it ends with a firetruck, ambulance, rescue vehicle, etc. making a noise with the siren.  There were all three today.

Then the parade was over.

Why do we have these things anyhow?

To show how great we are? Advertise? Waste time and money?

Who knows.  Certainly I don’t.


Note: The photos are from a Heritage day parade in 2009