“I already bought your show.”
Yesterday another person said to me when asked to consider purchasing
the 2014 audio cd, “I already bought your Video.”
Some people get confused and think that the Lincoln Ghost shows are all the
I’ll try to explain the differentness and uniqueness of each show.

Lincoln’s Ghost 2009
How did a common laborer with virtually no education become a captain in
the militia, a surveyor, a store owner, a state legislator, a US congressman,
a great orator and finally the President of the United States?
What made him so special and that all possible?
Learn more about this unusual and great man from the one man show by
Jay Beacham.Feb. 12, 2009 show of Lincoln’s Ghost by Jay Beacham at the
St. George Pioneer Opera House.
In this presentation, Lincoln’s Ghost gives and overview of the life of Abe Lincoln.
Touching on most aspects of the life of the 16th President. It includes the famed
Gettysburg Address.

Lincoln’s Ghost Returns the new show for 2010.“Fellow citizens, we cannot
escape history. We will be remembered in spite of our selves.”
So said Mr. Abraham Lincoln. This performance goes over speeches and
much sage advise from the 16th president of the United States of America.
On February 12, 2010 at the St. George Pioneer Opera House Jay Beacham
presented his one man show Lincoln’s Ghost Returns.
In this presentation, Lincoln’s Ghost quotes from and reads from the political
speeches, including the 1838 speech, and from his political writings giving Lincoln’s
opinions on what makes for good government.

October of 2010, Ghost Tours in Santa Clara, Utah featured Lincoln’s Ghost.
He told about his experiences with deaths in his life, some of it in verse.
The 2011 show was a matinee on Feb, 12 at the St. George, Utah Pioneer Opera
house which was an expansion of the short five minutes Ghost Tours talk.
Thoughts on Life goes over some of Lincoln’s ancestry and the deaths of friends
and family members and others, and how these happenings affected him.
He wrote verse to express his feelings and recited the poetry of others to
express these feelings.
He also had fun with poetry.
One fine example is “The Wild Bear Chase” written by him.

Lincoln’s Ghost Tells Stories-2014 is an all new show featuring stories by the
16th President and how he used stories.

Sara Jane Lippincott said of Lincoln:
“I really think that Mr. Lincoln’s propensity for storytelling has been exaggerated by his enemies. I had once the honor of conversing with him, or rather of hearing him converse, for several minutes, and in all that time he only told four little stories.”

Carl Schurz, a Union general first met Lincoln on a train: ”I soon felt as if I had know him all my life and we had very long been close friends…He interspersed our conversation with all sorts of quaint stories, each of which had a witty point applicable to the subject at hand.”

Mr. Rutledge said, “Mr. Lincoln is a great storyteller…a rare political talent.”

Lincoln’s Ghost told wonderful stories on Feb. 22, 2014 at the Opera House in St. George, Utah.
Lincoln played which musical instruments?
Had a Duel?
Learn things you never knew about the 16th President of the USA.
Laugh and cry and be intrigued by a murder mystery written by Abe.

So you see, If you have bought one, you haven’t heard them all.
The firsts 3 are on video and the 2014 is on Audio cd.
On You Tube, one can see all of the 2009 show.
And one can find promo videos for the 2010 and 2011 shows.
Learn some things you never knew about Abraham Lincoln.